Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat

 The first annual persimmon giveaway results, look how good your chances are.

 I put the names into a genuine nylon pumpkin I found hanging in a tree in the hills (really).

 I reached my paw inside and selected the winner.....

  and the lucky winner is Allison, congratulations !!! but wait there's more

  second and third place winners, Cinder and Ash. I've been thinking about all of you suffering the effects of Sandy, we  send our love. Cinder please give me your address, if you are without power, contact me when you can, these will keep. Thank you to all who participated, I always appreciate your visits here.

 I'm going to be dressing the shelves of my etsy shoppe with some new goodies s the day unfolds, I hope you have a chance to take a look.

By the way, Happy Halloween, love Ro & Jo

Monday, October 29, 2012

Persimmon Giveaway

 It's time for a persimmon giveaway, I will send you three delicious drops of golden sun.

 How to play...just state your name and I'll enter you in a drawing, sorry this contest is limited to US residents only. The winner will be drawn on Wednesday....Tick or Treat, they do look like pretty little pumpkins.

Not a blog commenter, no problem, just leave an email or etsy mail and I'll enter your name.

My name is Rochelle Darrow and I approve this contest..

Good Luck!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Studio and Garden

It's been a quiet weekend at studio robegone, I'm starting to look forward to the Christmas season, not that I'm truthfully looking forward to it, I'm just thinking about how I'm going to get more work done in preparation for our show but somehow it always seems to get done.  Eric is in full production now taking the evening shift, we are those ships passing in the night but there's always those romantic moments at the coffee pot, hey goodlookin' can I pour you a cup :) I spent the last two days working, I always feel safe knowing I'm being watched over by my bud burr goddess.

The "feel good board", most of you are in my studio somewhere, I like to keep my friends close, you ladies inspire me :)

 somethin purdy I bought on etsy

 sill stuff

 morning light

 persimmon contest here

 sun day

 feather shadow on the window blind, garden reveal

 Sunday is for prayers

 and praying

and preying :(

LovE ya, Ro

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Where to Begin

To be truthful I'm just sitting here wondering where to begin, while I was thinking, the big green ring keeled over :)

I think you should all just pack a lunch and come over.....

*sold Wintergreen

 Maybe the best way to begin is to do so slowly..... I fell in love with this gorgeous stone on Saturday the stone cutters tell me it's varasite from Utah though I don't think I've ever seen one like this, I love the little spray of plant life displayed, like pressed flowers.

One of my experiments this week was to make this pretty chain element in which to frame the stone. The band is narrowish and textured, the ring is size 7.5

( *sold Sunrise size 8 )..... ( *sold First Frost size 7)......( *sold Small Wintergreen size 8)

Okay well I was just feeling overwhelmed, back to being whelmed.....

mookaite jasper, rutilated quartz and  faceted chrysoprase are the stones on 12 mm wide bands.

 Oh the bands, the bands are SO pretty..

floral, with a vintage feel.

 Fire size*sold 7.75.....Pueblo*sold size 8........Condor *sold size 9..... Chaparral size 7.5

Then there were saddles, oh how I enjoy building these rings, each stone has a little personality, you know like the fainting Wintergreen, so each one enjoys a little one of a kind band. The stones in order are Noreena Jasper, Laguna Lace (looks like cliff dwellings), Condor Agate and Texas Plume Agate.

  Bands of distinction...

down to the smallest detail.

andddd I made a pair of fox tails, you knew I would..

Thank you for being here!

The End xo Ro

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


This is the part I like most about what I do. I like experimenting and coming to understand the medium more each day. I like trying new ideas that cross my mind, to test the way things will respond, sometimes, they don't pan out and sometimes they do. I caught a bit of flow with my works and I'm enjoying floating downstream. My goal is to finish these pieces today and have something to show you tomorrow.

on another subject.....Have you read Life of Pi? I yelped when I saw the film trailer it looks WONDERFUL! If you haven't read it you should before the film is out, you might like it, it's one of my favorite books.

on still another subject.... Do you hike with a heavy camera like I do? I found this and have been using it for two weeks, it's the best contraption around. The only little consideration is that wearing your camera by your side makes your hips wider so watch out going though thinny places, you need to swing the camera in front of you, it takes a little bit of awareness.

Here's to a productive day for me and for you too, xo, Ro

Monday, October 22, 2012

Good Monday

A good monday to you all, I spent some time with my new friends deciding on just what to do with the slabs bestowed on me from another friend, it was fun and interesting, I'm excited to see how things will turn out. I wish I had enough room to take on this hobby too but frankly I just don't, so for now I'm happy to know someone close by that is willing to help.

While I was there I did a little shopping, oh la laa!!

Did anyone see the meteor shower? The skies were cloudy here with a bit of drizzle so I set my alarm for 3 am Sunday morning and headed up the mountain with one of my bff's. We ended up at the ski lift parking lot, the highest point and the only spot with an opening in the sky. We tucked ourselves in a pile of quilts in the truck bed and enjoyed the show.

I started some rings and burnt the poo poo out of two very valuable fingers but I'm back to work today.

Here's to a good week, xo Ro

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tails From the Field

I started my hike in the hills at first light, the first thing I saw was a small dead fox, a coyote kill I suspected but I wondered why it wasn't devoured, I examined it and moved on past the Girl Scout camp. I thought the image above was so funny, I wondered if this hawk had seen all those eagle finials on flag poles and felt a little left out.

The weather was cool and breezy, perfect for walking.

Here's a secret I know about the deer, once they get hitched they're like any other married couple, he carries her purse, follows behind without a word while she prattles on and on, blah, blah blah, right Buck, "yup".

Snakes are making a big showing lately, I see one nearly every day, I know nothing about snakes except the important facts, the important facts are, which ones are rattlers and which are not, this is a nice snake probably a gopher snake, gophers may not agree on my opinion here. I must add rattlesnakes do their own good work with the rodent population, they are shy and don't want to bite, just watch out you don't step on one and it's smart to keep your dog in check, leashed is safest.

I came across a bird bomb, a pile of feathers which I inspected and collected, a downed Northern Flicker probably taken down by a coopers hawk. I have to say I felt sad finding it, the feathers were near the nesting site I saw this spring, the couple raising chicks. The part that thrummed at my heart strings was that the mate was staying close by and calling, awww shoot. Fickers are just that, flickery, flitty hard to even capture in pictures, I took one of the mate that was flitting from bush to bush in a circular pattern around me, calling to no bird. I know, such is life, seize the day, lessons from the trail.

When I finished my hike a couple of hours had passed I walked back out and looked for the little fox, it was gone now, all except the tail which I stuck in my pouch. Coyote got his meal and I got the inspiration I came for.

Have a beautiful day all, xoxo Ro

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Jewelries

*the heart is sold,     *the middle is sold

I've been working away, I made a little totem of cuffs, I believe the traditional totem usually involves a raven but this one has a hummingbird.....heart that is, bracketed by feathers. I love, LOVE turquoise bracelets so I made two, each with quite different royston stones I bracketed them with leaves, aspen and ?, the leaf I found on my trip and I still have not been able to identify, a pretty elongated heart shaped leaf.

All the little silver elements are made by me here in my tiny studio.

C is for cuff.

"Remnants" I'm still on my trip by the way, in my mind that is. When you're making things, like these cuffs, you have the ideas in your mind, but the finished product is a long way out. Setting all the stones making sheet silver smooth for bands, well, it's quite a long process. I have a hard time holding back my brain which sometimes is off to a new design, "hold on Nellie" I've been thinking about Ernestine's ranch, Ernestine is a cow with one horn up and one horn down, she looks like she's constantly making a phone call (one ringie dingie). There is a beautiful old redwood homestead on the land, a handsome little board and batten house dating from the early 1900's I would guess. For some reason the old structure has permanently etched itself in my mind. The widows are missing and the building is abandoned, stuck right there behind the barbed wire with the fly flecked holsteins. I imagine the people that built and loved that small house, selected the old growth redwood that isn't going anywhere, it still looks new, preserved as it is with that magnificent wood, still no sway in the roof. As I walked by, remnants of what used to be red curtains blew out the window opening and I started to think about the woman that cooked in that kitchen, sewed the curtains, probably tended a vegetable garden on that rich land. I bet she picked wild flowers and arranged them in a mason jar vase, well that's what I was thinking about when....

I made these *remnant earrings.

Speaking of memories, I was asked to make jewelry from this, a collection of slabs a friends mother who was a rock hound had amassed, probably dating back in the fifties and sixties. I'm meeting with a stone cutter on Saturday, I hope to make memories happen. I'm excited to see what stories these rocks will tell.

Have a good day honey bunnies, xoxo Ro

Friday, October 12, 2012

Shootout at Sunset Hill

It happened this morning at sunset hill. As I crested the first one I saw him..... Buck

He was holding his ground aiming for a fight, I heard this playing in my head.

I wanted up that hill and he wasn't going to budge so I drew my weapon and shot........... bang, bang bang, three picture before I got outa there like a weenie, you can have it Clint Eastbuck!

These guys can be a little ornery this time of year.

Have a good weekend all xo Roe deer

Thursday, October 11, 2012


I'm having fun working away in the biggest mess you've ever seen, when you do this kind of work you need every tool you can get your hands on, you only put them away to bring them all back out. When things are too clean it just means you've run out of ideas or have lost the desire.

I put a call into my niece who is coming this evening to help with modeling. It takes a village when you can't /wont model your own work. I'll be listing these new pieces on etsy tomorrow along with whatever else I might dream up today.

I hiked under cloudy skies this morning with a smattering of rain drops, the weather is wonderfully cool and the scents, divine.

Have a good day, lovey dovie, covey, xo Robird