Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Smattering

It all starts with a beautiful stone this one, a picture jasper in this case with a pretty meadow,  but really it all starts with a walk in the hills. I feel so fortunate to know talented stone cutters, lapidary artists that really know how to get the fillet out of the stones. Their work compliments mine, symbiosis if you will. 

I felt that this meadow needed the sun so I created a handmade bead to represent el sol.

 I made the pendant long with flipabiltity because..

I really wanted to add these two. I watched them the other morning, part of the herd but these two were inseparable, .....

so I remembered them here, sun shining above.


*sold Stormy Skies
This stone is from the same artist as the first , this one has a nice storm brewing in a rocky butte picture jasper, I have to admit this is my idea of a rain dance since the weather here has become uncomfortably warm and it worked because their are dark clouds above our hills and  rain reports dappling the news.


So  I made a fancy bail and clasp by twining some branches I found scrambling up the sumac.

This piece exudes happiness with a bit of drama happening in the sky.

Inspiration is out there you just gotta go hunt it down........ seek and ye shall find.


I wanted to make a pair of earrings, something different, unique from silver scraps and plant scraps, last seasons delicate grasses, having a bit of fun with design here.

*sold "Ribes"
I ADORE these and they took forever to make.....why not make something easy, simple?, sometimes I just like to push the envelope and make something spectacular because I can't wait to see it finished. Here is the finished project and I have to say they turned out even better than I imagined, the stones....

 are fat juicy prehnites, yum!

*sold *sold "Bluebird" & "Ribes Indecorum"

Two more gorgeous stones, lapis in the shape of a blue flame and a gorgeous chrysoprase with drites, they both needed a fancy place to rest and be enjoyed on your finger.

"Indecorum" has foliage on her band as she should, as you would expect and well, a blue bird

should have a mate :)

twettly deet deet!!

If you have an questions drop me a line, these are offered here now and will be moved to etsy tomorrow, I have a model at the end of today so I will be busy with pictures and HOPEFULLY adding to this smattering..

Have a beautiful day all! xo Ro


  1. Gorgeous, all of it...juicy prehnite, filleted cabs, Stormy Skies (there's pure magic in that stone), beautifully banded rings...

    ...exquisite symmetry and symbiosis.


  2. Exquisite work Ro! And a beautiful post as well.

  3. Stunning work Ro!

    Your leaves, bird and deer inspiration add so much.
    I love the extra special details!


  4. all those gorgeous stones matched with your unique silver art....what's captured by your camera now worn by an admirer....amazing. simply amazing.

  5. INCREDIBLE Ro! You out~did yourself! I'm not even sure what that means - but you are awesome, my dear.

    For the past two mornings I've seen two deer on my ridge. Silhouettes in the distance - foraging, skittish and then disappearing into the day, somewhere on the other side.

    Your artistry is a delight - it speaks of exquisite nature and beautiful feelings of the heart.

    1. Awww I love the deer, a good way to start the day! Our deer have become rather giddy, kicking up their heels and chasing each other around, spring is in the air!

      Thank you San D!

  6. Oh these are really lovely! Beautiful stones. Glad your rain dance worked :) and the clasp is so unique too.

  7. Oh DJ I'm still waiting, it keeps looking like rain but...... at least I'm doing my part :)

    Thank you!