Thursday, February 14, 2013

Flew the Coop

We spent most of the day yesterday in the high desert looking for bald eagles that winter at a lake/reservoir tucked in the manzanita and desert scrub. This is a good time of year for the hight desert, with a little air conditioning compliments of mother nature.

We thought we would drive down into the lake and have lunch, take a look around but the lake was closed due to state budget cuts so we looked for a way to bushwhack down to the shore instead.

We kept our eyes peeled for eagles in the tall snags, on the power poles and we did see exactly (1) about a quarter mile away in the full sun, it could have been any bird of prey.

I liked this shot of the jay on the bare bones of the burned manzanita, blue bird, blue sky.

I had my lunch with the ruddy ducks, a nice quiet variety, rather quack free, every once in a while they would all lift up and run on the lake top, then settle back down for a nice bob, not really too exciting.

When I came back home, a friend stopped by and I told him about our day, which was rather sweet but somewhat disappointing. "Not every day can be Christmas" he wisely replied.

No, but it could be Valentines Day........I hope yours is sweet no matter what you end up doing.

xoxo Ro


  1. Your friend IS wise---and did anyone tell the birds the lake is CLOSED because of budget cuts??

    The lake is CLOSED. Hmmmmm....and so what do the fish and dragonfly larvae do, hmmmmm??? Pack up and head to Nevada? Governments crack me up when they "close" Nature. :-)

    I like the blue-on-blue, too, and ruddy ducks are a hoot! I see your heron friend tagged along--they know you now...all the azure hues in this post make for a lovely Valentine's Day greeting--sending hugs back to YOU!!

  2. happy valentine's day to you.
    <3, rae.

  3. Happy, happy Valentine's Day, dear Ro!


  4. Happy Valentines Day to you too, Ro!

    My gift to everyone is the gift of laughter... Here's a video showing the "interesting" way that Ruddy Ducks go about trying to attract a mate:

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  6. HAPPY Valentines day to you sweet Ro and your wonderful hubby.
    I'm glad you two got away for a great day of bird watching...even if the lake was cloed. Hahahah Carolyn...that was a good one...pack up and go to Nevada! Lol!

  7. love the photo on the duckpond beach.