Thursday, February 21, 2013

Some Stuff

Well, I've said it before and I'm a firm believer.....a girl can never have enough turquoise.
Look out world, here I come!

Scroll the next pictures fast for the desired effect, I wish I knew how to make a flip book but when I tried to look into it they mentioned instagram and I lost interest.
Hum not that good ( the real thing is supa cool) BUT a little clue, I'm making rings, they may have something to do with small chirpers...

I had such a nice walk this morning, I drove by an old friend I had not seen in several years. I met him and his friends with my former business. I used to hike a lot with this senior and I must say, he doing *marvelous, I stopped and said, "get in let's go for a real walk" so we climbed some hills and enjoyed a good bit of catching up.

TTFN, xoxo Ro


  1. nope: never enough turquoise!!

    love the "flip book" of birds in flight!

    happy hiking!

    1. LOvE that particular blue kant geta nuff!

  2. Oh, Ro, those shoes are PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I'm totally intrigued by the birds in flight pictures--I think I see a hint of where you're going with that least, I see the wing motion....

    Seems like a good day to walk with a good friend--I'll bet he loved it!!!

    Happy Thursday--are you dancing in your turquoise treads??

    1. I thought you might like em, right in your wheel house :)

      Oh I know, the birds are marvelous only it didn't really work here, too bad.

      Oh I loved walking with my friend, Jerry, I got his number, he's an early riser too.

      boom shaka laka !!!!!!

  3. Replies
    1. I'm with Debbie! =)

      Happy trails xxx

    2. Yep, Carolyn, I wear a turquoise ring that Ro made instead of a diamond..heh heh!

    3. MY TRIBE!!, I have *no diamonds, not even on the soles of my shoes but I'm rich!

  4. Oh those are fantastic! Love the socks too :)
    Very cool flipbook! Rings with small chirpers sounds very cool too.

    1. Can you tell I really get into the sock thing :) arf, arf..

      Oh the flip is so cool only it didn't work so well here.

      Worked all day, lookin' so good!

  5. Yes, the flip-book is awesome! And it almost works on screen. I am looking forward to seeing the rings you're working on!

    1. Almost .....true....I gave it a try anyway...

      Thank you Shannon, hopefully tomorrow.


  6. Hi Ro,

    I'm with you....instagram? No thanks! I love picturing you holding that and taking all of those photos!

    And how right you are....a girl can NEVER have enough turquoise. Are you allowed to share the brand of those shoes/ sneaks? (If the company is reading, you may be compensated for your advertising!)

    How nice to catch up with your friend on a walk :-).

    Small chirpers? Count me in as intrigued! Am waiting with birdy breath!


  7. P.S. DJ, I like those socks too! I noticed them =)

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