Friday, March 22, 2013

Some Days the Tortoise

 I took a linger in the hills this morning after but three hours of sleep. Bryce was home last night which is rare and he's on a Harvey Keitel kick, so I agreed on a movie, "how bout The Piano" I suggested, not really remembering the story, but remembering I liked it years ago when I saw it, but we settled on a corrupted cops in New Jersey story which actually starred Sylvester Stalone, (pre facelift, pre Rambo), he played the moral one. Syl did a good acting job, I was impressed, the movie however was forgettable, the popcorn delish, the company outstanding.

I needed to shake out the cobwebs so I headed for the hills this a.m. and it wasn't until I loaded my pictures I realized I had taken exactly 100, how's that for a lollygag!

I know what your thinking "here we are at work and she's......." it's okay, I will most likely work some the weekend away.

So I took a lot of pictures and I promise to spare you :)

 I watched the valley fog clear

Just as the hare was zipping across the finish line,

and the tortoise has stopped once again

by the roadside,

this time to stick out his neck

and nibble a bit of sweet grass,

unlike the previous time

when he was distracted

by a bee humming in the heart of a wildflower.

My Hero by Billy Collins

I hope you enjoy some tortoise time this weekend. Thank you for your thoughtful comments and for being here this week making life just that much sweeter!

xoxo Ro


  1. during my "work week" i'm a hare. hare-doubled, some days.
    this weekend i am *totally* the tortoise and enjoying it.

    love your sweet flower photos....and the fog....

    happy weekend!

    1. I know the feeling........happy weekend to you.

  2. I would be lingering and tortoise-ing more often than you do. What beautiful country you wander through, especially in the springtime.

    Have a lovely weekend....don't work too hard.


  3. It's fun to look and really LOOK when you have the time.

    I hope you do something "heroic" too this weekend Cinda!


  4. Please suggest 'Holy Smoke' with Harvey Keitel and Kate Winslet!! A favorite around here, one of his best!