Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just Sprining Around

Hello, I know it's been a little quiet here on the blog so I decided today was the day and my internet cut out and my pictures wouldn't load and my blog keeps flashing to let me know it's not saving and I had to reboot but they say patience is a virtue so today I will be virtuous. All is well here, I'm just busy and trying to catch up as the days gallops off and away, now pressing towards noon but I will work late, my new schedule.

Spring is here along with birthday celebrations, it's best to work in clusters so we sang happy birthday three times over this weekend and enjoyed a picnic.....

 at one of the colleges since they all have tremendous unused lawns.

 The birthday girl # 10.....cute!

oh the light!


 remember the scent of the bearded iris, the way the petals shimmer and look like they're wearing a dusting of glitter?

 The frills!

 one day (1)

The blooms last but one day, so when it happens it's best to pay attention because you will have to wait a whole year to enjoy this again.

MMMMM the lilac, I smelled and whiffed and smelled and made all the ladies smell too. The lilac is just the essence of spring, to me anyway.

  and more to come....

  pARTy spoon

 I don't know this ones name, in the hibiscus family, I suspect, so pretty, like a Chinese lantern festival.

 And we played frisbee and soccer, the boys threw the football around til dark, good times had by all.

*Ed Clay catching the frisbee

I am working, my studio view from where I am planted is delicious.

 I am working on orders and spring wedding stuff for the young ladies round here. I'm glad these ladies are thinking outside the box when it comes to wedding and engagement rings. I'm also making bridesmaids gifts, girls with pearl earrings, wear them, keep them, such a good idea.

I added a few earrings to the shop as well and maybe more tomorrow.

*Flex shaft in the foreground, Phoebe outside.

A little snap of my garden this morning after my walk, things are getting perky.

* rusted kinetic bird sculpture I bought from a local artist. It's made from old tools, the wings catch the breeze and it rocks.

Thanks for visiting and for being interested in my life, xoxo Spring Robin


  1. Lovely pictures! We got a snowstorm today, so I appreciate being able to see your spring!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE lilac :) Can't wait till ours is in bloom.
    The iris is so pretty too, it really does look like it has glitter on it.
    Have a great week!

    1. I forgot the glitter, then I remembered and I wanted to look at it for a long, long time because there is nothing else like it, such perfection, could anything be more beautiful and with that scent!

      I will be miserably hot when you are experiencing your profusion of spring and I will feel the same way everyone else does because ours will be long gone.

      I sometimes dream of following a season around the globe, wouldn't that be a fun thing to do? You could have a full year of springs for instance.

  2. Oh, these photos and your text do my heart <3 good!

    DJ, we also received 12+ inches of snow overnight -- and and it's still snowing! It will be for hours still.

    Everything....every....thing....is white here, so thanks, Ro, for the beautiful cheerful colors!!

    Happy belated birthday! (Just in case those celibrating tune in here.) :))

    New earrings are awesome! This is how I think when I look at the price. I divide the price by 2. Then I figure out how much $ each earring is PER EAR. Then it's "Add to Cart!" Ha!! (BTW ladies, this works for shoes, mittens, etc.) lol

    xxxooo to those along the trail

    1. Haha! I like how you figure the price :) I'm going to do it your way from now on!

    2. Heeheeeeheeeeeee, that's PERFECT, Songbird! Excellent use of practical math skills!!

      And I think you got our storm--they didn't name it out here, of course, but it started over northern MT and southern Saskatchewan, then rolled over us and dropped a good 10" or so and built up a head of steam to power itself east. I feel for you--hope you don't get the subzero temperatures that followed here! We are CHILLY!!

    3. Dear ladies of the snow, I think that when I make them and then try to get them to match up, I think I may have said that here......and you get 2, one for each ear :) Hadn't thought that about mittens but you knitters sure have!

      I bet you're all a little tired of it by now, when I lived in snow country I was tired of putting all those clothes on and off, your springs will be spectacular! I get tired of the summer that drags on here..

  3. Ro-bin
    Your celebration looked like fun!
    I can't wait to picnic and smell those delicious lilacs and iris (I think they smell like honey).
    Our ground is frozen and white here too. We only have an inch or two, but the wind is bitter.
    I think everyone is more than ready for spring!
    Your garden is beautiful! Pretty pink flowering trees...a room with a view!


    1. It's hard to describe the scent but if you gave me a blind smell test I could pick them out in a crowd!

      Regarding your refuge experience, I saw snow geese by the hundreds and when I went back two weeks later I didn't see a one. I hope you keep going back, it sounded wonderful, I love to watch osprey.

      ps. I was thinking yesterday how people in NY always refer to the top of the state as up state, never north or northern NY. I guess because they can get away with it, no other state can do it,..... up state Oregon, Louisiana or New Mexico, just doesn't work.

      Oh I HATE the wind, hot or bitter cold it's all misery, makes you batty, even inside, just doesn't feel right, unsettled, I hope it's over.


    2. My husband went back to the river to see the Tundra Swans about a week later...they were gone!

      I think the "upstate" business is silly. I guess the term is used because when you mention NY, people think of NY city. There is so much more...

      NY state is a very beautiful state, the terrain is so varied. Mountains, lakes, rivers, falls, swamps, lots of farmland, vineyards and parks.
      I love NY!

      The wind has calmed down today, still too cold to be called spring!

      Enjoy your California springtime. Come visit and have a do over spring in Beautiful Western NY (in about a month)....xo

  4. Ro-bin--

    Looks like several of us along your trail NEEDED this post today. We're headed to -15F tonight, with snow mounded up everywhere. I'm all for irises--have some that will bloom in late May. That one-day show is always SO amazing--worth the wait, I believe.

    Thanks for sharing your flowers and your family--looks like a great way to celebrate a birthday and then some--and you're right, college lawns are vastly underused--I'll bet the grass felt appreciated. :-)

    Look at those happy poppies--saved from the heat! :-) Thanks for being so virtuous today with your patience-practice--these views of spring are a balm for my soul!!!

    1. Keep warm, dear Caroline. And yes, I too am thankful for all the things you mentioned. ("Balm for one's soul." Absolutely!)

      Ro, today I'm *especially* thankful also for your patience with your computer's shenanigans <3.

    2. I was working on patience, we have the worst internet service and I always forget to copy before I press send or publish. Just write a big long note or email and kaput and you know it's never good when you try and rewrite arghhhhh, need a pirate patch! :) :)

      It's foggy and chilly as it should be, to hold the blooms for a bit, the hills are drying in places and I say "NOOO wait, not yet" but is not in my control.

      You'll need to send some spring to me later on!!


  5. Oh so jealous of your sprung Spring! Is your world truly as magical as your all your photos!? ;) Seriously considering a move out of the long-wintered northeast someday. :) jeanne

    1. Oh gosh no, I only save the best for you but spring can't be beat that's for sure. It was over 90 a few days last week, that was NOT perfect but I try not to gripe.

      Good to see ya Jeanne!


  6. I adore your blog! It's such a dose of beauty, delight and humor! :)

    1. I adore your name, Juanepero in Spanish, lovely!

      Thank you for visiting!!

  7. beautiful sojourn into the california sunshine.

    love all the flowers and the picnic and the pARTy spoon.

    sometimes the crashing 'net takes us to where we need to be: outdoors, with familiy and friends.

    1. It was fun and the unexpected blooms of that day were better than any cake.

      I like a pARTy spoon too!

      or you can practice patience, become more virtuous, my net loves to crash, LOVES it!

    2. dang. my fingers need to take vacation from the keyboard.
      FAMILY. not "familiy"....

    3. Ha, didn't notice I'm the worst editor ever, I fix them in my head, always have and THAT is not good with my own marginal writing skills.

      familiy is better anyway, more frill!

      Have a good day today.

  8. You are so lucky to have spring already, with irises and lilacs no less! We are still looking at snow, but no longer pretty, and more colder days than warm. Your pictures remind me that spring will come this way too, eventually. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us!

  9. Big hugs to you who are snowbound and sick of it......the beginning is so much fun but some stories just don't know when to end.

    Your view is astounding Shannon, such an amazing place.


  10. Happy Birthday to you all...the photos are magnificent! xx

  11. Oh gosh I try not to let that cat out of the bag :) Thank you nice lady!! xoxo

  12. thanks for the preview !!
    just wish it would hurry up and get to me :(
    still a frigid 17 degrees here this morning, brrrrrr

  13. 7 teen Brrrrr definitely not spring at your casa yet!! Good things are yet to come.

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