Thursday, May 9, 2013

Brain Cramps

 Most of you know my dog Banjo by now. Banjo is my dog but she also is my heart. We adopted her 11 years ago from a rescue group after finding her on the computer, on a site called petfinders. She was found on the side of a highway in Oklahoma where a kind trucker, gal pulled over and gave her a lift to Texas, then to California. Her name when we adopted her was Clare which was serendipitous since she would be living in Claremont. Banjo was diagnosed with cancer last week after I noticed a suspicious lump while I groomed her. It has been a rough few days for not only me but for our family. Banjo is one of those dogs who goes with the flow, she has a very calm temperament and suffers very little stress, which makes vet appointments a bit easier since I think it takes more of a toll on me. Banjo wags her tail and demonstrates her impeccable manners which makes everyone fall in love with her.

*Dr B. tapped his lap and tried to get Jo to put her feet on him which she wouldn't do. I told him she was trained not to do that, then he felt foolish for trying to make her misbehave, Banjo wagged :)

Banjo had surgery yesterday by a very talented and funny I might add, veterinary surgeon. I should have saved the note Banjo wrote to him but as it turns out it was the first note he'd ever received from a dog so he kept it :) Banjo's prognosis is very, very good, I spoke to her surgeon last night who is quite sure he got it out before it had spread which was a collective sigh of relief here at the Darrow home. The reason I am sharing all this is because, I have gotten so far behind with communication and it's hard to pretend all is well when suffering brain cramps and heart cramps, not to mention, trying to work with all this going on.

 This is why I have been happily repeating the same pattern this week, not only did I want to "Bird Girl" ya all up. I'm sure I couldn't have designed anything new if my life depended on it.

Sometimes groundhog day is just the thing to keep your hands busy while your brain hurts.
I'm going to saw more birds after receiving more notes and list more orders today.

These two are flying off today.
Thank you again for your orders and always for you kindness and understanding.
Much LOvE,  Ro & Jo


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, honey...sending big hugs to you and Banjo...and the rest of the Darrow household. Jo is the grounded one in the family, I know.


    And she has you all wrapped around her right front paw, which is what all the best dogs do. That's how they hold onto our hearts, I'm convinced.

    Hope all goes well, for you and for the fluffy patient--who wants to get back on the trail with you, I'm sure. She doesn't want to miss any photo opportunities....

    Much, much love coming to you today from the prairie...take care.

  2. I am sending healing thoughts Banjo's way. Our animals are family, they give us so much unconditional love.

  3. Hi Ro,
    So upsetting to hear about Banjo:( We went through the exact same thing last summer. A lump was found, removed sucessfully, and the vet deemed a it complete incision. No spreading found. We were a mess to say the least and it was a lot of stress for Hank, but the old boy is still skipping around :) So I can say, I do know exactly what you're going through and it's definately a tough one. We found love was the best treatment and he responded well. Which I'm sure Jo is getting lots of! But I'm not going to tell Hank that Jo has that lovely black trim on her cone. He will probably fell cheated :)
    Take care, spend lots of time with your girl, and set the birds free!!! This flock is lovely!

  4. Hi Sweet Ro
    my heart just broke when I read about Jo, then relief when you said the vet got it. I can imagine the brokenness you felt there.
    We all love that dog, none more than you...
    Hugs and healing thoughts your way, for Banjo, and you, Eric and Bryce.
    love to you all.

  5. Big hugs. Fingers crossed...

  6. Oh, Ro. The waiting and seeing bit is THE worst. I am SO glad you have your girl home again, and that she is well on her way to a full recovery. (And what a difference it makes, I'm sure, having a terrific veterinary surgeon taking care of her!)

    Your latest additions to your flock are gorgeous. I'm glad you had them to keep your grounded while all else was in turmoil.

    Sending love and hugs, and healing thoughts to your precious girl!


    1. The photo of you and Banjo is one of my favorites =)

    2. I was just thinking the same thing, Ash--a girl and her dog. :-)

    3. Yes! I totally agree. :))

  7. Big prayers and big love to you and Banjo!

  8. Hi dear Ro,

    I am echoing the thoughts of those above -- Caroline with her description of "dog love" at it's best, Debbie with her relief of Banjo having had her surgery already (and so comprehensively), and Ash with her gladness that your girl is home. Upsetting news is right, Carlene, and my fingers are crossed with Magda's. Am sending healing thoughts with Lemay, and big love along with Julianna's.....

    I want to add one thing. If EVER there is a dog that is loved, it is Jo. I believe that wholeheartedly -- by all of you there under the same roof, by her capable vet, and by all of us "extended" family members <3.

    Sending a big, long hug to all.


  9. Oh my, I'm soooo sorry to hear!! Banjo is such a beauty. As a dog lover who recently went thru a fatal scare with one of mine (liver failure), my heart's with you guys. All is well in my house now, but I was way less productive than you seem to be during those first few unknown days (brain puddle more like it). I'm so glad the prognosis is good and you have a warm trusty vet. I LOVE my goldfinch - it's even more special to me now. xo -j

    1. Ohhh, you're right, Jeanne, the flock of Bird Girl beauties now has its own story and special significance....

    2. My thoughts also.....and Jeanne, glad all is well now with your pup.

    3. Thanks ladies! What a special place this is :)

  10. i understand your having brain cramps and heart cramps: i know banjo is your heart.
    how sweet that she wrote a note to the surgeon!

    speedy recovery, dear pooch.

  11. Much love to you and Banjo! I know she's a special dog, I've fallen in love with her and I've never even met her :) Hope she heals quickly and can get her cone off soon! xoxo

  12. Sending you and Banjo very positive thoughts and much love...These veterinarian surgeons are brilliant with their hands and can do amazing work. Your love for Banjo is so obvious...what a sweet and special dog. Hope you are both back "along the trail" soon.

  13. I'm sending a great BIG hug to EACH and EVERY one of you! Jeanne I'm so happy peace has been restored to your kingdom and we will get there too, in the meantime the aftercare for this has proven to be extremely consuming.

    Happy Mother's Day weekend to all of you, mothers of children and also those of you who care for beloved pets. I hope your weekend is GRAND!

    Thank you for your well wishes they are appreciated.

    XO Ro Jo and family

  14. Thinking of you and your furry children. Sending you positive thoughts that all go well.

  15. I am so sorry to hear about Banjo- cancer is so scary and when it is your beloved pet, it's just the worst feeling. I'm so glad it was operable! My thoughts are with you and your family (furry or otherwise) and I just wanted to let you know how much I love my bluebird!


  16. Love and healing, love and healing, love and healing to you and Banjo.
    (I'm tickled that she's an Okie gal! Anything from Oklahoma is tough :)
    Everything will be 'ok'.

  17. Oh my goodness!!! My heart hurts for you...Im so sorry to hear about Banjo, I can only imagine how stressful the past days have been. Sending you mucho Aloha, and lots of love and happy dog snuggles! The birds are AMAZING! I love this new design so much, it's really really beautiful, and each stone gives it's own personality to the piece...

  18. Blogger hasn't been updating your posts in my feed so, I had no idea what was going on until today. I'm so sorry to hear that Banjo's been ill but relieved that the vet believes that the surgery was thorough. I'll be keeping you and your precious dog in my thoughts and sending lots of positive vibes her way.