Monday, December 31, 2012

A Very Merry

 We headed out for perhaps an unconventional and a wonderful Christmas trip this year, camping is what we wanted for Christmas so we rented a rig and hit the open road.

We headed for the high desert and though the sun was shining it was extremely cold, we exchanged gifts before we left, new down sleeping bags :)

Bryce and I shopped at REI before we left he also received a raven black down jacket, here snapping a picture of his brother raven. The ravens in the desert are very comical because they follow you, curious, and scroungy as they are. When you drive up they hover over you to see if you might spill or drop something, we did not but one time when we were tent camping we left a roll of paper towels outside which we found shredded on our return. I'm sure that bird thought if it kept tearing it would find something good, it taught us to keep a very tidy camp.

 gorgeous big views

 frozen creek

 Christmas tree

 cold morning , fresh snow on the near peaks

 Naturally I spent a lot of time stalking birds.

 We all find it interesting to just walk out in the sage and cinder and just look around, we found a stacked cinder wall out there, who stacked the rocks, why, it's fun to ponder and to try and create scenarios.

A room with a view/views if you don't like the view move on, I always find it comical to see the framed and changing views along the highway.

We drove up higher for some trout fishing which was on Eric's birthday list.

We hiked nearly all day on Christmas, up on the tabletops, once up there the views back down to the winding Owens River are spectacular. We all split up this time and looked far and wide for the elusive petroglyph that's up there somewhere but we never did find it. Once again the ravens followed us, I realized I could watch the ravens and know just were the other members of our small search party were.
* see the raven in the center of the shot to the right

The quiet up there is incredible with sculptural rocks, I could spend a week up there just looking around. I must say it is rather frightening getting back down, we made a cairn so we could retrace our way, still somehow we lost the trail and ended in a precarious position yikes, you fall, you die.

We had a lovely well earned Christmas dinner followed by card games, rummy, kings in the corner and awoke the next morning to a blanket of snow.

Banjo loved it

It took some getting used to for Mart, he's small and cold and did not appreciate the snow collecting in his mambo pants. I finally got him to pee under the motor home, the only snow free area :)

I found her but I couldn't get her loaded inside, the dogs were happy about this, she has an X on her tail.

We are home and I'm working on orders I took at our show, it's cold here too, lovely, I took Jo up to visit the deer in the hills this morning.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2013, we are teens again!

xo Ro

Friday, December 21, 2012

A Message

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Here Comes Sandy Claws

It felt like it took forever, I tried to enlist the potter but it's his turn to be sick, even though he told me he would, I couldn't wait all day so I did it myself. I put your names down on bits of paper........

I went out to the pottery barn and selected a nice tall vessel, I left the lid out there :), (I'm giving you the blow by exciting blow:) :) Oh and I was wrapping stuff and I thought the wrapping stuff was pretty so I kept it in the picture.

I jostled and stirred the tiny papers (I'm calling my memoir "Tiny Papers" btw, I've had the title for years, I write everything down on tiny papers right before I lose them all, sometimes I find them scrunched and washed clean in the dryer.)  back to the winner...............

and the winner is Dedri!

Dedri, you won, fair and square and you didn't have to make the trip from NM. For Christmas you will have warm and colorful toes, hands warmed by hot tea and TURQUOISE cuz NO woman can ever have enough. Dedri please let me know where to send these treats.

I added some pretty things to my etsy store yesterday right now the shipping to everywhere is free. My store will be open til Friday evening then closed for a week. I want to wish all of you the most delightful Christmas and especially a nice breather from your work schedule because that's what a girl really wants.

Congrats Dedri, xoxox Ro

Monday, December 17, 2012

Win a show sampler in your mailbox!

 I  want to extend a warm thank you to everyone who made it out to our show, to our friends who helped at the last minute with easy ups when rain threatened, to you who sent cards, well wishes, homemade baked goods, feathers!, a pot of chili when our refrigerator was bare, TAMALES, to D and Jm who helped me sell and answer questions, what a huge help you both were. I want to thank you for all your smiles and hugs, for gifting our work, to my blog readers and etsy customers for making this an amazing year. To those of you who couldn't jump on a plane to attend, I put together a show for you. Post a comment and enter to win a prized pair of hand dyed bamboo socks, one of Eric's yunomi tea mugs built to the shape of your hand and a pair of loverly Kingman Turquoise earrings because no girl can ever have enough turquoise. If you don't comment on blogs all is not lost you are still my people, just send me an email or etsy convo and I'll enter you. You can enter even if you did make it to the show.

 The day before the show we had a group of wonderful visitors, waxwings from the North country are wintering here, who knew that persimmon tree would attract so many wonderful birds, they needed to hit the hot tub when they were finished, this is California after all. Note the one with her mouth open on the left crabbing out the phainopepla, sheesh!

You should know by now I never get good pictures of our show, when it starts it STARTS and I never have time to think, this shot is at the crack of dawn coming up from parking the cars across the street, show banner along the walkway.

Crack of dawn shot of the jewelry looking out.

In the pottery barn....

Deb out in the sun that felt so good, making a decision on linens :)

The weather was perfect on Saturday, chilly and sunny........Hi Wendy!

I ran out took a couple of snaps......

here Eric and Bryce are packing pottery....

It rained and snowed on Sunday but we still had a nice showing followed by an impromptu tamale party.

I'll draw a winner on Wednesday Dec 19th, til then....xo, Ro, Katheryn and Eric

Friday, December 14, 2012

Show Time

Rain or shine or anything in-between, we look forward to seeing you over the weekend!

xo Ro, E & K

Monday, December 10, 2012

I Saw Them!

I've been getting up early which is no surprise but I'm also finding myself reading in bed by about 8:30 p., I've decided not to fight it. I used to try and stay up but I don't know why. My new rising hour is about 4 which is lovely and quiet, it seems rather unconventional I guess but it feels right.

I saw them this morning.....Prancer or Dancer or Comet or Blitzen

Cupid or Vixen (Vixen really?) none with a red nose however.

I'm busy making gifts and I wish I had found some elves to help out but it's just little ol me in the workshop these days.

Have a good week all, Santa's deer are getting ready!

xo Ro doulph :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Small Marvels




Suddenly, from the tip of a tall yucca,
a hummingbird rises then flies to me,
it's beak parted it's wings flapping my face.

It orbits my head once, twice, then pauses
as we drink each other in, the bird's body
barely aquiver, its wings beating the air.

I hold my breath, it holds its eye on mine, 
then dips its head to look over my green dress,
the web of my hair, my smooth bare feet.

It's plain that one of us is a mirage
the other has imagined into being.
Or that we're both having the same dream.

I'm caught up by the metallic sheen and whirl:
pose and purpose sculpted into sheer joy.
A cheep, and the hummingbird disappears.

Encounter by my friend Maurya Simon
from Days of Awe

The pictures were taken yesterday in the screaming sun, today a nice drippy, mist as we trod along under gray skies.

So many birthdays this month, happy birthday dear December babies, Maurya is one of them.

Have a marvelous day all, xoxo Ro

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Flight Amulet

 I created a piece yesterday for your consideration, a piece with a little story running through it.

The weather has been rather wonderful, we've been wrapped in clouds for several days with drizzle and steady rain, it feels like a great big hug, the scents are beautiful, raw earth, plant oils.

 Yesterday on my morning commute I was thrilled to see this small hawk sitting on my roof, I thought it was a little kestrel but I couldn't believe it was allowing me to snap its picture at such close range, especially since it was completely exposed. Some birds are extra nervous and flitty, the kestrel would fall into that category (birdagory). As you may know I enjoy the company of birds especially with my camera in hand, you learn that they have distinctive behavioral traits and any kestrel that was not sick or harmed would allow this.

(note the large deodar cedar in the background, it will come in handy later)

I proceeded to see just how close I could get and realized this bird was not a kestrel but a coopers hawk a fledgling about half the size of a fully mature coop so I began to worry. I worried that he had been poisoned buy perhaps a drowsy mouse in the throws of death an easy catch for a young bird and a reason I will never, ever put down rodent poison. I have battery operated rodent traps, to me they seem like the most humane way to take care of the problem, one kibble of dog food and zappo, the light flashes when it's full, no blood no muss, my dogs and your cat are safe. stepping off the soap box but think about it.

(note the porcelain wings above my door, of course he would come here)

 I wondered just what to do and I remembered the first thing to do with a bird rescue is, nothing, leave it alone. If you find a bird that has fallen from a nest, stick it back in. Naturally if you find an injured bird you would try and get it to a rescue group or a vet that handles birds especially if it had a broken wing or another serious problem, like one foot. I have taken pictures of coopers hawks before, them seem to like to retract their unusually long legs beneath their feathers, I assume for warmth.

 He looked fine, maybe a little droopy, but he was not shivering and he sat out there nearly all day as I tapped and slammed, sawed and filed. At one point a tool flew out of nowhere into a small plastic container of evil eyes I had made and sent the flying all over my studio, I didn't bother to try and find them, every once in a while I would discover one here or there, I was thinking these were good omens. You can't have too many silver, evil eyes as protection now can you, they're now peppered all over my studio. I turned on the radio and proceeded to work with my bird hat on. At one point the jays came and caused such a ruckus I chased them away. You can always tell when the jays feel threatened, they scream and carry on in a way that would be impossible to ignore. My friend had an outdoor school with a bird blind and told me the jays would tell her when a rattlesnake was present, I believe it. I began to actually hope the sun would come out and warm him up.

I was also hoping the crows would not discover this little stowaway. I decided I needed to stay home and make sure they didn't. The clouds did finally break and the small bird started to look better and better. I checked on him periodically and at one point he had flown or jumped to the main roof. I knew he could fly, otherwise he would not be up there in the first place. My husband and I did note that twice during the day we did see an adult coop flying overhead. This young coop had such a sweet look and he was not afraid of me at all, it made me think of the book I used to read to Bryce.........."Are You My Mother".......but the human woman said no, you should fly away.

This is one of the last shots I took benath the blue sky, I went out to look on the roof and he was gone, yayy. A little while later I heard the jays again, this time in the hummingbird hive so went to see what all the screaming was about and guess what, I saw this litlle guy tooteling in a circle overhead then fly off and land in a tall deodar. Just a day in the life as they say, full of small wonders.

I wanted to help him out so I created this flight piece, a Hawks Amulet for good luck and safe travels. The stone is a marvelous Yellow Feather Jasper from Utah I purchased over the weekend. I constructed a perfect little primary feather from silver a necessary component for lift and I made a silver leaf for perching and added it to the clasp, (shown in the first picture). The composition rests on a bed of oak leaves, a small acorn for the jays.

Oh boy, it's coming on Christmas and I feel like the kid that can't come out to play til all chores are done. I'll be adding this piece to etsy at some point today.

( I heard on NPR that marvelous is an outdated word so I'm going to use it as often as I can, won't you join me, resurrecting it would be just *marvelous. They also said that M&M's are an outdated candy, "hey now!" Nobody's gonna dis my M's!

The pendant has landed here.

Thank you for your friendship, wishing you a good day, a good week.
xoxo Ro