Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Good Boy Churro

I'm  headed to Arizona to shop for stones, see ya in a couple days!

xoxo Ro & Churro


  1. Oh, Churro....my, how you've grown!!!!! Have you been reading "Alice in Wonderland"?????

    Have fun--hope that pack comes home loaded with stones!!!!!!!

    1. P.S. Ro, the new banner provides an awesome view from the trail. :-) Hello, deer!!

  2. Happy trails, Ro-bird! I know you'll meet some interesting folks too :).

    (Caroline, your sense of humor really tickles my funny bone!)

    Love you!

  3. Happy and successful journey, boy:-)

  4. Lucky you! I would love to attend the Tucson show, but will have to do with the "smaller" ones over here in Europe for the time being! Happy travels! Have fun shopping!

  5. Have fun! See you when you get back! Xo

  6. Late to the party again, but wanted to wish Ro happy rock hunting too! I have no doubts that your keen eye will reward us all with some beautiful finds.

    In response to comments from a few days ago...

    Lisa, I do make an effort to write poetry, though I'm rarely satisfied with the results. It's hard to be happy with my small efforts when I have writing idols like Mary Oliver and Joni Mitchell. :-)

    Caroline, a big hello back at you! I hope that the co-mingling of birds and 1st graders went well today. I too would love to see photos if you managed to get a few good ones. Redpoll are still on my list of birds I've yet to see... Supposedly, there have been multiple reports in my area of a few hanging out in the very large Pine Siskin flocks we've been getting. I've been diligently searching for a little splash of red amongst the browns and yellows, but so far, no luck.

  7. hope you brought back sacks and bundles of really wonderful eye-popping stones.