Wednesday, March 13, 2013


 It happened overnight when I was sleeping, I think.......SPRING that is.

 I  feel like I'm always out there keeping tabs but really, this one slid right in like a head on collision, with a bang, maybe it was because our winter was a wimp.

 There was never that slow longing some of you still up to your knees in snow are experiencing. (I'm jealous, remember hay fever?)

 It was still nearly dark but just look at these crAzY deer, they were scurrying...

 Their postures are undeniable, they even made Banjo bark and I couldn't say I blamed her, that kind if energy turns her into a hall monitor.

 Tails up, ears flattened and they scampered, chased kicked up their heels like a herd of spring goatlets.
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I was thinking about Heidi of the Alps with her scarf and white apron carrying a basket of ?..... edelweiss, a loaf of rustic bread.....a romance novel :)...

she would gentle them, with a song perhaps.

It's here, there's no turning back.

the redbuds are budding

the peonies are peeing

He was chasing her.....
There is nothing to do but go with the flow..........

so I am.......I'll show you these tomorrow and maybe one more.

I LOVE this moon, did you see it last night, I smiled back  )))))))))))))

I keep trying to wrangle these whacked out days, I hope you are well....xo Ro


  1. I love this...all of it. I'm usually not ready for spring, either--I love the cold too much. But this year...I've been breathing in the warmer air, the blue skies, and smiling.

    I did not know that peonies peed!

    Look at that golden crescent...magical. And those rollicking deer--ha!

    Have you tried raw honey for your allergies? I've been reading a stack of books about bees for fun, lately (amazing little buzzies) and apparently it works remarkably well. I get horrendous allergies in NZ and asthma and usually have to drug myself to the eyeballs to survive a trip so am keeping my fingers crossed honey will do the trick this time. (I've been taking honey for inflammation and headaches the past couple months and haven't had to take a single Advil since!!)

    Have a glorious day, Ro. Can't wait to see the fronts of your silvered beauties.


    1. I was thinking the same thing about peonies, Ash!!!! Haahaahaaaaaaaa!!!!!

    2. =D Obviously we live sheltered lives!!

    3. Sometimes, just sometimes I might make stuff up :)

      I tried bee pollen for Banjo a few years back Ash but not the honey, Jo has allergies too. I was better today, hay fever in while wearing a particle mask is NOT a good thing!

      Oh never mind spring we went straight to summer, 90 today :( oUcH

    4. Oh. Ninety. You're kidding. I'm sorry!!! Low 50s here today.

      (Hubs is making ice cream!!!) =)

  2. Wow, spring already? I am not at all ready to tackle gardening yet, so I'm not jealous of you :)
    Love those scampering deer pictures!
    Bingo has the hall monitor in him too :)
    The rings look lovely too.

    1. You know it DJ enjoy the cool..I'm not jealous of me either, HA!

      Those scampering deer were kind of hilarious....

      Good dog Bingo a level head on that boy.

      Thank you, twas a long and productive day today, YAYYY

  3. Hall monitor for the deer--Jo, you are TOO much!

    Look at that explosion of buds and blossoms--wow!! Makes me smile for sure--especially with our forecast for MORE snow over the next three days or so.

    Ah, well...I have a stash of seeds to plant for most of my flowers this year, so I'll wait another couple of months to do that and enjoy YOUR spring in the meantime--oh, those new colors!!!!

    Happy spring!! (With sympathy for the hay fever)

    1. Oh, and thanks for sharing that moon...clouds rolling over us here last night, missed that smile. I would have grinned in response, though--that Cheshire Cat moon fits right in with my White Rabbit week here. Hmmmm.

    2. Hey you! Quit thinkin' my thoughts! As I stood smiling at the moon I was thinking that same one ))))

      It was crazy HOT today I wish I was cold and expecting MORE snow.

  4. Hah! Ker plunk Ker BLOOM...I know, its crazy huh!
    I'm thankful the evenings still cool off, otherwise I can't sleep.
    I LOVE the deer today. You really got them doing their spring fever dances.
    Looking forward to new silver rock faces!
    hugs for a perfect day.

    1. I have one thing to say to you........

      Take me with you!!!!!

      but seriously the deer are comical :P


    2. can you ride up top on the luggage rack??

  5. Ker POW! Ker BLOOEY!

    As my mom used to say:

    "Spring has sprung, the grass has ris,
    I wonder where the flowers is!" Well, it's clear where they are!

    Hall monitor...heeheee! That one had me laughing for a long time. I love your sense of humor! <3

    We recently had 10" of snow. The last 2 days have been in the 50s. The rhodedendron bushes don't know what to do :-).

    LOVED the frolicking deer...enlarged each and every photo!

    Sorry about your hay fever, and the time change. I thought of you as I turned each clock ahead.

    Ro, your jewelry is insane! I love all that you do, and the way you do it....oh, that voodoo that you do!!


  6. Ker Blooey! I love it!

    The big smack down today, 90! My Iceland poppies would have burnt up but Eric put a market umbrella over the poor dears.

    It sounds like your in for mud season, poor rhodes.

    Aren't those deer silly, Jo only wants them to stand and stare otherwise she's handing out pink slips :)

    I'm trying my best to cope without a morning for a while since I promised not to complain.

    Oh thank you Birdiepie, I'm pretty excited about my work, I don't have enough hands lately !

    I hope you are doing well, been thinking bout cha!!


  7. The deer spectacle must be quite a sight to witness, all that crazy energy. So sorry it hit the nineties already, that is not spring :-(( Got a good view of that magical moon last night (but couldn't find the comet)!! Yesterday's shrine pendant was a knock out!! I'm drawn to shrines as well & probably because like you I have long loved mexican folk art & jewelry :) xoxo