Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fun/Funny Birding and Stuff

One of the Christmas treats we received this year on our trip was the company of Great Blue Herons, I've never seen so many or maybe it was the same few flying up and down the waterways. These birds are so big they would be hard to miss, this one is trying it's best at blending still with the trees so bare it looks more like low hanging fruit.

They are flitty and frightened and most of the time we would notice them as they lifted over us to flee.
I went out early to see if I could find one to observe. This is the one I saw in the tree which took refuge in the I followed it.....

It's tactic to shake free of me made me laugh as I quietly and slowly moved in for a closer look it would hunker down, folding up those long legs and try to hide, sometimes it would disappear completely then come back up to see if I was gone, up periscope!
*note it's head sticking up

If I got too close it would let out a great honking scream that scared me to death the fist time I heard it.

*click the link above, scroll down and listen, I learned their sound is similar to a goose but boy when it's frightened you will know it! Note the open beak.

I think it was getting used to me and I got pretty close, oh boy look at those feathers, barred and iridescent, what a silly beautiful thing!

SqUawWWWk !

Beautiful in flight, long legs folded back, rudder-like


I observed more of them at our camp higher up, note the blue wings in the center looking back over the Owens River hiking up the slope.

We may have missed the petroglyph up there but look what I found hiking around, labrodorite like! The best gift yet!

I went and saw The Life of Pi last night and I was surprised that it was in 3D. I haven't experienced a 3D movie in years, they used to make me dizzy but I have to say it was a fun experience. The film had a few problems for me but the water scenes were absolutely stunning, well worth taking the time to see. On the way out I spotted some monkeys....look how big they've grown! New monkeys in 2013, bigger and more mischievous perhaps, good for practical jokes, put one in the bosses file cabinet!

I have a million things to do, SO MUCH catching up, I'm sure you can all say the same.

Have a great day everybody! xoxo Ro


  1. Love herons...they fly here too, I think when they get lost. Happy belated 2013! Wishing you a beautiful new year! xx

    1. They like to fish in peoples backyard ponds, easy pickins!

      Best wishes to you and your family Mona, in the coming year.


  2. the closest thing to a heron i've seen in my travels up here in the last frontier is a sandhill crane. they are almost impossible to capture in a photo shoot.

    love those labradorite feathers!

    1. The Sandhill is on my bucket list, I'd like to spend some time with them, they are so iconic and beautiful.

      This is not the time of year to find feathers so I was extra stunned.

  3. Totally.

    Oh boy, what a gift!!! Herons in December!!!!! :-) One of the benefits of a warmer climate...and feathers--oh my!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't found any yet....maybe someday. I'm so glad you spent some time with them--they are such characters!!!!

    Hoping to see "Life of Pi" at our little theatre here this weekend--looking forward to it--except we don't have cool monkeys to adopt. :-) So are you holding a naming contest for her??? I vote for Saffron. She looks a little spicier than a Buttercup, but then I don't know much about her personality yet...

    ...Unless "she" is a "he," in which case I'll offer Bullion or Ray (of sunshine).

    Tansy sounds feminine; Sneezeweed is rather rude; Goldenrod is a possibility....

    Enough monkeying around for me--have fun catching up and getting started on 2013!!!! With those heron feathers, you're starting the New Year in fine form....

    1. Saffron is a winner. (Although I am partial to Sneezeweed, as one of my characters can attest!) =)

    2. Caroline maybe all your herons were there, holy cow, they were everywhere and yes they are comical!

      I was so excited when I found those feathers SO EXCITED!

      Oh GOOD I'm happy you will be seeing it, I know you will love it, I can be knit picky about movies, most of the film was truly amazing, we spent a lot of time wondering how they shot certain scenes, oh gosh the TIGER!

      HAAAA HAAA You should get paid for good names, I sent her of to uncharted destinations she will have a new handler that might choose Saffron, it's excellent! SNEEZEWEED haaa you crack me up!!

      I'm getting there, I think by the end of today I may be caught up and THAT will be a relief!

      Tansy, Marigold, Tangerine, Grey Pupon!

  4. I love when a part of my morning is spent 'with' you.

    I've never seen a blue heron in real life. How awesome. They're huge! (Hence the 'great' part, no doubt.) Love that you captured the iconic pose, too. Beautiful. And those elegant shimmering feathers.

    Writing out birthday cards and letters today. A bulk of our birthdays are in Dec and Jan so am getting to the second half, four of which, from 29 to 59, are ten years apart, ALL this month! (Hubs said he's getting old. I just comforted him and said, "Don't worry, honey. I was planning on trading you in in another year or so, anyway.")

    Happy January, Ro!


    1. Hi Ash,

      They are so big, so great it's really startling having them crashing around, it was fun stalking them :)

      I was packing and sending writing yesterday too, it all seems to happen at once. Oh now, I plan to get old right alongside Eric and watch out it could happen to you two!

      January, clean slate, blank white sheet, feelin good!

  5. What a great read, Ro! The sequence with the herons brought me back to November when I got to hold one in my arms (in the B.). I'll never forget how that felt, those precious moments. I'd rather see them in the air, as you did.

    And Life of Pi was fantastic. I even shed a tear, silly me.

    Have a wonderful New Year--with more great experiences and beautiful creations.

    1. WOW really Dawn you held one? In the "B" ???? splain?

      I cried too more than one time, we are human, face it :)

      Happy New Year Dawn, wishing you great inspiration as well!

  6. Really wonderful shots.
    Wishing you the best 2013

    1. Thank you Nicole, we had a wonderful trip.

      Happy New Year to you and yours!

  7. Gorgeous heron pics! You always have your camera at the right time! Those feathers are amazing, so beautiful.
    I like your new monkey too :)
    And I vote for Saffron hehe!

  8. Well, I was hunting as I often am DJ and I'm still laughing about your heron story, so cute!

    Wow the color and sheen on the feathers is amazing, very labradorite!

    Bigger monkeys = more monkey business, I like Saffron too, no mellow yellow here :)

  9. What great photos you got! You did a great job. I love herons, and especially the Great Blue Herons. They are a treat to see, and I especially love to see one in flight....great profile!

    Everything is super-sized these days...even the monkeys!!!

    xxxooo and happy weekend

  10. So that's where all our herons went! nice photos and account of your heron chasing.