Thursday, March 21, 2013


Good day to you all! I'm posting a little preview to show you the way things are taking shape around here.

I finished these two beauties last night and I'm going out to finish two more......COMPLETELY different rings this morning.

I'm having fun, can you tell?

 so pretty

Two small shrines, just the way I like to make them. Look for them in the shop later today along with a couple of surprises.

*knittery by Songbird 

Thanks for stopping in! xox Ro


  1. Songbird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE the scarf--it looks like a cozy gossamer cover!!!!!

    Ro!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at those rings!!!!!!!!! Bright and beautiful and fresh from spring!!!!!

    Definitely a post worth exclaiming over....
    xo to you both!!

    1. And the scarf is crazy lace colors!! perfection!

      awwww xo back to you, from Churro too, Bell's dong summersaults (springersaults) !

  2. Oh those are both so lovely! Can't wait to see what else you're making.
    Beautiful knittery too! Songbird is very talented. I couldn't knit to save my life :)

  3. Thank you DJ, I was having fun with my new little stones.

    She is, she is, I'm so lucky, I'm a terrible knitter, she knows fancy stitches!

    Good thing we don't have to save our lives by knitting :)

  4. Gorgeous, Ro! I just saw your other rings, too, and that honey plume agate is a real beauty. And 'Enshrined' is indeed holy.

    Lisa, your knitterlings are beautiful! (I knit my dad a tie once, when I was about eight and first learning to knit. It was a lovely 'mud' brown with little flecks of orange. After a few days I asked him why he wasn't wearing it to work. He told me he was saving it for a 'special occasion.' I was SO chuffed when he finally wore it to work (after some prodding from Mum, I suspect). It wasn't until years later that I figured out he probably had another tie in his pocket!


    1. HAAAAAAAAAAAAA, I LOVE this!!!!!!!

      howdidya get so funny?

      Your dad, xoxoxo

  5. oh.those.rings.
    they make me want to sing alleluia.

    [LOVELY scarves! especially that second pretty and lacy!]

  6. Well gollyluia thanks......(I'm making up words today )

    Lisa made the lacy one, crazy lace yarn, so pretty and not too warm, Cali style!

  7. Lovely stones, lovely silver...and look at you,
    MS.Songbird! I love the scarves. So pretty!!
    Ro, that was so nice of you to share.

  8. You. Guys. You make me blush. Thank you for your nice compliments. I did make the scarf in the last photo, but not the scarf above that. The photos make me want to sit and knit ANOTHER scarf, and then wear some coordinating beautiful GalleryDarrow jewelry.....lovely!

    Ro, I love the stones you choose. I love some MORE than others -- but I <3 them all!! They are all marvelous.

    Ash...what a great story! It reminded me of a knitting story with MY dad :). I was 11 when I learned to knit. My first project was a SCARF for my dad. I used all of my mum's scraps (and she had a LOT of yarn.) So......the scarf was every texture and color you can imagine. The edges were not even straight because the weight of the yarns were, of course, varying. Yikes. I thought if a "regular length" scarf would be good, a really loooong scarf would be GREAT!! That scarf was somethng like 12-14 FEET LONG. My dad is 6'4" tall, so picture an Edward Gorey illustration meeting Jospeh's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (!!!) God love the man. He did wear it out the door, but I'm sure it stayed on the car seat all day!!!!!!

    Have a good rest of your week :)

    1. Hahaha! I know, right. I love that kind of thinking in kids/when we were kids. The bigger, longer, louder, wetter, SWEETER, the better (I can't be the only one who nicked Milo from the Milo jar...??!)

      Sounds like he could have loaned that mammoth wooly (wooly mammoth??) to Paul Bunyan!! =)


    2. I love these knitting stories, they're priceless!

  9. ro and songbird, what gorgeous pieces! And, how beautiful they look together.