Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's True

 It started out to be a morning just like the next but I'll tell you one thing, you could walk the same trail every day of the year and two days will never be alike and one thing I really enjoy about walking along with the rhythm, the clarity it offerers my mind, or sometimes I just daydream, design jewelry, plan my day or if I have a problem I find this is a good time to try and work it out.

 I always go with my pal Jo who is an excellent companion, she walks quietly buy my side and instead of snuffling all the time she has learned to lift her head and and inspect the hills as I do especially when our walk comes to a halt and I raise my camera. Sometimes when I'm taking pictures of plants she can become bored, then she looks for rodent holes to inhale. Don't you ever wonder just what they smell like, a gopher, a rat, once I saw the snake that ate the rodent peering out of the hole, I never step on them anymore, just like those cracks you avoided as a kid walking to school, I'm not stepping on holesSSSsssssssss if I can help it.

So I watched some deer as I often do, I liked the way they were going through the opening in the scrub, like a gateway. The baby was curious about us.

Then the blue jay flew into the scene and I couldn't believe it landed right on the deer and the deer never even budged.

There it stood on the deers behind, WHAT, I've never seen that before. Well maybe one of those birds in Africa on a rhino or an egret on a cow but I've never seen this symbiotic relationship before.
*and the baby just kept staring at me :)

Then the jay flitted up to the deers ear and the deer stood like a deer statue, it never shook it's head or flicked it's ear...
* and the baby was still amazed by us!

I watched it flit all over those deer and they seemed to like it.
* If I was that baby deer and I was with my dad he would tell me to stop gawking...

Then they all turned and quietly srode away and we did too and I was jealous about two things. 
1. I wanted to ride that deer. 

2. I think I'd like to walk around with a live blue jay hat, wouldn't you?

xo from the trail, Ro and Jo


  1. Aw, Banjo. Look at your sunlit coppery gold tresses! Beautiful lady.

    " tell me to stop gawking..." Hahaha. (Mine, too.) Cutest little baby. What a lovely moment for you.

    Blue Jay hat. Very fetching. I'm trying to decide whether I would go 80's Solid Gold Hits Peacock...or the more austere Victorian Raven. Ah. Who am I kidding. Raven (but only if I'm not wearing any shiny dangly bits)!


    1. I think we need to form a society like those women that wear the red hats only ours will be the edgy, wacko bird hat society. My jay could mimic your raven and we'd all have to be carful about our shiny jewelry. You may need a neck brace though!

      "80's solid gold peacock" ha haaaaa!!!


    2. caw...caw...shiny things, caw caw!

    3. Bahaha!

      Okay, it's official: Ladies of the Wacko Bird Hat Society

      (We should probably limit the mimics to one, though, so perhaps no lyre birds...

    4. You need to decide, what about a bower bird hat? That would also be weighty but interesting.........ART!

      L.O.T.W.B.H.S. not the best acronym :)

    5. Aw, a bird after my own heart. Just watched an Attenborough clip of one decorating it's wee home. Darling! (I imagine it could make something rather fetching with my hair--ha!)

      Maybe I'll do a 180 and go flamingo! =D

      (Hm. Yes. Name might need a bit of work.)

  2. I had no idea that jays would do something like that. Did it appear to pick any insects from the deer? Getting that captured on film is such an amazing catch!

    As for a jay "hat", the most exotic I'd had was waking up wearing a cat "hat" ;)

  3. Me either, I've never even heard of that but I didn't see it picking off ticks though the link at the bottom of the post states that they do. i n t e r e s t i n g !

    A cat hat could be a problem :)

  4. This is too cool, Ro--an observant woman in the right place at the right time--wow!!!! That must have been so wonderful to watch--and maybe he's not a random jay; maybe he's a guardian jay or a godparent jay or a jay with identity issues--deer envy. :-)

    Seriously, you're so RIGHT--that's why walking the same trail every day yields such amazing opportunities and moments--never the same day twice!!!

    Your little "gawker" cracks me up--looking for a playmate with Banjo?? Wanting a camera of his own? Thinking about life on two legs instead of four?

    Too, too marvelous, that's for certain!!!!!! Thanks for telling and showing your story....

    And a blue jay hat would be fun, but I think I'd choose a chickadee or goldfinch...or redpoll. We have all those species hopping around our birdfeeders right now--they can handle the prairie winters and they're cheerful about it!!

    1. Heheeee! I like your b.o.c. (birds of choice) with those small songbirds you could have a trio!! Tweet, tweet, twidilly didilly deeet!

      That gwaker!! TOO cute!

  5. "if i was that baby deer and i was with my dad he would tell me to stop gawking..." HAHha! so true.

    sweet capture of banjo-fur....

    1. My dad had some good ones that's for dang sure!

      Oh, Jo, I love her so. ( my Jo song)

  6. WOWeeee, that is a first for me too! I've NEVER seen a bird ever land on a deer and dance TOO. What a sweet tweet of a deal.
    Lucky bluebird and lucky Robird and Jobird for stumbling across that amazing photo op.
    and sweet JO...what a wonderful companion she is.
    I just want to scratch her cute head, right between her lovely soft ears.
    heart you
    and heart YOU!

  7. I heart you back Deb Dove, you will wear a dove hat to our bunko party.

    NOW somebody will need to teach us bunko..... I think that's what the red hat ladies do, I'm not quite sure......a secret sect :) :)

  8. Hello Ro, and other lovely ladies!

    Gosh, I've been gone way too long again... But, it's a new year and I'm hoping it'll be OK if I just blend right back into the gang here at "along the trail". (I haven't really been gone, BTW... I have been reading along this whole time and enjoying the heck out of your posts. I've just been quiet. Very quiet. It's like the cat's had my tongue for the past 6 months or so.)

    I was supremely excited to see this post -- for many years, I had watched and photographed the scrub jay in the canyon landing on the deer and (yes!) picking them over for tasty insects. No one I talked to about this had ever seen it before though and I'm pleased as can be that now you too have seen this incredibly wonderful thing! Yay!

    Oh, and I would very much like to join your society and call dibs on the California Quail -- I simply must have that awesome doohickey feather on top of its head to put on top of MY head!


    1. Haha..."doohickey feather" that! =)

    2. Blend away, good to hear from you Harsi. I had never obviously seen this before, SO cute!

      Oh I like your party hat, ca caw caw! I said hello to the quail for you this morning, they were out tapping and clucking after the rain, loverly.


    3. Well, Ash... as a really nerdy birdwatcher who is currently enrolled in Seattle Audubon's Master Birder Program, I should probably have stated that those feathers on the quail are technically known as "head plumes" and though it looks like just one comical feather, it's actually a cluster of 6 individual feathers. But, what the hey, "doohickey feather" is waaaaay more fun to say. :-)

      In all sincerity, thank you for saying hello to the quail for me, Ro. That is easily the greatest thing anyone will probably do for me today. I miss their soft sputtering noises and company along the trail more than I can say some days. Glad you've been getting so much of the wet stuff too!

  9. What GREAT entertainment you all are!

    * Cat hat! Hah...have worn one of those too in the past. Toasty :)
    * Gawker....*love* that thought and image
    * Remarkable photos, Ro!! Holy schnikey!!
    * Deb, "sweet tweet of a deal"!! HA!
    * Dear Jo, you make me want to smush my nose into the soft stuff right behind your ear
    * HAAAAAARSI! Where have you been??!! Yay!! Stick around, okay? And you will look sweet with your doohickey btw

    * Lastly, I will ring in the new year in black & white style, wearing the chapeau (albeit boring) of the magpie. (Why? Because they like shiny things!!)

    1. LIIIISA! I have no great excuses as to where I've been, but will do my best to stick around and can only say that I'm dreadfully sorry for my prolonged absence and silence.

      Magpie would be just perfect for you, my love! Oh, but they're aren't boring at all... sure most of their feathers are black-and-white, but the Black-billed Magpie in the right lighting is a riot of iridescent magnificence:
      Which, as I said, is perfect for you. Unassuming at first glance, but just waiting to blow your mind with something special! :-)


    2. Oh Lisa I think a magpie cap would be stunning, you could wear your black boots!

      Jo loves you back, smoosh!!


      Thanks for the link Harsi!

  10. I really love this trail much better than trash talk.
    hee heee
    Hey HARSI, you make sure that cat doesn't get your tongue again! We love you in all your "nerdiness"...hah hah, because we are birds of a feather ya know!

  11. Deb!! Aw, thanks for the warm welcome back! I'm so glad that you love me in all my nerdiness because I haven't figured out any other way to be yet. :-)

    Ro certainly has accumulated a wonderful flock of gals here and I have sorely missed all the trail talk.


  12. I love it when you squawk amongst yourselves!! (big smile)

  13. Harsi!!! Nice to have you back, among the birds...and I think magpies are quite charming.


    And quite distinguished in their appearance.

    Debbie and Lisa, you make me LAUGH!!!

    By the way, I practically had chickadees and redpolls landing on me today when I was filling a feeder at the Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge--cracked me UP!! I only hope they're still that bold when 17 first graders arrive to see them Wednesday--I'll work on getting photos--of the kids AND the birds. :-)

  14. Great link, Harsi! And I think the poet in you was coming put with "riot of iridescent magnificence.". If you're not already writing poetry, I think you should! Now that you've started with all that flattery, you MUST stick around. Lol.

    Ro, I still can't get over those "labradorite" feathers you found. So beautiful and special. Like you. Maybe they found YOU!

    Yes, of the kids and birds.....awesome! :-)