Sunday, January 27, 2013

Flapping Away

I've been busy swinging a one pound hammer, sawing, sanding, soldering and all the rest, I built a silver nest and added some pretty eggs in a variety of hues.

Yesterday I drove back to the refuge in Arizona with one on my girlfriends to see it in the rain and it did not disappoint. We had an absolutely perfect though LONG day. I knew she would love it and secretly we were hoping to get stuck in the mud so we could see of we could survive the night on a bag of tangerines and a chicken sandwich, a Starbucks, two bottles of water, as you can see we were okay on provisions but how much fun it would be to wake up there with the birds.

The ducks were really yucking it up in the pond, it made us laugh too, everything would go quiet then a group would burst out HAhaquackquack quack, a real knee slapper then quiet again then another group over there would do the same thing in a different was contagious ...

We did not get stuck but noticed a lot of raccoon activity.

Such beauty, so many things to do in a life, today my wings are tired but my heart is full.
I added my new cuffs to my etsy shop.

Happy day all! xo Robird


  1. You're such an adventurous spirit! I think I would choose you as a hiking companion if I had to get stuck in the wilderness. ;)

    BTW--great bracelets.

  2. Ha haa a good way to take an extended vacation!

    Thank you about the bracelets too!

  3. Sounds like so much fun! I need to find a refuge around here to visit.
    Your cuffs are beautiful and that last picture--GORGEOUS!

    1. I bet there is one DJ, look and see.

      Thank you.

      Everything is better with clouds!!

  4. I was thinking about you gals, taking a detour from the trail, to the beautiful sanctuary of water and bird. How fun, I BET you were tired! First you sanded, sanded some more...filed and sanded...then soldered like crazy!*
    THEN a looooong way to drive. I bet your bet felt GOOD last night!
    *Ahh, I love a GOOD CUFF!! hee heee

  5. Don't you know it! It was good to be off the road and I woke up early to finish the cuffs.

    busy, busy!!

    I love a good cuff myself, the bracelet kind :) xoxoo

  6. that duck mud party: had to have been a sight to see and a quack to hear.

    the last photo: so unreal. amazing.

    1. I tell you it was contagious, we started laughing too even though they were probably telling jokes about us :)

      Oh that sky!!

  7. I think that is the best thing I've heard in a long while...
    " wings are tired but my heart is full..."
    I just love that long thin oval stone bracelet.
    Poetry too.
    All these images...

  8. These bracelets have such a timeless beauty. I've been eying them for ages.

    1. My cuffs are my jewelry staples Dawn, I always have them on.

      Thank you!

  9. "Such beauty, so many things to do in a life, today my wings are tired but my heart is full."

    THIS might be the quote to inspire my year!!

    Oh, I'm so thrilled for you--what a glorious way to spend the day, in the mud even--you're right, you see stories getting written that way, tracks everywhere. It WOULD have been awesome to stay!!

    The birds look like they were happy to see you both--performing for you like that...the final picture IS awesome!!

    Oh, what a January celebration!!!!!!

    1. P.S. The cuff collection is incredible!!! All that work, those details, those stones!!! I bet they jingle-jangle together so gracefully....

    2. Oh well you know it's so true!

      Oh the birds were glorious against that sky and those beautiful landscapes, be still my heart!!

      Aww thanks, love the jangle of cuffs, always did!

  10. a bevy of still my fluttering heart!!