Monday, April 15, 2013

Random House

 What to say?
Sometimes these vagrant posts are the best ones..... So it's tax day here in the US, we always cut it down to the wire since we always have to pay, so our forms and checks will be mailed today. Metal prices are dropping, crashing, buy today or wait?.....hmmm.

 It's been raining/drizzling the past couple of days which always feels good in the land of the sun. I have been trying to work but have caught an uncomfortable cold so I sent some studio time yesterday, cutting things out, sanding blowing my nose til body aches drove me in the house to lay down......down girl, down...but I'm felling better today.

*up here, down there, the road to OZ

 I started reading this yesterday. When I read about the creative habits of others it just reinforces my own since I am a creature of habit myself and I know what works best for me, still I'm always interested to hear how others tackle the task of being creative everyday, facing the blank page so to speak.

A dear friend sent me this, it's a WONDERFUL field guide for all you feather collectors out there. It's been fun identifying some of them I had no clue as to whom they were were once affixed.

This small wren feather was once a mystery, the mystery now solved.

What are you reading? Sometimes I get the best suggestions from you.

Bryce clowning around with a Cogito poster :)

I enjoyed this after learning Steven was a consultant on Life of Pi the film, it was insightful and an interesting adventure to be sure.

I read this a little while back and with the current situation and posturing from North Korea you may find it interesting too. I picked it up on a whim but I hear it referred to often in the news as of late and the author consulted. The last two books I mentioned made me feel grateful for things I might be taking for granted like food btw.

My girlfriend sent me this link  it's amazing! I hope you save it to your browser bar or whatever that thingamajiggy is called. I watched it yesterday morning early and listened to the birds on the pond before it was even light here on the West Coast. ( the bottom of the page to the right there is another cam with different views) Yesterday there was no egg today, YAYY. I was thinking if I was infirmed or bed ridden I would like to watch this all day long, wouldn't you?

Have a good day/week, peoples xox Ro


  1. oh dear, feel better soon!! You got a transitional spring cold, boo hoo!
    great links you posted, I'm gonna check out this bird feather book more in depth.
    hopefully see you soon when you are better, sweet ro!

  2. That bird feather book does look awesome. I love books like that, too. Could spend hours pouring over them. (A quail came hooning around the corner of our house the other day and nearly ran into me. I think we both nearly had a heart attack!!)

    LOVE your paved with silver road to OZ shot, too. Awesome! =)

    Get better soon, Ro! *squeeze squeeze squeeze*


    1. Hahaha...squeeze those lemons, I mean!

    2. Erm...lemons from your tree, obviously.

      (God, somebody stop me, already.)

  3. Feel better Ro!
    Thanks for the link, up close and personal!
    I also have the feather book. I find it fascinating...I'm officially a "birdnerd".

    1. Don't you just love those herons, Cinder???????

    2. Yes!
      I haven't been as lucky as my husband to see activity...he clicked on for about 2 mins. and saw "momma"(?) heron stand shake and stretch a leg, exposing the two eggs and then fly off! Lucky him!
      I need to peek more often....
      : )

  4. thank you for sharing the reads. i will see about ordering the feather book! very useful indeed! hope you feel better real soon, dear girl.

  5. Oh, that feather book!!!! Love the view of the migrating birds--we'd like to see more up this way soon...come on, Spring!!

    Hope you're feeling better and better...banish the cold symptoms...and watch the herons on their nest--this is TOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As for books...just finished "The Dovekeepers" by Alice Hoffman for the second time (a book club read this time) and still utterly drawn into the story...have a stack to start, want to add "Adrift" to that...think I need to give myself a Reading Retreat weekend. :-) Don't I wish!!!!!!!!!!!!