Saturday, September 29, 2012

and the Winner is.....

all the names

 went into my Stetson

 a third party was asked to draw


the winner of the contest is

Thank you all for participating for your thoughtful words, for your continued encouragement and for collecting and enjoying my work.

Have a wonderfilled weekend all, with love Ro

Give me a holler Margaret so I can get this fine piece of jewelry to you, congratulations!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

High Flying

They did it!

 they WON!

Wow, we had a spectacular night last night, at the final judging for the band contest at the L.A. County Fair. L.A. County is the largest fair in the nation and it runs for a solid month. The contest was no small town venue, the judges are the promoters of a music festival called Coachella, some of you may have heard of it. The best part of winning is that the band will be included on some bigger tours. It was exciting, I couldn't have been happier for them. I lost my voice from, well, screaming :)

Laura and I decided to celebrate...

so we snapped ourselves in and.....

Look at how brave she is, I was trying to hide my terror even though it was my idea. (terrified smile)

What better way to view the moon than from way up there, flying through the scents of popcorn and fried twinkies.

Way to go boys! Love Mommy

Have a wonderful weekend everybody, I'll draw a name and announce the winner of my blog contest tomorrow. I appreciate all of your comments, your friendship and support, it keeps me flying.

Hugs and more hugs, Ro

Monday, September 24, 2012


It happened, I can't believe it, I finally hit 1000 sales on etsy! I could have never done it without you, without your encouragement and support. I'd like to thank you by giving away this pretty silver posy.

 The flower has two sides, just like every story.

What do you have to do to try and win it? Just leave a comment and your name will be placed in a hat. The lucky winner will be drawn on Saturday the 29th, this coming Saturday. I know many of you read my blog without signing on, you can still enter by sending me an email or etsy convo. I'm computer challenged myself, that's another reason, I'm so thrilled by this lofty achievement.

Thank you all for being so good to me, good luck!
xoxo Ro

p.s. I forgot to add, I will ship internationally.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Good Company

As I sign off for the weekend I want to wish you a beautiful one and to share one of my favorite songs with you.

May you walk in good company, Love Ro

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where's the edit button!

Hello, good day to you, it's taking me three times as long to blog today as blogger has served up a completely new template and I'm trying to figure it out. I nearly cried and went out to breakfast instead but here I am and I hope when I press a magic publish button it will all come out the intended way. This remains to be seen. This beautiful piece that was formerly claimed is now unclaimed and back for sale. 

A happy bluebird in layers of texture is perched on a flowering branch, the heart and faceted beads are carnelian, a small heart on the clasp is representative of a full, happy and peaceful heart, with a raised shaft of wheat I crafted with a strike mold I made myself.


Bluebird / Towhee two sided pendant with loads of texture and tiny little details, not unlike life itself. The bird suspended on a single chain......

is encouraged to flip revealing the other side, a full heart on the bird, a textured floral heart suspended.


Love of Nature (copper flower), fill me up, for without you, I for one would be sunken and shriveled, so we take our hearts to our hills our mountains, lakes, rivers, sand dunes, a tiny garden, an abandoned field and that's where we heal.....

become whole again.

These pendants can be worn several ways, with the collection and the clasp showing, the flower and heart removed or shown this way with the rest in the back.

*both sold

Lastly I made Hummingbird hearts 1260, that's how many beats a minute that tiny bird ticks off. Sometimes we are that bird, doing for others, work, home, children, friends..... frenzied....

These are the times we forget about someone that is very important to us, self. We forget about our own good selves. It is said to love thy neighbor as thyself, so what about you? Beneath the heart I added a tiny, Thai bell, a reminder to be good, to be kind, to love, you.

Behind each heart a little nourishing garden.

The bells are not loud a gentle dull tinkle is all, it will be your own secret code to take yourself out to coffee or skip dinner preparation for Thai food takeout or to read a book today and clean house tomorrow......

and whatever you decide to do for yourself, you will enjoy it wholly, with an open heart, free of guilt. I'll be working on that too incidentally.

Okay I'm ready to publish, check for errors, hope the picture sizing tool works, fingers crossed, blasto 

If you have any questions about this work you know how to reach me, I've contacted my niece in hopes of a model today, these will go to etsy tomorrow.

Enjoy your day all, love Ro

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Where the Owl and the Antelope Play

As most of you know by now I'm a big fan of birds, well who isn't really. We often like to think of ourselves as our winged compadres, some days the loon, some, the booby, some days the towhee, the flighty flicker and so forth.

I received a card in the mail from a darling superstarling and on the back of the envelope was this sticker stating....."look, this owl looks just like Mart Fart"...haaaa, we all had a good laugh here.

exhibit A. Mart Fart

I must say the resemblance is stunning !

While I was out walking exhibit B. (Banjo) I was thinking what animal does she resemble? Not a bird of any kind that I can see, HERE what do you think?
What animal does your pet look most like?

I'm working and keeping at it, I have made a wonderful mess, bits and pieces everywhere now I need to put it together, jewelry making is like a puzzle for me, I'm having a good time fitting the pieces together.

I'm waiting to hear it, I've known about a million dogs named Bear only one named Sparrow.
In the mean time have a wonderful day xo Ro and exhibit A&B

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Happiness Project

I admit it...... I admit to feeling a little crumbly around the edges, sun scorched, heat worn, tired, sick of the summer, overdone. When I feel like this I get quiet, go inward, I don't need to chirp and chortle my dissatisfaction, but you may have noticed a thin blog lately, the hot weather has us clutched in a tight grip and it won't let go. I'm not here to complain just to explain, I'm not sad or depressed I'm just coping. I start my walk at 6 to avoid the sun but just like an unwanted guest it bobs up every day with that stupid look, HELL o. Ha, now I'm making myself laugh but if you're reading this and you live here you're giving a high 5 right now :) :) How do I cope, I read a book one that includes long winters, freezing blizzards, terrible cold, it helps.

I sometimes look for helps too.

I saw, I pound, I make a mess, I dream, I work, work , work....I spent a day on this piece, which isn't finished, I may revise it, I'm working on the happiness project, one bluebird at a time, some hearts and flowers may be up and coming.

On other news, we went to the county fair the other night.....

which led to fun photo opportunities.

This is not a place I would generally...

be willing to go, though it was fascinating and the tickets were free when we took the truck in for a tune up, parking 12.00.

The reason we were there was to see Cogito play and compete in a band competition.

*my son Bryce

They sounded good and are always entertaining to watch...

The final judging is this Thursday, I'll let you know how things turn out.

Have a T-riffic day all, I plan to be stuck in a blizzard.
I want you to know how much I appreciate your friendship, love Ro

Friday, September 14, 2012


If there were angels
I doubt they would read
our novels
concerning thwarted hopes.

I'm afraid, alas
they never touch the poems
that bear out grudges against the world.

The rantings and railings
of our plays
must drive them, I suspect,
to distraction.

Off-duty, between angelic-
i.e., inhuman-occupations,
they watch instead
our slapstick
from the age of silent film.

To our dirge wailers,
garment renders,
and teeth gnashers,
they prefer, I suppose
that poor devil
who grabs the drowning man by his toupee
or, starving, devours his own shoelaces
with gusto.

From the waist up, starch and aspirations;
below, a startled mouse
runs down his trousers.
I'm sure
that's what they call real entertainment.

A crazy chase in circles
ends up pursuing the persuier.
The light at the end of the tunnel
turns out to be a tigers eye.
A hundred disasters
mean a hundred comic summersaults
turned over a hundred abysses.

If there are angels,
they must, I hope,
find this convincing,
the merriment dangling from terror,
not even crying Save Me Save Me
since all of this takes place in silence.

I can even imagine
that they clap their wings and tears run from their eyes
from laughter if nothing else.

Slapstick by Wislaya Szymborska

Yes I make jewelry but as a person of this world I also awaken to the news that seems to become more horrible every day, all stemming from some idiot(s) who decided through freedom of speech to throw a gas tank at already glowing embers, it's hard not to comment on that.

Here's to hope and less laughter from the angels, love Ro

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jaunting With Lefty

A friendly little veil of clouds visited last night while we slumbered, good weather for a morning hike, the only problem with that is, when you hike *up you soon find yourself above the clouds.

This was the morning little Lefty decided to tag along my two dogs really are the impractical duo. We never intended to own a tiny bundle of hugs, he was a cast off just like Banjo so we opened our home and our hearts.

When Lefty joins us we move quite a bit slower but I make the best of it and trade aerobics for inspection.

*buckwheat a mainstay for the indigenous people is looking just right for harvesting, pancakes anyone?

Furry little seeds look like a million fish eyes, tangled in the sage.
The sun became blinding so I scooped up the tiny trudger and headed back home.

I love you Lefty even if you are the most impractical dog I've ever "owned?" (seems like the wrong word) cared for.

Back at home in the garden, things are lookin up, MMmmM the persimmon tree is full and the fruit ships very well! wink wink ;)

I'm busy working on some requests but my crafters ADHD kicked in yesterday and I strayed a bit from the things I was supposed to be doing and made this. My mind can be unruly at times which I'm thinking is a good thing, wild and straying like a roaming coyote.

I hope you're having a good week, xo Ro and Lefty