Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Dating Season

There is always a different temperature this time of year, the dating season, when spring is ratcheting up. The hills are indeed alive with the sound of music...bird song, geee willikers you should hear the skittish quail, I love the greeting, caw ca caw, hello morning......welcome spring. I realized the tapping dapping sound they make is when they've become separated or when they hear me sneaking up on them, tap, tap, tap........A BURST of wings. You're lucky if you hear the tapping before the bush next to you explodes and your heart stops.

This desperate mocking bird was trying his best to impress, however his only audience seemed to me and I wanted to say...

not everybody likes a showoff, just try and be yourself as I noticed he was copying everyone else's songs, maybe you should try a little poetry a quieter approach.

He just kept singing the same things over and over bouncing up and down, playing his part in the lunacy that takes place during the dating season.

* If they don't find a mate they will continue this behavior for several months and on through the night.

Oh so charming, dressed for the occasion.... I do, I do like your party hat!

then gone in a flit second..he has work to do.

All I have to say is.......

not in front of the BABY!!!

Happy Spring, xoxo Ro and Bambi


  1. Haahaahaaaa!!! Romance is in the air, for certain--just LOOK at those colorful feathers!!!!

    Happy spring to you, too!!

    1. I'll send some over, spring that is..the romance is up to you :)

      That buck with his tongue hanging out, geeesh!

  2. Remember "The Dating Game?"

    Maybe they are playing that!! :))

    Happy Spring, Romantic Ro -- and happy weekend!

    P.S. I like that party hat too.

    1. Haha! (Did you ever see the one with Tom Selleck??? I bet the woman who didn't pick him is still kicking herself!!)

    2. Lisa did you have to read Go Dog Go a million times? or Dog Go Go as Bryce used to say when he begged for it for the millionth time........"I do, I do like your party hat" so random, I love that book :)

      Yup, I remember the dating game but I don't remember Tom. Ash, I bet you were the one kicking herself but you were probably what 5 at the time !

    3. YES! Go Dog Go! Absolutely :).

      When Sean and Cara were little, we had a corgi named Sadie. She used to run around like a crazy woman -- "blitzing" everywhere. The kids used to yell "Go, dog, GO!!!!!" at her....and spur her on!!!!

      Ash, I missed Tom S. in all of his macho-ness! :(( Haha! And yeah, how can you be old enough to remember that?!

    4. Ha! This was in the mid to late 60s, before he was MAG-nificent, so no...I was a mere twinkle among the stars then. Mum used to goggle over him when we were little *bleech* Total kick in the butt when I grew up and goggled a bit myself =)

  3. I want a party hat just like that. And quails. Right up there with ravens for me. Their bobbing walk, that little topknot...*squish*

    1. WE may have to get you a pretty brella a parasol!

      OH I LOVE the quail, it hard to get a good shot since they are gone in a shot. This one was going to town calling to another, adorable, that fat chest and YES that cute dangle, it rates pretty high on the cute meter! Perfect morning light shot, in the sycamore with its own pretty dangles too. I came up slowly over a berm, I am the hunter :)

      *squish! YES

    2. I would TOTALLY rock a parasol, 'specially if it had roses on it.

      That adorable puffy little chest--YES! Don't you think they would make the perfect maî·tre d'!! =)

  4. Awww, the mockingbird--I always feel sorry for those guys that try too hard :)
    And that deer! Oh boy!
    Hope your enjoying your weekend!

  5. I know that is one ridiculous bird but I don't feel that sorry for them when they sit outside my bedroom window and scream all night. I always have to remember Atticus Finch cuz you do think about shooting them at 2 qnd 3 am :)

    That Buck!

    I am, I hope you are as well!