Monday, February 11, 2013

Small Studies


 I've been quietly working away, taking a little time for myself, time away from the computer, sometimes I struggle with spending so much time at the keyboard, to be honest sometimes I just don't want to do it so I don't. I wonder if anybody else feels the same way. I don't have to tell you this but I'm just being honest since the computer never sleeps it's best just to ignore it and connect with real life activities sometimes.

 I feel good when I'm out with the daily commuters......

Oops he's taking a potty break.... excuse us.........look at his horn buds.

They are as curious about us as we are of them.

So I saw the deer then I sawed the deer. I've had this design in my head all along and wanted to find out just how it would look.

I dotted the small herd with American turquoise and I must say, I am very happy with the end result.

Staying with the linking, I've become fond of lately, I decided to make a linked pendant.

Flitty meadowlarks made their way alongside this pretty lapis heart.

When I walk, the meadowlarks lift out of the grass all at once, a heart stopping sound that feels like some kind of ambush.

These birds of a feather always seem to flock together, I usually don't see them til they come crashing out of the grass.

 While some of you were receiving the snow storm of the century we had a good bout of hail. Here it is chilling the feet of the California poppy, providing some excitement for us in the sun belt. More I say, more snow, more rain, more clouds.

Wishing all of you a delightful week ahead, thank you for visiting, xoxo Ro


  1. Smiling, smiling, SMILING at your herd and flock. Those deer (your models) crack me UP--must be teenagers, running with the group, peer pressure to grow antlers, please excuse the buds.

    Two lovely, lovely pieces, Ro--honoring these creatures...wouldn't be surprised if a wily old doe sneaks into your studio and makes off with one of these treasures to wear herself, or if she assigns the task of pilfering to a raven or raccoon...turquoise and lapis have a broad appeal, never know who's gonna turn up wearing it!!!

    Oh, those meadowlarks! I know what you mean.

    I like the way you unplug from the, too...miss too much if I'm always focused on a monitor somewhere...had a few new lessons this weekend, just skiing a trail I made through our slough and reading stories left behind in the snow, much better than anything on Facebook.

    Happy Monday....

    1. Don't you know it Caroline, couldn't have said it better. I'm glad you were out communing.

      Oh my gosh between the quail and those meadowlarks, it's hard to keep your footing sometimes, a real heart thumper! :)

      Thank you on the jewelry, it all turned out so satisfyingly delicious...

      Happy Monday to you!!

  2. Beautiful work- the deer and the meadowlark both! Your sketch is very impressive too.

    And your deer photos cracked me up :) esp the poor guy caught in his bathroom break hehe

    1. Ha haa I thought it would add a touch of humor, too funny, the look on his face :)

      Thank you !!

  3. "So I saw the deer then I sawed the deer." Hehe...this made me laugh out loud! Two absolutely lovely pieces, Ro. I love this idea of 'small studies.' I love to miniaturize everything, so this aesthetic appeals to me enormously! And, of course, multiple pieces of silvered turquoise: what more could a girl want!

    I don't have other people waiting out in the ether for me so it's easy for me to turn my computer off. And when I have to type up my illegible scrawl, I disconnect the internet so I don't get Etsystracted! =)


  4. Ha, thats what I was thinking when I sawed those tiny ears, skinny legs.. :)

    "Etsystracted" it's a syndrome, you know it :)

    Your writing is purdy btw..

  5. Your jewelry and pictures are as lovely as ever....Heidi

    1. HI HEIDI!!! Thank you, I need to visit you!!

  6. What gorgeous pieces. Both of them.
    I just watched ten deer go by from our front window.
    They are getting big from all the new growth.
    All those meadowlark! You live in such a rich place.
    Rich in the right things

  7. Thank you Julie, I know what you mean, the deer population is getting rather large and they don't seem to mind me one bit.

    The meadowlarks were beautiful this day, circling and circling, their wings catching the light.

    The important things :)


  8. i hear ya'....the computer....but the irony is, that's how we tend to "connect" to one another. my best connection is with my beloved outdoors. so i disconnect to reconnect with what feeds my soul.

    had to laugh at your photo of the deer's potty break. on saturday, while out snowshoe'ing, i was shooting what i thought was a great capture of my birch tree....and there, just beyond, was pinto taking a potty break. oops! delete *that* one....!

  9. Wow, gorgeous, all of oh wow!