Monday, February 18, 2013

Fog Lover

I do, I love the fog and you might wonder why. Since we are prone to a great deal of sun here the fog is a welcome break. I like the way the long view is obscured bringing the short view up close. I like the monochromatic colors of the day. It's very dramatic, walking in a black and white photo, sound is amplified, I wish you could have heard the cooing of these doves, a mega coo, "good morning!"

A pretty silhouette of a small launching hawk.....

and dove against a silvery sky.

it wont be empty for long...

This ceanothus is already in full bloom.

like walking into a cloud

 pretty little things

I've been studying foliage as I seem to do each year at this time, the shapes of leaves. Our currants are all in full bloom right now.

An absolute beauty but don't touch if your prone to poison oak.

Look how far along the willows are. I love the short view as most jewelers tend to appreciate I suppose, perhaps we are just trained to enjoy all the small and intimate details.

I have been keeping an eye on "the" nest, last year the owls took over and I'm wondering just *who will win this year. I noticed this morning the hawk making dibs, secretly I'm rooting for the owls even if they were the interlopers. Ah such drama, even in nature, I'll keep you posted....

I'm starting the week working on earrings, I want to make a few pair. Funny, the ebb and flow of work, sometimes I just don't want to make earrings, I will be infatuated with something else, rings or bracelets but lately, I'm *feeling the earrings these are inspired by the new verbena leaves in my garden.

 I love the fresh, young, toothy little leaves of verbena bonariensis , I step over them in the path on my way out to the studio. Everything wants to grow in the path so I pause often to pull out the wandering starts but I leave the verbena for a while and copy the leaves. If you're planning your spring garden you might just want to consider this interesting lanky plant, it's an absolute butterfly magnet and here it is a generous self seeder.

Wishing you good work, a good week!
 xoxo Ro


  1. There's SO much magic in that fog...and in your stunning earrings. (My ears tingled when I saw them.)

    The sky is blanketed in white today, with a teeny break for the sun to peak through. The neighbor's dog is barking (isn't he always), I have three thick notebooks to transcribe and some wings to finish. Frankly, I'd rather crawl back into bed and dream of weeping spiderwebs and enchanted fog!


    1. A wonderful thick overcast today, obese gray clouds, it's gonna be a good one!

      Oh I know just how you felt, I hope you got in there and tackled it, sometimes starting is the hardest part, or you coulda just gone for a walk, it always bring clarity.

      Thank you for the earring love :)


  2. Enchanting pictures... love the little spiderweb and all the bird activity and plants waking from winter slumber. Funny, I was very aware of bird activity
    here this weekend as well (sw Oklahoma). The pelicans were even on the lake behind our Prairie Hill. I hope to go back this evening with my camera and binoculars. :) I also saw my first prairie verbena and two other blooms peeking to see if it's spring yet. :)

    Happy, beautiful week to you.

    1. Oh it sounds just lovely Sandra, I hope you went out for a look see..

      Happy early, early spring to you!

  3. And oh my goodness - the earrings are exquisite! Absolutely gorgeous!!

  4. Oh fantastic pictures, I love fog! (except for when I have to drive in it :)
    Those earrings are gorgeous! The stones are lovely and your leaves are beautiful.
    Love the hawk photo, I'm curious who will win too!

  5. I know, it's dangerous for zooming, but such perfect weather for a walk.

    Thank you, I made one more pair yesterday, I"m having fun with these.

    I'm very curious who will inhabit the nest this year, it was such a treat to see the owls during the daylight last year, I'll keep you posted :)

  6. I am envious that spring is already well underway in your neck of the woods. It will be months before I start to see new growth around here. But I,too, love the fog. We don't get much of it on this side of the Island, when we do it makes for some dramatic landscapes. Enjoy a good work week!!!

  7. Thank you Shannon I'm hoping for more winter, I'll take all the winter I can get since ours is always so flimsy!