Friday, January 18, 2013


although it was
as level
as anything
could be

it seemed
a thousand
black mirrors
were trying

to hold me;
I imagine
it was just part
of a swamp's

and general
why else

would I have enjoyed
so much
so deeply

into the mud,
what beautiful baskets
someone could make

from the rushes,
why else
would a bird
rise up

at just that moment
white and shining,
lover of swamps
with feathers like floss,

though long-necked
and long winged,
like a basket
of flowers?

Grassy Pond, Which Really is a Swamp 
by Mary Oliver

Have a wonderfilled weekend all, wind beneath your wings!
xo Ro


  1. Beautiful poem and photos...happy weekend to you as well...xo

  2. i love how you are able to pair your pics with the perfect poems. thanks for taking the time to share.
    wishing you a "wonderfilled" weekend also. rae.

    1. Thank you Rae, I hope you're feeling better!


  3. Happy weekend, Ro. Beautiful photos and poem!

    Off to the lybree...I do not know nearly enough about faeries, yet. (I suppose I should probably do something about the food situation while I'm out and about, too. We have cheese. And stale Oreos. Yum. Breakfast of champions.)


    1. Thank you Ash.... faerie research, that makes me laugh.

      Our kitchen can get in that same condition, good thing for fruit trees!!


  4. Breathtaking photos, Ro--I've only seen the occasional solitary egret. Oh my. These photos and Mary's images are the perfect introduction to a weekend...enjoy the wonders that come your way, as well!

  5. I've never seen such a consortium of egrets either usually just one, SPECTACULAR!

    Hope you're having a good weekend too!!

  6. Prancing, long-legged, white, water birds -- how good it is to see you! Such an abundance of herons/egrets in California. Here on the Island we really on see Great Blues... I miss these guys and the Snowies. I don't think I'd ever read that poem before -- thank you!! Hard to imagine a better gift than being exposed to some new words from Mary???! But, your photos do just that, make a good thing even better. I can't get over the amazing contrast of the white egrets against that background of sumptuous color in the 2nd shot! I saved the image as wallpaper on my laptop so I can keep looking at it. *grin*

    Wishing you a weekend of creativity and joy. (Belated sympathies to Jo for her allergies, and to you for having to resort to the cone to keep her from damaging herself.)

  7. Hi Harsi,

    Oh I love that you saved that picture!

    Jo has regained the secular world, she seems to be leaving her sore alone but we are still watching her closely, she can be very sneaky with this!


  8. I can't believe I missed this post! These are gorgeous photos of the egrets! I think only the great blue heron comes to Newfoundland, but a bit further south from where I live.
    Thanks for sharing Ro. You live in an enchanted land.