Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blame it on the Moon

My girlfriend was hosting a group of women from Japan during the last BIG full moon, when they came out after dining, it was dark, that big, bold moon smiled down on them, hotsuru, hotsuru they repeated in shushed voices, in a sort of reverence. My girlfriend asked them what the word meant "it is the way the moon feels in your heart" needless to say when she shared this with me we both melted in a big sigh. It is so true, though I cant think of one word in English that describes the emotion the moon has on my heart quite as aptly.

Another friend told me about a pair of Owls that were keeping them company at night and I wished it were me sleeping beneath the owls, the next day I found a perfect pair of owl feathers beneath a big oak so I just had to make this.

*sold "Owl, Full Moon"

Sometimes things just feels so aligned, the constance of the moon and the changing of the seasons, birds will nest and return no matter what may await, there's a clock ticking and if we listen with our eyes, we will be amazed. Camping puts you right there and what I love about it is that it keeps you connected.
*adjustable to 24 inches

*sold "Galaxy"

I was having fun experimenting with the moon thinking about the stars, galaxies and Galileo who wrote..

*18 in chain

Nature is relentless and unchangeable, and it is indifferent as to whether its hidden reasons and actions are understandable to man or not.

*sold "Two Terns"

I spent some studio time with my son Bryce.......I had this beautiful lapis cab that looks just like the sky. We collaborated on this piece, he designed most of it, and I did the building.

Naturally we listened to Andrew Bird while we worked :)

*17 to 20 inch adjustable chain.

The River

I wanted to make the river so I found some suitable river stones....

and created this funky hinged f bangle, something new and invention :)

This is a bangle as I mentioned made to slip over your hand, the circumference is 8 inches, so far it has fit over the various hands of my friends so I must have judged the size right, I made it to fit over my hand.

*Have I ever told you about my back up jewelry plan is to wear everything I don't sell so I make most of it to fit me....true.


I love designing these story rings, a bit of good fun, this one features my friend the Heron, an antique casted image, reborn.

size 8

with a heart of turquoise.

"Lady Bug"
I scored some beautiful Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper that started to remind me of ladybugs and how they multiplied in great, almost shocking numbers at the end of Oak Grove down by the creek. We would turn the leaves over in the winter and grab great gobs of them, all sleeping waiting for the weather to warm up.

When the weather finally did warm you had to wait for the great swarms to subside before you could ride your bike or they would sting you like road gravel.

size 7 1/2

*sold "Bird Girl"

I love this little ring, I asked Bryce to design a bird girl ring for our society, the society of bird enthusiasts. We don't need to make lists or find our target bird we just enjoy their company whomever they may be. I see Batman influences here, ha!

* Incidentally my blue jay Chester is back and coming in my studio again much to the chagrin of a pair of nesting and aggressive mockingbirds. The other day they were beating him up so bad I had to go out and break it up..........geesh!

size 8

I'm thinking about finding more stones that would work with this design and making a few to order, what do you think?

The stone in this ring was described when I bought it as copper and minerals which is something between chrysocolla and malachite.

Thanks for stopping in to take a look, I hope you all have a wonderfilled day.
I will list these tomorrow on etsy, if you are interested in a piece just let me know and I'll save it just for little ol you!!

much love, Ro


  1. Oh Ro, what beautiful pieces you have here today!
    I like your plan, sizing everything to fit you, in case they don't sell...that's not going to happen!
    Your river rock bracelet is my favorite! Great design.
    Bird girl ring is a beauty too.

    Still enjoying perfect spring weather here! The bleeding hearts are blooming and the lilly of the valley are up next!

    Poor Chester, he won't forget you came to his rescue!


    1. It sounds just lovely Cinda, I can almost smell those sweet lilies.

      Thank you for the shot of courage :P

      Oh man those mocking bombs are like angry missiles and relentless, I've seen scars on pets, luckily my dogs are not in that yard much. I think they're keeping the night crooners away so that's a blessing.

  2. Okay, I rhapsodized about your new jewels, and Blogger lost me...good grief! This is a test....

  3. Don't fall for it :)

    Thank you, I know the feeling, no worries here...


  4. Whew...I still exist on Blogger. :-)

    All right, I'm in awe over this art, Ro--and the collaborations with Bryce--and the tributes to land, water and birds--and the new elements that bear your signature work--and the stories these pieces carry--oh my GOSH.

    Grinning over the owl feathers and ladybugs...dreaming through your galaxy...nodding at the heron and the terns...skipping stones across that bangle...and Bird Girl--oh my!!!!!

    Something about this body of work makes me want to stand up and say, "YES."

    And, yes! Sign me up as one of the Bird Girls--I would love to wear one--that way we can search for each other--recognize each other in a crowd and meet to watch the geese or herons or ruby-crowned kinglets or hummingbirds....

    Wow, lady.

  5. Thank you for your words and for your blogger/booger fortitude, I appreciate it.

    I love what I do, it's as simple as that.

    We could all meet at a refuge and watch the sparks between rings...... BIG SMILE!

    Maybe we need a theme song....."holy heron bird girl did you see that wingspan?"

    1. Hahaha snort!!!!

      A refuge retreat--PERFECT!!

    2. "Grinning over the owl feathers and ladybugs...dreaming through your galaxy...nodding at the heron and the terns...skipping stones across that bangle...and Bird Girl--oh my!!!!!" LOVE this, Caroline!

      "holy heron bird girl did you see that wingspan?" AND THIS!! =)


  6. Your collection today is amazing!!! I would definately stand in line for a Bird Girl ring :) Yes, please, make more of them!
    The owl feather is to die for. I think I left drool on my monitor :)

  7. HAA! You make me smile.....okay I'll scare up some bird girl stones, thank you!!

  8. Oh boy oh boy, you had me at MOON! Love 'em, every single one. And love that you get to collaborate with Bryce!

    YES to more bird rings. I really LOVE that design. (I think I have the perfect stone for my very own!)

    Awww, poor Chester. He can't help it if he's so darn pretty. Glad you were there to break things up.


    1. PS. I think everyone needs a heart of turquoise!

    2. I agree, Ash--LOVE that heart and heron pair!!!

  9. Beautiful work!
    I like your Galileo quote :)

    I didn't realize mockingbirds were so tough....geez poor Chester!

    And Me TOO! on the bird girl rings!!!

    1. They are tough, I think because crows like to eat their babies, it's a tough life.

      More bird girls for sure!

  10. Welcome back! Glad you were able to get away & enjoy some camping. Poor Mart, but he is apparently a little trooper. Inspired & inspiring new jewels!! Cool to collaborate with your son, I think!! Like everyone, love the bird girl ring :)) xoxo

    1. Thank you Priscilla it felt good!

      Mart is one tough cookie in his own mind but he's so tiny :)

      Thank you, more bird girls on the way....


  11. Holy heron bird, girl, did you see those long legs?! lol

    Ro - MARVELOUS new pieces ! Lucky shoppers have claimed many! I love them all, and I remain in awe of your ability to transform metal and stones into such special works of wearable art.

    I love Mother Nature for inspiring you, and I love YOU for paying such close attention to her, and for being such a fantastic translator!!

    Please count me in as one that would ABSOLUTELY be interested in a "bird girl" ring. I would feel so special (and honored) to wear one. I too would wear it proudly. :)

    Bryce, you too have been doing a heck-of-a job. Your mum is lucky to have you as a collaborator! Very cool. {Wish I could be a fly on the wall!!}

    Happy Friday to all along the trail....

  12. Holy Heron indeed!! those legs, that QUACK!

    I saw some amazing sights indeed inspiring.

    You are the original bird girl, Owls Clover :P

    When Bryce comes out to work we sometimes fight over music on Pandora we are both currently infatuated with Simon including Garfunkel.

    Cogito news.....they are playing the Echo tonight where the Rolling Stones played last week and sold tickets for 20.00! Can you imagine how cool that was, to see the stones in a small venue for 20 bucks! I wish I was a fly on the wall there!!

    Happy Friday!

  13. Absolutely stunning pieces Ro! Wow!