Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Anticipation and the Muse

Here's what brings me true joy, when I wake up and think, I can make anything today, anything I want.
There are times when that can feel daunting it can feel like you're wandering though the Mojave in summer without direction, the ideas and inspiration sometimes just aren't there, those dry spells, but yesterday the ideas were a flood..too many..too fast, not enough hands, scratch them down, and I don't because I will probably be gong down another road by then. 

I can also be a terrible editor because I want to show you all things beautiful and because I get too excited, you know, over the small things, which never feel insignificant to me.

I found a precious owls clover yesterday while out scouting.

Then I found more, don't you just love the name, I was thinking about owls wearing clover chains.

 The furry borage is lovely....

but what keeps calling to me are the poppies.

I picked some traveling roses for Eric's dear old dad......remember life before cup holders? I used to seat belt vases in place which never did stay in place, always reaching over at every stop, flop, water everywhere.

*Incidentally I heard on NPR Honda was making a car with a built in vacuum, a perfect mini van accessory also perfect for dog hair, I say yes to that one.

*Tawk about off topic, brain on the run........ I'm trying to write with about a million interruptions, GAH!! No quiet home here, bring in the dancing bears!

What I'm trying to get at is, I did find the inspiration I was looking for, a straight and narrow path because spring is not only about renewal, it's about anticipation and those happy reunions just waiting to materialize. My new short story will be about the matilija poppy.

I'll show you maƱana, xo (pheuf) Ro


  1. Owl's clover--ohmyGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I might need to live someplace where this grows...just for a while, just to be neighbors to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love your inspiration and joy here...thank you!!

  2. "Tawk about off topic..." BAHAHAHA...I love visiting you along the always make me smile. And I SO get it, when the creative cup overfloweth and it's hard to keep up. (According to hubs that's about the time I stop constructing complete sentences. Sometimes I'll find him staring at me and I'm like, "What???" and he'll say, "What do you mean, What?? You were just saying something and then you stopped talking," and I'll be all, "Oh...huh," and he'll go, "What do you mean, Huh? What were you going to say?" and then I go, "Um, I don't know. What was I saying..?" Did you know some men can make a high pitched sound, kind of like a cat getting strangled, when they're frustrated??)

    I love poppies, too. Can't wait to hear--see--your story!


    1. Your photos are gorgeous, by the way. Such luscious colors!

    2. HEE he, I know what you mean, the other night Eric said, "do you ever sit still?" very time I sit I remember something I need to do,fidget brain, that's why I walk it :) He tells me that I don't, I might have been elsewhere, I try....

    3. Hehe...taking your fidget brain for a walk. I'll have to remember that. Least I've got hubs to keep me grounded (in a head-first kind of way)!


  3. Oooh! Poppies! Can't wait to see what you're making :)

  4. I love "walking the trail" with you... all the beauty right on my desktop!
    If you want to safely carry a vase of flowers in the car take a couple of pieces of newspaper or paper of the same weight and fold it horizontally about 2 -3 inches wide until you've used the entire piece. It looks rather like a belt... loop it around the vase then tuck the ends into the fold of the seat, or you can use your seatbelt over this. It's an old florist's trick for carrying flowers safely in the car. The newspaper works much better than the seatbelt.

    1. Oh thanks for the handy tip Sara! Good to see you, happy spring!

  5. spring is sprunging in your area.
    i am so envious.
    drip-drip, melting snow, here....

  6. Oh I love the delicate little borage! My fav!

  7. Hi ho, Ro.

    I love how you show us all things beautiful.

    When I open an Etsy shop I will name it Owls Clover. (Wouldn't that be an awesome name?!) ;-)

    Who else thinks those poppies are just sexy? Whoa! I surely do!!

    Glad to hear "the muse" is tawking to you! Haha!

    These photos are all a treat for us here in the northeast. Thank you <3.


    1. Perfect shop name--I already love it, Songbird!!!!


  8. OH YES!! Owls Clover YES! keep knitting and don't forget pink :)