Friday, April 12, 2013

Ahoy Mateys

* the brooch is sold
I bet you thought I drowned or was thrown overboard but no sometimes life just happens so I just went with the flow and enjoyed being carried off in the tide but I'm regaining my etsea legs again with a small regalia of spring inspired pieces.

One of my dear followers asked me if I would make some bunny jewelry so I started on some fun projects. The first ever bunny badge of distinction complete with a coral carrot, beautiful but also fun with a touch of whimsy.

I used to have a pet rabbit named Abernathy that lived in a hutch but I used to let him out on a harness so he could get some exercise on terra firma. He liked to nibble the grass and wanter around with my desert tortoise Touche who decided he was not happy being outside and would spend the day climbing the back porch to scratch at the door. It was our own version of the tortoise and the hare :)

Some of you noticed I added pretty, flitty, Painted Lady post earrings to my shop last weekend, I loved them so much I made a few more pair, they are now here.

I created this moonrise piece for a friend of mine here but I wanted to show you this magnificent stone, I couldn't believe it when I found it, it looks like a small painting, I thought you would enjoy seeing it too.

I 'm going to add these pieces to etsy probably later today but before I do I want to wish you a happy weekend wherever you may sail off to.

xo Ro


  1. Hoppy to see you back! OMG the bunny pieces how SWEET!
    love the carrot dangle..

  2. Hoppy yes indeedie! :)

    Thank you Deb!


  3. The bunnies make me SMILE, especially that carrot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaaaaaa!!!!! Best looking carrot EVER--maybe the first carrot design in silver and coral??? And the details...the DETAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Abernathy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a name, a BIG name for a bunny--how cool is THAT?????

    And the moonrise is SOMETHING--wow!!! You could just step into that scene...walking by moonglow....

    Nice to have you back on the trail again. :-) You AND your bunnies....

    P.S. Are these GOOD bunnies, given enough carrots?

    1. Don't you just love that carrot, remember the red ones I!

      That stone is something else, I nearly fell over when I found it.

      It feels good to be back working.

      Have a wonderfilled weekend!

  4. Here comes Peter Cottontail....hopping down the Darrow trail {sing it baby!}

    I adore your lovely rabbits, and love how they are spring-inspired :)). Love the signature blooms, the "greens" of the bun's carrot, their sweet silhouettes, AND the great detail of the dangling flower!

    The moonrise piece is just stunning. It really does look like a perfect little painting. Thank you for sharing it with us....Mother Nature did herself proud with that stone. I am envious of the owner-to-be!

    Happy weekend to you all too (with your beautiful souls),

  5. I may have to sing it AND do the pony :)

    Oh well thank you, I was having sO mUcH fun with these!

    I should have shown the back of the moon pendant with a silvered reclining fingernail moon, I know my friend will like it.

    I hope your weekend is grand as well!!


    1. That pendant sounds grand....for a moon-lover, I hope!! I just learned what "earthshine" is, and now I can't wait to see the next fingernail moon!!!!!!!

  6. Oh wow! Your new work is wonderful and that carrot is genius!
    A long time ago I had a rabbit named Elvis Flambe the Third (there was no 1st or 2nd I just liked the idea of the 3rd) Anyway, I was very young if that explains the crazy name. Abernathy sounds so much more dignified :)

    Love those earrings!
    Amazing moonrise stone too.
    Have a great weekend, looks like you and Martin are ready for adventure!

    1. I love that you had Elvis Flambe the Third, and there was no 1st or 2nd. Awesome :)!

    2. That is TOO fun, DJ. Elvis Flambe III -- looks GOOD!!!!!

    3. Elvis Flambe the Third! That is the most excellent name I've ever heard DJ especially since there was no 1 or 2!

      Thank you, about the jewelry..

      I packed up Mart and came back home he loves a tote :)

  7. I have had four rabbits in my life (in this order):
    Dustin (a dwarf rabbit named for Dustin Hoffman!) gray
    Winston brown
    Samantha white
    and Oprah (who came with that name).* black

    * Oprah was a classroom pet and the teacher told all the kids that the rabbit would go to the Humane Society, since she didn't want it in the classroom any longer if a student would not take her (sigh). My daughter worked on me for days pleading to spare Oprah! And yeah, it worked :)).

    BTW, these rabbits all came AFTER living at home with my parents. At home we had dogs, cats, a guinea pig, a canary, a small parrot, mice, a hamster, a chameleon (not all at once!!)....but my parents said NO to a rabbit! {Really????} So that's what move out and say "Damn it, I'm gettin' a rabbit!"

  8. You had quite a few well named bunnies , the last one perhaps not PC but there were a lot of pets named Oprah when she first hit it big.....go figure. I'm glad you saved her though. NIce lesson from the teacher, right. When you're through with them just get rid of them....geesh.

    My dad liked pet rabbits so we always had one or two, my mother was not much of a pet lover......heeee rebel wabbit owning :) :) :)

  9. So funny Rae, when I worked and it was raining I just stuck him in my tote when I lacked hands and he instantly loved it :)

    1. He LOOKS like he loves it. Look at that Ahhhh expression =) Tote and blankie...ready for the road!

      Gorgeous, gorgeous brooch and pendants, Ro. That dangling carrot made me smile (how on earth did you find that perfect wee cab???).