Thursday, March 7, 2013

One More Thing

One more ring has been added to Le Shoppe

Banjo getting into the action :)

Thank you for all your cheer yesterday, I hope your day is splendid today.

Under cloudy, drippy skies.......xoxo Ro :)


  1. Your new jewels and new banner are wonderful harbingers of spring...never mind that we are buried under FEET of snow here after the storm earlier this week.

    I FEEL spring coming, I just do!!!

    Hi, Banjo--nice to see you.

    And, how is Miss Belle? Has she returned yet? Or is she snowed in now on the eastern seaboard?

  2. Thank you Caroline!

    I know those big storms sounded like something else but spring is coming, I promise.

    Banjo always tries to get in the shots, sometimes I just go with the flow :)

    No Belle yet, got the NYPD on the case.....

  3. Wow, love the banner Ro! and your beautiful pieces from yesterday. I wanted to come over this week, but I have a really nasty cold (didn't want to share!)
    Isn't the rain wonderful today! My dog is snuggled in my lap...(well, he will be when I go back over).
    Happy Spring!
    Love you

    1. I've been thinking about you Deb and wanting to see you but I appreciate not sharing your cold.

      Oh the weather is such a delight, a perfect day to snuggle!

      Get better, happy Spring, I love you too.

      see you soon!

    2. I wanted to come over this week too ;-).

      Deb, I hope you feel 100% soon!


  4. Good Morning......Love your banner!! I own the sibling to your Turquoise Leaf Ring and it is a "show stopper". I'm sooo inspired by your silver work, stories and pictures of your nature walks and trips. Enjoy the rain!!!! xoxo Jeanmarie

    PS I've also become a fan of Billy Collins poetry

  5. Good Morning my friend! I was thinking about you when I listed your sister ring, I LOVE those stones!

    The banner El Prado Riverside County

    Thank you SO much and another Billy fan, I love his work it suits my funny bone.


  6. Gorgeous new banner, and such a delicious new ring. (My growing obsession with turquoise is wonderfully your fault.)

    It's been raining here, too, and thunderstorms inside my cave. Best writing weather, ever.


  7. Thank you, I'm liking the sepia of the banner though the colors are all natural but they look so pretty with that turquoise ring.

    Something Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid about it all.

    Oh glad you are on board with the turquoise those stones are just HAPPY!

    Yay RAIN!!!!! enjoy!!


    1. They ARE happy! My Birch graces my finger almost daily and that brilliant flash of color makes me smile EVERY TIME.

  8. Perfect for a rainy day, a smile on your finger!

  9. Add me to your fan club, Ro. (But you know that!)

    Delicious. Ash. I love that... the turquoise is indeed that! Wow.

    Oooooh....and yesterday's offerings were/are stunning. Arresting!

    And I can "see" the Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid in your banner. Beautiful!!!

    Love you!

  10. Add me to yours.....(you knew that too)

    Well, thank you about the jewelries.

    I think it's those sepia tones, I love them.. browns and I love you too!