Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pretty as a Poppy

 I have been spending long hours in the studio while my sill pets survey the garden amongst my marble collection. If you collect marbles too, I might suggest a lug nut makes a wonderful marble stand, I never pass up a rusty one I might find in the street. Now you can think of me when you see a rusty lug nut lying in the street, I lug you, I lug you not.

 How does it go "always the bridesmaid never the bride"so I thought it was best to get the bridesmaids taken care of first. My own wedding involved a helicopter and boat, an island in the Pacific, Zane Grey and our best friends, maybe I'll tell you about it sometime, I have never been the conventional one. I love the misshapen pearls I used in these, handcrafted goodness, with a bit of sass.

 "Mariposas" are here
 I designed the hardware for the bridesmaids then took it a step further with a pair of flitting Mariposas.

Springy don't you think? Mismatched though not, the perfect couple.

With about a 2 1/2 in dangle, granted these are for everyone but who wants to be everyone :)

Poppy Serenade
So I promised the poppies and I wanted to start with the foliage of the Matiliga since those big fried eggs as they are sometimes known have not bloomed yet. Some of you in snowbound areas are starved for the green, I can certainly understand how you would be by now.

 I was having fun with design and joinery, hum a few bars and remember the dazzling green.

 These are pretty and tinkly and pretty tinkly as earrings go, I always use a light gage of metal for earrings, I like to keep them lightweight. I don't want your lobes down at your elbows when you're 80.
The stones are moss aquamarine.

* I stood in the morning fog, in the hills today, a light breeze blowing from the coast gently rocking the sycamores, the sounds of the creaking branches was so peaceful I wish I could have bottled it up, tree music, lovely cccccrrrrreeeeeeekkkkk.

K.I.S.S. Matlija ( pronounced matee a ha)

Simplicity is beautiful and I love the forms of the leaves so I copied them in silver.

I should have mentioned the backs of both the leaf earrings are shaded.

they dangle 2 3/4 inches the leaves are gently formed like a closing hand.

Poppies in Bloom
Now we have the blooms.... Carved Mother of Perl flowers rest on silver textured petals.

The MOP as it's known in the biz has a beautiful luster, and pretty, original elements add more interest and swing.

*sold & sold
I had fun trying to figure out how to affix the MOP to the silver, a tidy little adventure in riveting. I invented my own way of riveting and making rivets. I took a class and learned the basics but I was never happy with his style so I made up my own, still I wondered what foolish notion had crossed my mind when I need to rivet 4 things, I only made four rivets, well that was arrogant I thought. Through our mistakes we learn and learn and learn some more, I've "learned" to be grateful for mistakes at times, they can drive you down a whole new path and new adventures to explore, or they will instill in your brain to never do that again.....and so it goes.

Beau T FULL me thinks....filled with niece too!

PIB short for Poppies in Bloom dangle 2 inches.

I had fun this week, blazing a new trail, a path less traveled, looking for adventure and inspiration, even with long hours in my studio, I wouldn't trade it.

If you are interested in any of this work, drop me a line, I'll check my computer periodically while I work on the brides accessories.

I don't have time to add these to etsy today, I'm aiming to list them tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting!! xoxo Ro


  1. I lug you, too, AND your poppy beauties here...oh my, and the Mariposas!!!

  2. Oh those are all so beautiful!
    Your wedding sounds very interesting!!! Do tell us sometime :)

  3. Oh, "...tree music..." My favorite, right up there with ocean songs and thunder rumbles.

    Such sweet danglers...those darling Poppies in Bloom, in particular. What a gorgeous way to showcase those dainty mother of pearl blooms! (Your niece is indeed just as lovely!)

    So glad you've had a great week in the studio, Ro. Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend...and stay cOoL! %-D


    1. No kidding Ash, it was the best!! a flutter of leaves.....crrrrrrrrrreeeeeakkkkk, I was thinking it would be scary to be there at night :)

      Thank you It was FUN getting jiggy with these pieces.

      Oh how could I not stay cool! :) :) ;) xoxo

  4. Lovely earrings, especially the mop blooms!! Coincidence, I've been studying Ca native plant gardening books & had been attracted to the Matilija. Never seen one but hope to. According to the books, they are suitable for big gardens, not small, because they like to spread. Do you have them in your garden or enjoy them on hikes? xoxo

  5. What do you mean MAYBE you'll tell us your wedding story sometime. You must! You simply cannot throw those wedding ingredients out there....leave it at that. Doesn't have to be NOW, but someday!! lol

    Okay, having said that.....the bride may be lucky, but those will certainly be lucky bridesmaids too ;) .

    Very cool flitting Mariposas, wonderful tinkly earrings, and yes - simplicity is always beautiful, Ro! Clever design with your tricky riveting too. Those donning these earrings will surely walk in beauty.

    P.S. Hi Jo.

    1. Sometimes I'm shy about typing on the internet, lets go get a Belgian beer :)

      I agree about the bridesmaids, THAT is a really nice gift and one designed just for them and they each get 2!

      Heee I'll pat Jo for you, thank you on the jewelry, I like a little riveting I should indulge more often.

      Good to see you Owls Clover!

  6. Ah well good for you, we have some knockouts for sure but the Matilija is a monster! It spreads though underground runners as some of the natives are apt to do and if you give it water it will spread probably under your bed. People with huge gardens or dry places grow it, or on the outside of a wall. I get my kicks in the hills, I just noticed this one by a water reservoir, so I'm waiting for it to bloom.

    Happy CA gardening my friend! xoxo

    1. whoops Priscilla, Lisa was here same exact time as I was....... JINX

  7. P.P.S. I almost forgot......Ash is right! Your niece is lovely <3 .


    1. Isn't she, though! Obviously runs in the family =)

      (Oh, and I dearly love Owl's Clover, too. How exciting!)


  8. beautiful lovely for spring....

    and, me, too: always picking up a rusty piece of metal here and there, trying to somehow fit it into my rusty crafty life....

    lug to you today, ro....

  9. These are all so beautiful, love each and every one!