Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I knew my days were numbered, everyone here has been sick, I started two link bracelets yesterday, I got pretty far sawing those tiny birds and making all those settings, but I started to feel crummy and achy, last night I told Eric everything hurt including my hair  so I'm going to be grounded for a couple of days.

I hope you stay well, xoxo Ro

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lonesome Roads

 I thought you might enjoy my weekend views traveling some lonesome desert roads..

 and one horse mule towns.

The rarity of rain and clouds....

really spruces things up in a delightful way. The smell of the wet creosote bushes is rather chemical and it took us a bit to figure out just what it was.

Hum a few bars and I'll fake it.

I love abandoned buildings, I don't know why, I like to go inside like a spy and try and figure out their mysteries. I like to try and recreate in my mind what they must have been like bustling with activity in a more prosperous time.

 I went in here to ask for directions and nearly scared the lady proprietor to death as she hung on to her cell phone. A more appropriate name for the business could not be had, face it we all operate on "hope".

farm casita

We had to cross this bridge to advance over the Colorado River....

I always hold my breath.

Thank you for riding shot gun!

Wow it's almost February, where does the time go?

xoxo Ro

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Flapping Away

I've been busy swinging a one pound hammer, sawing, sanding, soldering and all the rest, I built a silver nest and added some pretty eggs in a variety of hues.

Yesterday I drove back to the refuge in Arizona with one on my girlfriends to see it in the rain and it did not disappoint. We had an absolutely perfect though LONG day. I knew she would love it and secretly we were hoping to get stuck in the mud so we could see of we could survive the night on a bag of tangerines and a chicken sandwich, a Starbucks, two bottles of water, as you can see we were okay on provisions but how much fun it would be to wake up there with the birds.

The ducks were really yucking it up in the pond, it made us laugh too, everything would go quiet then a group would burst out HAhaquackquack quack, a real knee slapper then quiet again then another group over there would do the same thing in a different was contagious ...

We did not get stuck but noticed a lot of raccoon activity.

Such beauty, so many things to do in a life, today my wings are tired but my heart is full.
I added my new cuffs to my etsy shop.

Happy day all! xo Robird

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sunshine Blue Skies

 I been a bit of a crafting fool lately, a varied set of orders has pulled me in a lot of different directions. this is where I went yesterday and on into the evening, you can now find them here.

 I can get pretty excited when the stones just need to be dropped in and the pieces oxidized and finished so I just kept at it. The weather here has been warm, too warm for winter but today.....

today, we're playing "The Rain Song" and in todays confessional I'm gong to tell you I have a secret crush on Jimmy Page so now it's your turn, come on...... we're all friends here...

Nice weather for indoor activities like counting spaceships or tapping away on metal.

xoxo Ro

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reckless Abandon

I have mentioned before what a terrible planner I am. It seems as if each time I try to plan something, the weather wont cooperate, someone becomes sick so mostly I just fly by the seat of my pants. Someone told me about a wildlife area about an hours drive from here, told me the birds were fantastic so I've been trying to get out there. I didn't want to go there on the weekend or the holiday so yesterday I decided to take flight as it were. My hands needed a rest anyway so I made a peanut butter sandwich, grabbed some tangerines, filled my bottle with water, grabbed my hat, put and extra camera battery in my purse. Then I decided to use the bathroom and the phone rang, and don't forget the outgoing mail and make the dogs potty before they are locked in, Eric now waiting in the car wondering why women take so long no doubt.....
So we got there only I forgot one thing.

My camera enjoyed the luxury of the couch while we drove away.....This is Eric's cheep, cheep cell phone, I don't even have one that rings out or have any idea how to download those crummy pictures. But I must say, the waterfowl were wonderful, pintails, shovelers, teals, maybe, two kinds of egrets, oh those small snowy ones have my heart and the harriers Oh MY!!! so many, so beautiful along with a bevy of flycatchers and phoebes and numerous other birds I have no idea or documentation of.

Still we had fun and I always enjoy spending time with my bff doing simple things, simply marvelous!

Back to work today , enjoy your day all you lovey dovies,  xo Ro

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Moonrise and Jupiter

Did anyone see the moon and Jupiter last night? Let me tell you it was stunning, Jupiter played tag with the moon all night. Viewers in South America actually were able to see the moon cross in front of the planet. I took a break and made this piece for etsy yesterday. An amethyst sage agate that looks just like the big winter moon rising.....but wait, there's more.......

The piece is encouraged to flip revealing a shiny, silver, slivered moon, it can be waxing or waning, you choose, Jupiter is above.

Pretty simple, simply pretty :)

I added a wishing star to the jump ring suspending the moon it's over here if you want more info.

Thank you for visiting and I must say I enjoyed the last post immensely, thank you for sharing!

xo Ro

Monday, January 21, 2013

Perspective...The Old Heart Pinch

You probably thought I was going to discuss something deep and meaningful but what I have been thinking about was sort of sparked by hearing Cliff Edwards sing When You Wish Upon a Star yesterday while I was working, oh boy I had forgotten how I always reacted to that song, why it always brings a tear I don't know. I thought of it again this morning while I was walking and interviewed myself...Self to self thought bubble, "oh really, do any other songs or music affect you in the same way? Yes I said to myself The Ave Maria it gives me chills and makes me cry every time and there's another one that brings me to my knees What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. I just thought I'd share that with you, now you know how to slay me, just get out a CD you don't need a sword or a ray gun.

How about you, do you feel like sharing?

xoxo Ro

ps, I have goosebumps after copying those videos :P

Sunday, January 20, 2013


 I hope you're enjoying your weekend, I have been spending my time in a quiet studio bringing silver to life. I made one of these sweet birds last weekend trying to figure out just how to give them silver wings. One thing I love about my job is the problem solving involved it's such a wonderful challenge.
After burning one bird up I decided to cold connect them by riveting.

*fyi, mother of pearl smells really bad when it's  on fire :)

I had a couple of requests for more, but I have made two for etsy, they are listed here.

Delia asked me to show the custom work I'm currently finishing and I know we all like to look at jewelry, this is a ring I finished for a friend here in town, another challenge, how to set an open geode, I'm very happy with the result.

As you can see I certainly have a bird brain lately.

Caw caw, coo coo, cluck, tweetly dee, xo Ro

Friday, January 18, 2013


although it was
as level
as anything
could be

it seemed
a thousand
black mirrors
were trying

to hold me;
I imagine
it was just part
of a swamp's

and general
why else

would I have enjoyed
so much
so deeply

into the mud,
what beautiful baskets
someone could make

from the rushes,
why else
would a bird
rise up

at just that moment
white and shining,
lover of swamps
with feathers like floss,

though long-necked
and long winged,
like a basket
of flowers?

Grassy Pond, Which Really is a Swamp 
by Mary Oliver

Have a wonderfilled weekend all, wind beneath your wings!
xo Ro

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Recently canonized, I would all like you to meet Saint Banjo of California, patron saint to all the trail dogs.
*Eric has dubbed her Horatio Hornblower but at least we're picking up better TV!

What have I been doing? I've been making pretty things, look at this beauty I made for a friend. I know you like to look at jewelry, I'm hoping to post a couple of pretty things on etsy today.

A stone to get lost in!

Have a gggggrrrrrate day, xo Ro and St. Jo

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Cibola Refuge is situated on the California, Arizona border on the Colorado River.

What does Cibola mean? 
*We walked beneath towering golden cottonwoods...

and fluffy willows

Canada and snow geese, a variety of ducks.

We were very grateful to meet these snowbirds from Canada, our new bff's and the only other people on the refuge. They were very knowledgeable, this is a yearly trip for them and I think they were bowled over by my obvious enthusiasm :)


osprey with fish

american kestrel

tiny burrowing owls!!!!

I would have never even seen them in their man made houses if it had not ben for our new bff's

Sandhill Cranes


Oh look at this Montana agate, it looks like the birds decending, ascending the pond!! It's over here..

Thank you for flapping along today, xoxox cROw