Friday, May 25, 2012

and the WINNER is!

Could there be a luckier number? I just counted them and was surprised so many marbles were in that jar, I would have guessed in the 40's too.

Ash wrote...Um. I never was able to guess correctly when I was a kid *sniff* It was my white whale. I say 77 because it's the first number that popped into my head.
Congratulations Ash, you hit the bulls-eye. I'll be shipping this beauty off to you today, listen for the thrumming of wings outside your window.

I got on a Tim Burton kick and made some dark funky earrings for the show that set me on an enjoyable path of hinges. I finished these last night and thought I would share them with blog readers exclusively. If you are interested in these beauties, drop me a line.

I made 6 tree crickets and I'm offering them in pairs to wear as earrings :)

I stuck them in a pretty pool of light at the end of the day yesterday to show off the luminescent, prehnite brios. The earrings dangle two inches, chirp, chirp.

I saw Tim Burton once grocery shopping in Ojai, hey, everybody has to eat. I would never go up to a celeb and introduce myself, I'm not that kind of fan but I have a funny story along those lines. I was grocery shopping in a resort town carefully selecting blueberries I looked up and a few isles over I saw our friend Jim, who owns a Greek restaurant in town called Yannis. I was planning to work my way over to say hello when I noticed, people kept coming up to him, commenting on his hair etc. Wow, I thought Jim is a popular guy especially with the women who were now surrounding him. Eric was shopping in a different part of the store and when he walked up he asked if I had seen Yanni. AH HAAA I really wished I had walked over and said hi to Jim.......too funny!! Wellll they are both handsome Greek men, one just has a goofier act than the other.
If you have any good celeb stories you want to share , I'd love to read them.

I'm wishing you a wonderful long weekend, the weather here has been a gorgeous shade of gray....

with a chance of droplets....

xoxo Ro

Monday, May 21, 2012

Wing Ring....Win it!

It's time for me to clip in and create a fresh body of work for my hometown followers, while I work I've decided to offer this pretty prototype wing ring as a thank you for all of your wonderful support. I've been wanting to create a ring like this for a while and I finally did.

What size is it? I don't know I didn't measure it. It fits some of my fingers.....

If it doesn't fit you, just think of the fun you can have playing Cinderella.

What do you have to do to win? You don't have to follow me on facebook, or twitter, I'm not there, I'm walking my dogs ;)

You just have to guess how many marbles are in the jar without going over, the closest guesser will win. I'll count the marbles on Friday and announce the lucky recipient.

I should add....International followers are welcome, I love you ladies!

*old school

Did anyone see the ring of fire last night? I need to get some welding glasses, I pointed my camera at the sun and looked at the flap viewer. I wasn't able to see it but I felt it, I would describe the sunlight as becoming strange and sort of murky.

I'm headed off to work but before I go I'd like to wish all of you a great week ahead!

Hi Ho, xo Ro

Friday, May 18, 2012


* sold "Haiku" size 8 .........*sold "Lone Pine" size 7.75

I promised fresh new rings every day this week and these are the Friday rings.......

Both of these are so zen, spare and beautiful, this one has a poem by Basho the renown poet from the 17th century...

The dragonfly
can't quite land
on that blade of grass.

The stone is rutilated quartz.

When I created the "Sage" ring earlier in the week I received a note from a sweet follower that simply said "more". I hunted through my stone box and found a sister to Sage with a lone Japanese Black Pine quickly inked in the scene. I finally figured out just what these agates were called, they are Honey Plumes Agates from Idaho.

I am very fond of these split bands and now that I've heard from some of you I can tell you like them too.

Wonderful little touches that make them "my" work.

It's cool and beautiful this morning, with a little bit of rain and drizzle, gray skies that tether the scents, hold them firmly in place and allow you to do the breast stroke through them... mmmm.

Thank you for cheering me on this week, for your purchases and friendship. I hope each and every one of you have a wonderfilled weekend.

Come back on Monday and I'll fill you in on how this one and only wing ring can be yours.

xoxo Ro

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Coffee With Raven

*sold "Landslide" size 8.5 *sold "Hillside" size 9

I made two saddle rings..."Landslide" is a composition that includes a pretty Royston turquoise with fun silver granulation, no stone was left unturned in the construction of this beautiful and interesting ring, it is truly one of a kind, built with love, love of my craft. "Hillside" features one of the most beautiful Peruvian opals I've ever come across. The stone depicts a hillside on a wondrous day, the fog lifting.

The bands are also beautiful, notice a little stone is tucked behind both sides of the ring face on the Landslide ring.

Here is the *more part I spoke about yesterday...wrap around fleur de lis, delicately sawn, the metal tapered for comfort.

These rings are only offered as reserves for blog readers they are not going to etsy as I mentioned before, if you have questions or would like to reserve one you can contact me either by email or etsy convo.

I got up a little later this morning, well I woke up a zillion times but I finally stood up about 6:30 with the sun already streaming in so I thought I would go up the hill sit and have coffee with raven......I'm going to the second peak in the middle up past the pines. I always see the same raven up there and I thought it curious to see only one, they are most always in pairs.

I passed the mariposa lilly and admired it's delicate beauty.

Raven had already started breakfast, tearing at something scrumptious.....

He said something rather inaudible, "what's that"? Oh, pose for a picture. "I don't like my picture" I told him, he is sneaky and convincing so I showed him where the shiny button was....

A good way to start another busy day.

Cheers all!, xo Ro & Banj & a cupa Jo

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rings Mid Week

Here's to small things, gorgeous little stones simply set to wear every day, the days when you might not be attending a cocktail party perhaps.....

"Moss" ring size 7

I really like square and rectangle stones, I always have, I think it's because they resemble small paintings. This moss agate is a stunner from every angle it contains an inner glow.

I met a small neighbor girl the other day who was thoroughly infatuated with my garden, she looked in my pond and exclaimed "look at the BEAUTIFUL moss"..........soulmates I thought ;)

*sold "Gauguin" size 7.75

I've never seen an ocean jasper in these colors, the stone instantly reminded me of a lush jungle maybe somewhere in Tahiti. I read a blog yesterday that had a Gauguin painting featured and thought yes those are the colors.

*sold "Sage" size 8

I've had this stone for quite some time and I can't remember just how I acquired it or what the material is other than a plume agate. It looks like dried flowers kept as a memento from some important event, pressed in a book, the pages now yellowing.

I've been putting in the hours and having a good time out in my studio as of late, I decided to make an old school band for Sage to copy a ring I wear often, a ring I made a long time Wonder Woman ring......

The bands are pretty, every bit counts.....

I always like the little details, one of my customers told me she liked my jewelry because she felt like she got "more" awwww

I went up to the hills this early morning and watched the deer make their way though the tall and browning grass.

They look at me the same way I look at them and I was thinking about how much their silhouettes reminded me of winged insects with velvety antennae.

I did a bit of shopping while I was out, I did not see the owls but I had some clues that they were still around ;)

Have a beautiful day, xo Ro

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rings All Week

Let's just look at rings all week......

The hematite "Quicksilver" Ring size 8.25, this one has movement, the hematite stone is so reflective you can pretend like you're checking your nails but as a member of the #1 Ladies Detective Agency you can actually see what's going on behind you.

"Slice of Heaven" size 8.25 includes a faceted aquamarine surrounded by rays of light drawing attention to the pretty stone.

mercury detail on the Quicksilver band.

angel wing on the "Slice" ring

I'm off for a renewing haircut then back home and back to work.

Have a productive day all, xoxo Ro

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ringing in the Week


I hope you had a sweet weekend and a nice Mothers Day, ours included a well attended birthday party, thank you for the birthday wishes for Bryce. Mothers day was quiet and nice and dotted with my favorite, purple tulips and a delicious breakfast prepared by the Mr.

I'm working on rings this week and will be listing the pretty blue chalcedony garden ring above unfinished when listing time rolls around, it will then be sized for the lucky recipient as the stones have not been set the settings still appear loose and wonky.

The Gallery compound here has been a busy place as of late, my friend sent this as a life preserver :)....

life is a garden
not a road

we enter and exit
through the same gate

where we go matters less
than what we notice


I watched a butterfly aimlessly lilt through the garden then I sped off to wander the isles of the packing supply company..........with a smile........carrying my pet squirrel for company.

Have a lovely, xo Ro

Friday, May 11, 2012


I walk on a slope of a hill gone green.
Grass, little flowers in the grass,
as in a children's illustration.
The misty sky's already turning blue
A view of other hills unfolds in silence.

As if there'd never been any Cambrians, Silurians,
rocks snarling at crags,
upturned abysses,
no nights in flames
and days in clouds of darkness.

As if plains hadn't pushed their way here
in malignant fevers,
icy shivers.

As if seas had seethed only elsewhere,
shedding the shores of the horizons.

It is nine thirty local time.
Everything's in its place and in polite agreement.
In the valley a little brook cast as a little brook.
A path in the role of a path from always to ever.

Woods disguised as woods alive without end,
and above them birds in flight play birds in flight.

This moment reigns as far as the eye can reach.
One of those earthly moments
invited to linger.

by Wislawa Szymborska

have a wonderfilled weekend, xo Ro

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Six reasons to smile before breakfast.....
1. fog in the valley bird on duty

3. owl teens hiding in plain sight

4. finches making the most of it

5. The Mutabilis Rose sporting all three colors.

6. spider interior decorator..... fabulous!

1. A facial expression characterized by an upward curving of the corners of the mouth and indicating pleasure, amusement, or derision.

Wishing you all a good day, xo Ro