Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Cibola Refuge is situated on the California, Arizona border on the Colorado River.

What does Cibola mean? 
*We walked beneath towering golden cottonwoods...

and fluffy willows

Canada and snow geese, a variety of ducks.

We were very grateful to meet these snowbirds from Canada, our new bff's and the only other people on the refuge. They were very knowledgeable, this is a yearly trip for them and I think they were bowled over by my obvious enthusiasm :)


osprey with fish

american kestrel

tiny burrowing owls!!!!

I would have never even seen them in their man made houses if it had not ben for our new bff's

Sandhill Cranes


Oh look at this Montana agate, it looks like the birds decending, ascending the pond!! It's over here..

Thank you for flapping along today, xoxox cROw


  1. Ohhhhh! Verrrry nice! And with Valentine's Day just around the corner. I love how you see the birds in the Montana agate. I love how you see beauty all around you!

    I really like your clever clasp too :).

    Have a great day as you flap, flap, flap along today!


  2. Those little owls!!! They are so cute!
    And your necklace is beautiful, love that Montana agate.

  3. Wow...beautiful! Happy Tuesday Ro! xx

  4. OhMyGosh! Too!


    Gorgeous work Ro.

  5. Oh Ro, the highs and lows of reading your blog....I am a crazy bird lover also and I would have been "loonie" over the birds that you saw too. So exciting to see birds you have only read about in bird books! Those owls are the cutest!

    I was feeling great, flying high, loving the bird shots and the absolutely beautiful heart necklace! ( I have always admired your heart stones ) I zipped on over to the shop to find that it's sold. (Lucky someone!) Someday I will be the lucky one....


  6. Oh, I'm grinning again all over for you!!!! I should go to this refuge in January--would tide me over for the birds I miss through the winter!!

    And the sounds--didn't you just love the sounds??? And not just the honks and calls of the geese, but the wingbeats?? The conversations among the cranes? Ohboyohboyohboy, this is incredible!!!

    And burrowing owls--wow!!! THOSE are irresistible!!!!

    When are you going back?? I'm not a "serious" birder with a life list, but don't you think a tour of wildlife refuges would be absolutely awesome??????

  7. YES!! Yes! More bird photos! I can't get enough!

    So glad you found some experienced and friendly folks to show you around. If I was jealous before of your Snow Goose and Sandhill Crane sightings, you just put me over the top with those Burrowing Owls. Man, I have wanted to see those adorable little owls for soooooo long. Really happy that you had this experience, Ro!

    HA! That plane is TOTALLY trying to pass for a Snow Goose. No dice... nowhere near graceful enough. And noisy too, but not in a good honky-honk goose kinda' way.

    Extra special bonus points to you for catching that kestrel in-flight -- not easy to do with those colorful little speed demons! Oh, and of course your heart is lovely (but, all us gals already knew that about you).

  8. oh, my. the sandhill cranes. that is *exactly* how they appear in the fields up here....

    and those tiny owlettes. i wish to see one that tiny....someday....

  9. I just caught up on all the posts, pics and comments since December, and I loved them all, of course.

    I really love the new bracelet Ro!! and the birds !!

    So happy to be back! (eye surgery right before Christmas), FINALLY getting back to my routine, which I love :)

  10. Thank you all for reading and following, I enjoyed each and every comment, I'm not being snooty just busy.

    I love you all, xoxoxoxoxoxooxxo Ro