Thursday, March 28, 2013


I'm showing just a couple of quick previews of my work. I was hoping to show them properly but I feel I need a model to really give a good idea of how they will look on you. And I'm not going to bother listing them until I can show them being worn. These are the only times I wish I was young btw, just to stick it on snap a picture and be done with it, one less step.

 I don't like having to rely on others but I have been blessed with several very kind young ladies who don't mind helping out.

Oh la la, "Thing"!

In a moment of desperation I sent for her, she comes all the way from France, her ride, a shoe box with English text, getting her ready for her new home I suppose.

HA!, she's a righty and keeps pointing out the sights. She's the right scale but the wide bands only fit on her pointy finger so I knew I couldn't fool ya.

Still, it's nice to have an extra hand around the house, too bad she can't type or dust. I wonder where the rest of her ended up, maybe she's trying to tell us something :)

My new pieces will come to etsy as modeling allows.

Have a superterrific day, xo Ro and Thing

* So we ponder the Zen question what IS the sound of one hand clapping?


  1. Oh those rings are beautiful!
    "Thing" is very interesting :) Wonder what she's pointing at all the time....
    What's wrong with your hands? I'm sure you're better than a fake hand :)

  2. Gah! My hands, I was never blessed with pretty ones but they work good.

    I fake hand is a fun gag!

    My niece is coming over later today, YAY!!

  3. my hands are about the same age as yours and about the same you'll have to understand when i say i feel we have BEAUTIFUL hands!

    "thing" really makes me laugh. maybe she should be called "thingie" since she's all girlie....

  4. HaahaahaaasnoRT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Giggles fit here...sorry...heeheeheeeeeeee.


  5. THING!!!! I thought they locked you in the Dungeon, welcome home to a sunny (gasp) spot!
    Leave it to Ro to FREE YOU!!!

  6. I knew you gals would appreciate her! Bryce came out to my studio with her sticking out of his right sleeve, pointy finger up his nose and I fell for it! I wondered why he had his finger in his nose and big grin on his face. She's pretty the right light :)

    "Thingie of Paris" I like, I like, I need to keep her in the box to keep her from skittling around the house, Cousin "It" (Mart) in chase.


  7. God, you make me laugh. Thanks for this. I was fooled by the first photo of Miss Thing!! She is scarily lifelike!

    ...and you do have beautiful hands, you know, just like pencilfox!


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