Sunday, January 13, 2013


  I have to tell you the weather here has been cold, well freezing really, we have been covering our citrus the past several evenings to try and avoid frost damage to these warm weather trees. Mart has found the square patch of winter sunlight that is present this time of year in the laundry room. Coyotes seem to find this weather extra special, we have spotted them in the street and around our house late in the evening and in the early morning causing me to take special care of the little doggie. He is supervised when he is let out in the early morning and after dark, I couldn't bare it if something like that happened.

 I am so happy to have been able to make some free range projects as of late my mind has been on hold making special things for special ladies but the mind is not something you can harness now is it so I set off on a project a few days ago and I'm getting pretty excited at the outcome so I just had to pause and show you.......

Here we are as the sun is setting..I've been wanting to make an Along the Trail concho bracelet for a few weeks and now it's nearly FINISHED!!! Isn't it purdy? :) We''maybe not yet but come back tomorrow when the windows are full and the black is brushed away.....I'm so excited I'm gonna keep going.

xo Ro

I hope your weekend was extra special, what have you been up to this weekend?


  1. ooh a beautiful piece of jewelry for a cool & freezing date, 1/13/13!!
    Just stunning!! It warms my heart!

  2. OH!!! That bracelet is fantastic!!! Wow, I can see why you're excited!
    Your weekend was a lot more productive than mine :)

  3. love that looks exceptionally western in that setting-sun light cast on the wall....

  4. Oh boy, you have treasure there all right--wow!!!!!!!

    Stay warm--and hang on tight to sweet Marty!!!!

  5. Ahhhhhh! Gorgeous, Ro! Are those birds I see on there?!!!! She's a beauty.....I can tell already.

    She makes a great first impression ;-)


    1. And those first impressions are she's coming???

      And is Marty warm enough??? Give that dog a blanket.... :-)

  6. O my gosh I can get pretty excited about my work!!

    Marty is warm between the Mr and I with his own personal polar fleece blankie, I went for a walk and froze my fingers off!