Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Moonrise and Jupiter

Did anyone see the moon and Jupiter last night? Let me tell you it was stunning, Jupiter played tag with the moon all night. Viewers in South America actually were able to see the moon cross in front of the planet. I took a break and made this piece for etsy yesterday. An amethyst sage agate that looks just like the big winter moon rising.....but wait, there's more.......

The piece is encouraged to flip revealing a shiny, silver, slivered moon, it can be waxing or waning, you choose, Jupiter is above.

Pretty simple, simply pretty :)

I added a wishing star to the jump ring suspending the moon it's over here if you want more info.

Thank you for visiting and I must say I enjoyed the last post immensely, thank you for sharing!

xo Ro


  1. Oooooh, baby! THIS piece is speaking to me. I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish (on that wishing star) that I had more green stuff in my bank account! lol

    P.S. Missed the moon and Jupiter last night =(

    1. I'm SO with you Lisa. Saving for a trip home and it's about killing me! =)

  2. He hee, Jimminy! the best thing to wish on :)

    Bundle up and go out tonight if you have clear skies. The moon looks like it's wearing jewelry, at least in the Western sky.


  3. I saw the moon with Jupiter by it's side!

    When we went for our dog walk last night it was snowing hard. My husband commented that every time there is a night sky event it's overcast....but living in a place where the snow bands move north and south with the winds. We lucked out. By the time we headed home the skies were clear.
    I agree, it was stunning.

    Your necklace is also stunning.
    : )

  4. Oh GOOD, I'm glad you saw it, WOWEEE! It sounds like a magical walk, shimmering snow too.

    Thank you, it was fun to dream up :)

  5. Oh, boo. I missed it (Jupiter the planet and Jupiter the pendant)!! A real beauty, Ro. I just love pendants that have another part of the story on the flip side. Real stunner of a stone!

    Happy Tuesday! Coffee and catch up with a friend today, so getting all my house stuff done beforehand so it feels even more of a treat! =)


  6. ~ Pretty simple, simply pretty :) ~

    That's the best kind of art to make!!! :-) Love this stone AND the design, and the wishing star just makes this all the more wonderful. We had clouds last night, maybe tonight, but I'll be checking for our sweet moon friend.

    And, Lisa, you're RIGHT--wishing on this moon-star-planet dance in the sky!!

    So much fun to watch you follow your heart into the night, Ro....

  7. Wow, that's a beauty!
    I love when there's something on the other side of pendants, you don't mind when they flip around.
    It's been so cold I don't really linger outside, but I'll have to put on some layers and look tonight.

  8. I'm with, DJ... I think it's way cool to have a special surprise waiting on the other side of pendants too.

    For some reason that just reminded me of this mug my grandma always use to serve me Cafe Ole or hot chocolate in when I visited her... not only did I get the yummy liquid treat, but at the bottom of the otherwise plain mug was a little ceramic green frog! Oh, how I loved to get to the last few sips and see its googly eyes staring up at me. :-)

    Thank you for such nice views of your planetary masterpiece, Ro. I missed the real thing last night, but will be sure to walk outside tonight and see if I can catch a glimpse.


  9. dang. my heart about dropped when i saw that pendant: she's a beaut.

  10. Thank you SO much everybody, I hope you were able to see those heavenly bodies. I had a blast with this!!