Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lonesome Roads

 I thought you might enjoy my weekend views traveling some lonesome desert roads..

 and one horse mule towns.

The rarity of rain and clouds....

really spruces things up in a delightful way. The smell of the wet creosote bushes is rather chemical and it took us a bit to figure out just what it was.

Hum a few bars and I'll fake it.

I love abandoned buildings, I don't know why, I like to go inside like a spy and try and figure out their mysteries. I like to try and recreate in my mind what they must have been like bustling with activity in a more prosperous time.

 I went in here to ask for directions and nearly scared the lady proprietor to death as she hung on to her cell phone. A more appropriate name for the business could not be had, face it we all operate on "hope".

farm casita

We had to cross this bridge to advance over the Colorado River....

I always hold my breath.

Thank you for riding shot gun!

Wow it's almost February, where does the time go?

xoxo Ro


  1. Love the pictures! Reminds me of some Wyoming towns! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great photos, those are some really small towns!
    I think that bridge sign would make me a little nervous :)

  3. You have a *Mahvelous* eye darlin'
    great pictures lonesome RoDove

  4. Now that's my kinda drive...we always hit the lonesome roads for sightseeing...your shots are a picture perfect story!

  5. love that you know colour and humour when you see 'em....

  6. thanks for taking us along!
    i, too, love investigating abandon structures, whatever they are. even used furniture . . . i remember buying a old, old dining table once and sitting around it with friends, wondering what conversations might have happened at it, what decisions were made . . . so much fun.

  7. Lonesome roads to ghost towns and ghastly built bridges. Love the pictures!