Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Reunions

Churro played THIS

Henny Penny is visiting (wink)♥

Three Amigas

Thank you for your support and cheer everybody, I hope we all have a good weekend, we earned one!

♥♥ Ro


  1. I'm glad Belle made it home safe! I like Churro's taste in music, very appropriate.
    Awww, Marty's friend is very cute :)
    Love the 3 Amigas too, that middle turquoise looks like an egg. Beautiful!
    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Churro is happy too, she rode around in rhapsody :)

      Mart loves her but she's rather indifferent, you should see how excited he is when he finds out he has a date for a whole week!

      I thought the same thing, a robins egg...tis the

  2. how funny: rhapsody in blue....!

    happy weekend to thee.

  3. Gershwin.....a natural for a little blue monkey!

    Oh boy I'm still trying to catch up, house and studio yard grass in from work at 8:30 p. luckily Eric cooks.

    I hope yours is good too.

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Churro LOVES that silly monkey if he chose THAT song to celebrate her return!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Belle, you should feel LOVED and ADORED. I hope you're grateful...and behaving better now....

    Marty looks like quite the dapper host--Penny looks a bit coquettish. I'll bet you can sit back and laugh at them!!

    Those three ladies create a rhapsody themselves--and where did the weekend go??????? I think ours blew itself out with the latest snowstorm...anyone see it drifting somewhere???

    Happy Monday to you, dear Ro!