Friday, March 29, 2013

LOvE in a Mist

Happy Easter all, 
with love, Ro

Thursday, March 28, 2013


I'm showing just a couple of quick previews of my work. I was hoping to show them properly but I feel I need a model to really give a good idea of how they will look on you. And I'm not going to bother listing them until I can show them being worn. These are the only times I wish I was young btw, just to stick it on snap a picture and be done with it, one less step.

 I don't like having to rely on others but I have been blessed with several very kind young ladies who don't mind helping out.

Oh la la, "Thing"!

In a moment of desperation I sent for her, she comes all the way from France, her ride, a shoe box with English text, getting her ready for her new home I suppose.

HA!, she's a righty and keeps pointing out the sights. She's the right scale but the wide bands only fit on her pointy finger so I knew I couldn't fool ya.

Still, it's nice to have an extra hand around the house, too bad she can't type or dust. I wonder where the rest of her ended up, maybe she's trying to tell us something :)

My new pieces will come to etsy as modeling allows.

Have a superterrific day, xo Ro and Thing

* So we ponder the Zen question what IS the sound of one hand clapping?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

On Jewelry

Just a note;

I will have a handful of new offerings for my etsy shop tomorrow including but not limited to the first ever in the history of ?, I have made the fist of its kind, original........."Mule Skinner Amulet".

A reminder, "always the mule, never the jackass"

xo Ro & Churro

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I have always, as long as I can remember had an affinity with plants. I grew up in Michigan searching the ponds and fields with the neighbor boys to see what we could find, snapping turtles, garter snakes, frogs but I always noticed the plants too. My first cultivated garden was a small patch of wild strawberry plants I dug in a field and transplanted. A neighbor man took pity on me and gave me starts from his garden, I had them running everywhere in no time flat as strawberries tend to do. The wild ones are bitter and unpalatable but I thought with a little love maybe I could change that. Our fences were chain link or as we called them there, cyclone so there was no privacy but I soon found they made a nice support for morning glories.

My girlfriend called on Sunday for an impromptu poached egg at our favorite spot in the village that turned into an impromptu day at The Huntington in Pasadena. There is a botanic illustration show in one of the galleries.....

Not JUST botanic illustration but renderings of our California natives, I love these plants more than I can say, they are like longtime friends, it was lovely. The work spanned the ages some dating back to the early 1900's.  Some of the watercolors were scientific and some were drop dead gorgeous, showing the plants in different seasons. Look, this artist painted the shade where you will find this ribes growing, in the shade of the towering oaks. 

*some of you have my silverwork representing this beautiful gooseberry.

 The same artist's beautiful rendition of the Toyon, note the shadows.

*The name Hollywood came from the mislabeling of this plant which is not in fact a member of the Holly family.

Oh boy I coveted this woodcut, I want it! I'm not really sure why they included this, it does not qualify as a botanic illustration but I am so glad it was there, I had to go back and look at it several times. This artist had to have lived in the desert to get it this right. The desert comes alive at night, the Joshua Trees the stars, that moon, swoonalicious!!

Many of the offerings looked like this, pretty, stamped, sealed illustration of the Indian Paintbrush a lot of you will be familiar with.

*for you locals...many of these are on loan from R.S.A.B.G.

I loved watching how others reacted too.
My girlfriend and I gushed over some of these pretty hard and a kidered lady came up and gushed along with us telling us she was a watercolorist too.

Don't you just love it, the shooting stars! It was painted by someone in the 1900's who loved it as much as I do. Some of these artists were involved in the Arts and Crafts movement, you could easily see this on a piece of Rookwood or on a copper desk set.

Naturally the poppies were well represented.

The Huntington is in full bloom, it's a riot, too much really, fussy and overflowing with color.

Sometimes the beauty is found in overlaying shades of green and the way the light plays with the leaves.

The conversation turned from plants we love to plants we despise, the list went something like this and I had no idea she frowned on the same ones I did...

Bird of paradise
Jade plant
Palm tree
Canna and Calla Lily
we could not agree on Lily of the Nile,,,,thumbs down for me

We tried to examine just why we reacted to these plants the way we do and decided they were popular during the trying, teen times of our lives, now known as "The Nandina Years" :)

Countless people took pictures, many with their phones, this lady was ready with her camera and hat.

The cactus collection is my favorite, with SO many oddities, low hanging fruit.

Beautiful don't you think?

 Grrrrr take me to your leader

Taking a rest whilst sipping, new header series, hummingbird on the blooming aloe. (that one's on my list too btw)

The ties that bind, there is nothing like friendship.

I have been busy with custom work which causes the shop to go fallow but a girl can only do so much.

So what I want to know is, what plants do you despise since you might be planning your garden. Which ones will I never find you growing? I'm thinking this could be fun since you all live here and there.

xoxo Ro

*ps, the bracelet design above is officially closed, let's see what else I can make.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Greetings from dog beach!

xo Mart, Jo and the Easter bunny :(

Friday, March 22, 2013

Some Days the Tortoise

 I took a linger in the hills this morning after but three hours of sleep. Bryce was home last night which is rare and he's on a Harvey Keitel kick, so I agreed on a movie, "how bout The Piano" I suggested, not really remembering the story, but remembering I liked it years ago when I saw it, but we settled on a corrupted cops in New Jersey story which actually starred Sylvester Stalone, (pre facelift, pre Rambo), he played the moral one. Syl did a good acting job, I was impressed, the movie however was forgettable, the popcorn delish, the company outstanding.

I needed to shake out the cobwebs so I headed for the hills this a.m. and it wasn't until I loaded my pictures I realized I had taken exactly 100, how's that for a lollygag!

I know what your thinking "here we are at work and she's......." it's okay, I will most likely work some the weekend away.

So I took a lot of pictures and I promise to spare you :)

 I watched the valley fog clear

Just as the hare was zipping across the finish line,

and the tortoise has stopped once again

by the roadside,

this time to stick out his neck

and nibble a bit of sweet grass,

unlike the previous time

when he was distracted

by a bee humming in the heart of a wildflower.

My Hero by Billy Collins

I hope you enjoy some tortoise time this weekend. Thank you for your thoughtful comments and for being here this week making life just that much sweeter!

xoxo Ro

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Good day to you all! I'm posting a little preview to show you the way things are taking shape around here.

I finished these two beauties last night and I'm going out to finish two more......COMPLETELY different rings this morning.

I'm having fun, can you tell?

 so pretty

Two small shrines, just the way I like to make them. Look for them in the shop later today along with a couple of surprises.

*knittery by Songbird 

Thanks for stopping in! xox Ro

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just Sprining Around

Hello, I know it's been a little quiet here on the blog so I decided today was the day and my internet cut out and my pictures wouldn't load and my blog keeps flashing to let me know it's not saving and I had to reboot but they say patience is a virtue so today I will be virtuous. All is well here, I'm just busy and trying to catch up as the days gallops off and away, now pressing towards noon but I will work late, my new schedule.

Spring is here along with birthday celebrations, it's best to work in clusters so we sang happy birthday three times over this weekend and enjoyed a picnic.....

 at one of the colleges since they all have tremendous unused lawns.

 The birthday girl # 10.....cute!

oh the light!


 remember the scent of the bearded iris, the way the petals shimmer and look like they're wearing a dusting of glitter?

 The frills!

 one day (1)

The blooms last but one day, so when it happens it's best to pay attention because you will have to wait a whole year to enjoy this again.

MMMMM the lilac, I smelled and whiffed and smelled and made all the ladies smell too. The lilac is just the essence of spring, to me anyway.

  and more to come....

  pARTy spoon

 I don't know this ones name, in the hibiscus family, I suspect, so pretty, like a Chinese lantern festival.

 And we played frisbee and soccer, the boys threw the football around til dark, good times had by all.

*Ed Clay catching the frisbee

I am working, my studio view from where I am planted is delicious.

 I am working on orders and spring wedding stuff for the young ladies round here. I'm glad these ladies are thinking outside the box when it comes to wedding and engagement rings. I'm also making bridesmaids gifts, girls with pearl earrings, wear them, keep them, such a good idea.

I added a few earrings to the shop as well and maybe more tomorrow.

*Flex shaft in the foreground, Phoebe outside.

A little snap of my garden this morning after my walk, things are getting perky.

* rusted kinetic bird sculpture I bought from a local artist. It's made from old tools, the wings catch the breeze and it rocks.

Thanks for visiting and for being interested in my life, xoxo Spring Robin