Monday, April 1, 2013

Jibber Jabber

Hello, hello, I hope you had a nice Easter, we had plans that changed over and over so we settled on working in the garden, not fun garden work, trimming and hauling which is only fun when you look back at what you've accomplished and you can check it off your list. We enjoyed a quiet day, a nice dinner and a flock of unexpected guests. There we too many to count, the garden turned into fluttering wings, luckily they stayed long enough for me to grab my camera. They accessorized the tree of hearts in a most appealing way.

We don't feed the bids, it has a tendency to cause conflict, plus we have plenty for them to eat since we don't have snow covering the ground but one thing we always have on hand is water. We created a recirculating arroyo with a shallow pond at one end specifically for the birds and that's just what they were here for. One fact that I have found quite interesting is that we always have more bathing birds on cloudy days. I would love to know the reason for this, I only know it's true, even though you would expect the opposite.

A bonus oriole showed off it's garish garb, sticking out like a sore thumb in that particular tree however they are impossible to spot in the fresh, spring, chartreuse  foliage of other trees.

The hills are browning down already after a puny winter, making harder to spot the deer or other large mammals. While I was hiking around the hawk/owl nest  (see it) area Banjo kept telling me something was behind us. I traced her stare up to the hill behind us and saw nothing. I admit to getting the creeps for a bit until I saw four white tails......a good dog never lies. When I become lost in space, transfixed on something like this nest in the distance she will give a gentle tug on the leash to let me know something is up, or down, it could always be a gopher looking at us from his small kingdom, a hole in the ground. I must say Banjo has led me to a few gruesome scenes as well, animal parts and such. Sometimes I give in when she's on a hot trail that looks like it leads to nowhere but there is usually a story, a crime scene, things that went on in the night and I wonder what kind of fright musk is filling her nose.

It is VERY hard to see just what is taking place in this nest this year, look through the eye shaped opening in the branches, this year the hawks are sitting on eggs. Things are quiet now but if they have a succsissful year, things will get loud.

The songbirds were a joy this morning, the wrentits were singing their golden lungs out, Brava, BRAVA, more, more....

and there was jewelry inspiration..

and also a silly bunny wanting to wish you all a happy April.

xo Ro & J o


  1. Oh cool! Can't wait to see the hawk nest later on.
    That bunny is so cute! What an expression on his face :)

  2. Hi DJ, Me too, I hope the chick/chicks survive..

    That bunny made me laugh looking at Banjo :)

  3. Love your birds and bunny! Happy Spring and new week to you. :)

    1. And to you too, you little globetrotter!

  4. easter certainly provided a time of renewal for you and your garden!

    all those wonderful.

    i hope those hawks fare well....

    1. To hear the symphony of beating wings, be still my heart! LOVEly!

      Me too with those hawks, last time did not turn out well for them.

  5. that bunny is adorable!!

  6. Hi Ro!

    The first photo looks like the waxwings are surrounded with little red hearts!

    Thanks for stalking that nest for us :-). Great photos. LOVE how you get your inspiration from nature....

    And.....good to know that "Big Bunny" is watching us! lol


    1. Oh they are! In the tree of purple hearts, sooo cool! We don't see waxwings in out garden often, they seem to stay in the sumac's around the perimeter, it was special! I can get a bit excited at things like this, WOWW!

      Nest stalking, my PLEASURE any time :)

      Pretty BIG, Bryce has been helping me with my blog, I was SO tired of those puny pictures.

      XXXOOooX tewwt, tweet!!

  7. Lovely images of spring.

    A "What's up, Doc?" shot if ever I saw one!! =)


    1. HAAAA HAA no kidding, I need you to write captions for me!! You pegged that one!

      I always want to say, "it's a dog, you should probably run now"

  8. Ohhhhhhh, that bunny.....maybe he's one of the "good" ones!!

    Thanks for the burst of spring, Ro--your birds are amazing!! I'm with Songbird here--those waxwings are twittering in a romantic setting. :-)

    Happy April!!!!!

  9. It IS a good one because it isn't eating my garden, I like his stache :)

    I heart them back, so cute and sleek, banditos!

    Happy April to you, I wish winter would snap out of it for some of you!