Monday, February 25, 2013

The Richness

 I had a nice weekend, albeit a busy one flitting around looking at "stuff" spring is making little appearances here and there, it isn't far off.

 I went birding on Sunday with one of my friends that was excited to try out her new binoculars.
I always think of the Roald Dahl book that involved the Pelly in the industrious window washing team
when I see the pelicans.

The weather was cool and windy especially on the water, we watched cormorants in great numbers

that looked a lot like bats freeing themselves from a cave.

Just how this lady stayed on her feet in the whipping wind was fun to watch, she was nearly tossed in with the gusts.

OH MY really! My girlfriend is the one to go with, she is very knowledgeable when it comes to identifying them. This litlle stunner is a vermilion flycatcher that seems to have gotten off course, lucky for us.

I watched a western flycatcher gobble down a big fat beak full of lunch.

 The wind was terribly whippy, tearing off our hats and giving a good thrashing, I was wondering how the birds could navigate it. We hiked away from the lake to a low lying stream bed to look for birds beneath the rattling trees. We scared up an entire meadow of turkey vultures hunkering in the warm dry grass presumably taking a break from the wind.

Then there are the mysteries to solve, either one of us had ever seen this vining scrambling plant with enormous pods but noticed some of the scattered seed looked like milkweed.

I always have eyes for the blue heron :)


 The trees sounded like sparring bucks the grinding and clacking branches, some falling, still life goes on, the red tails blend so beautifully.

The willow catkins so beautiful......

they would make pretty earrings, don't you think?

 A nice way to spend a day but not before

 spotting one more this one more colorful than the first.

I came home looked it up, it is indeed a giant milkweed..... wonderful days filled with memories and a few more mysteries solved.

Cheers all, to a good week ahead, thanks for visiting, xo Ro


  1. That breeze!!!

    Looks like a fine day, with vermillion flycatchers and pods and flights of fancy indeed!

    And who knew bird feathers swayed in the wind like skirts? :-) I totally empathize with the egret....

    Yes, I would wear catkin earrings...stunning blossoms!!

    What a great day--thanks for sharing your outing with those of us still in snow mode....

    1. Oh well it really was wind, the kind we rarely get here because of the mountains, it clobbered us :)

      How cute is that egret on the stilts.

      Catkins, a hundred tiny glass beads.

      Snow and more snow but flying like a bird!!


  2. ahh such lovely pictures! Thank you for sharing...I think I have a new "favorite bird" the vermilion flycatcher,
    Its my first peek at one.
    I love the roundness of his cute little feather body, and that color! wow!

    1. Gosh, NO KIDDING Deb, that little bird is one hot tamale and not to skittish either, LOVE, LOVE!!!

  3. Great pictures, I LOVE pelicans!
    And the color on that vermillion flycatcher is amazing.

  4. I LOVE them too, especially when they fly in great numbers!!

    I couldn't believe the color either, WOW WEEE!!

  5. such a grand day for your participation.

    that giant pod. looks like an alien insect of some sort. luckily for you, just a milkweed pod of the giant variety....

  6. That pod is marvelous, and the plant good eating for the monarch, never have I seen such a thing. A grand though windblown day for sure!!

  7. exceptional pictures, again !
    thank you <3

  8. Thank you Rae, I appreciate it!!