Saturday, March 31, 2012

Short and Stupendous

Banjo and I went shopping for you, we wanted to get you a special treat for always being so good to us. We looked all over and found this. We hope you like it as much as we do.

xoxox Ro and Jo

Thursday, March 29, 2012


I finished two rings yesterday, sticking with a blue theme. I made another tall "Esperanza" with a Kingman Turquoise and shorter "Bluebird" ring with a blue chalcedony.

Esperanza is a size 8 and Bluebird is *sold size 6.25

both have sturdy narrower bands.

I've been thinking about the lapis in our local mountains, this being the best time of year to go looking for it. Years ago when my husband was trout fishing I tagged along to look at rocks and such. I found a perfect blue rock lying in the mud and thought, wow, this looks like lapis at the time not knowing it was up there.

*Ceanothis, California Lilac

This morning we decided to hike upstream, where the creek lets out then clamber up the creek that leads to the outcropping of lapis,which turned out to be no easy go. It's an extremely narrow canyon, strewn with brush and we found the best way to traverse it since the water level is low this year was to rock hop our way up,.....

......which we did til we saw this....

The waterfall is beautiful but a dead end and the wall was so high and the canyon so tight I couldn't get a shot of the whole thing. One lens sisters, it was hard enough taking the camera :)

So this is where we started noodling for the blue. It was so much fun we invented new words such as fools lapis (gray stone that resembles lapis under water) and crapis, (light blue denim, throw it back). We didn't do well or find any amazing pieces but had a wonderful cheap date in the process.

I did score a few nice pieces from a friend that told me he was having a fire sale, his jeep burnt up on the way back from the mountains and he needed some quick cash.

I believe this is the only outcropping of lapis in North America, I like having the blues, how about you?
xoxo Ro

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pockets Full of Blue

I've been feeling a little broochie lately. I love to make brooches a sort of underutilized jewelry item in my humble opinion. I like to make them and I like to wear them. I like their clean lines without chains and hardware, they're like little paintings. I think I want to make two but this is where I've gotten so far on my brooch safari.
This is "Larkpsur" she's a hungry spring bunny that is ever so fond of the tender shoots of garden grown annuals.

I went on a garden safari this morning to capture the blue. I like the shadow on this "she" scrub jay.

Much like me allowing my brother to carry my water while out on the bike, she will survey as he builds the nest.

While out hunting I captured a pair of Western Bluebirds, ever so willing to pose. She being less in the color department decided.........

to show me how talented she is.........bravo!

The bachelor buttons have naturalized nicely.

oh and the scilla is putting on a pretty show......but wait....

who is that?

hey! It's Larkspur growing fat, isn't she cute? An adorable little chain saw :)

Nothing to do but go with the flow.........

Happy day all, xoxo Ro and Lark

Monday, March 26, 2012

A New Week Begins

It's a pretty morning after a wonderful dousing of rain late yesterday. I had a mostly working weekend but I did get out on my trusty steed (my mountain bike) early yesterday with my brother and darn, there is still one hill that I just can't do. I got 3/4 of the way up, this one is a killer, I lean over my front tire as to keep it from coming up off the trail it's so steep but I still don't have the guns to make it all the way to the top. What awaits at the top, gorgeous views and another mile or so of steady thigh burning uphill. The weather was cool and cloudy and once we made it to the very top we ditched our bikes in the weeds and continued up higher on a worn deer trail. The sky opened and I saw a kettle of red-tail hawks circle overhead, a sight I have never before observed. I have never seen more than three or four fly together, I counted nine, rolling overhead then off to some other destination. I think I screamed a little WWWWOW!

* I wish I had a camera with me but I don't wear a backpack, maybe sometime I will, I try and go as light as possible, I make my brother carry water for me :)

The garden is bejeweled in droplets a beautiful sight this morning, everything is perky and washed clean from the rain.

Dog beach is being well attend as you can see.

The night sky has been stupendous with Venus and Jupiter tailing the moon in this wiggly handheld shot. As I was standing outside stargazing in the dimming, I heard a fast ticking overhead, I looked up to see and owl brush by, he launched into an neighboring pine tree to scare out another one. One chased the other all the while tick, tick ,tick like a baseball card in the spokes of a fast moving bicycle ( I don't think kids do that anymore, a clothespin being a relic). I looked it up and discovered that owls click there tongues as a threat to scare away other offending owls, a fact I thought you might like to know too.

I added a "Remember to Soar" bracelet to my etsy shoppe. I designed this cuff for myself and I wear mine everyday and it really does help in times of desperation.

Here's to the beginning of a good week!, xoxoRo

Saturday, March 24, 2012

On Silence

our one-sided acquaintance
grows quite nicely.

I know what a leaf, petal, ear, cone, stalk is,
what April and December do to you.

Although my curiosity is not reciprocal,
I specially stoop over for some of you,
and crane my neck for others.

I've got a list of names for you:
maple, burdock, hepatica,
mistletoe, heath, juniper, forget-me-not
but you have none for me.

We're traveling together.
But fellow passengers usually chat,
exchange remarks at least about the weather,
or about the stations rushing past.

We wouldn't lack for topics: we've got a lot in common.
The same star keeps us in its reach.
We cast shadows based on the same laws.
We try and understand things, each in our own way,
and what we don't know brings us closer too.

I'll explain as best I can, just ask me:
what seeing with two eyes is like,
what my heart beats for, and why my body isn't rooted down.

But how to answer unasked questions,
while being furthermore a being so totally
a nobody to you.

Undergrowth, coppices, meadows, rushes-
everything I tell you is a monologue,
and it's not you who listens.

Talking with you is essential and impossible.
Urgent in this hurried life
and postponed to never.

The Silence of Plants by; Wislawa Szymborska
*meadow rue

Friday, March 23, 2012

A Beautiful Life

I got out early and walked up the sun this morning reflecting on a week jam packed with joy. I realize it's not always how much you accomplish that's important but being present and tuned in. Life b.c. (before computers), yes, I remember that life being now closer to 60 than 50. I own my age and I'm proud of it, I'm also happy to have experienced the age before all this. When my son was little we didn't even have a television, it was a simpler time, the pace was slow and rather nice.

The reason I love to walk so much is that it gets me away from everything, it makes me tune back in to the quiet, to gentle things, it gentles me.

(blooming poison oak)

Sometimes this is the only place that makes sense to me, a place I can count on. Do you ever feel like that?

The sun always rises right over there.....

That oak has a million stores to tell, birds it has housed, shade it has cast on deer and coyote, gophers and moles that wiggle around it's toes, fires that have tortured it only to rise again like the phoenix. I want to say, I appreciate you beautiful tree, but I don't have to say anything, I say it inside.

I share my walk with my quiet and faithful partner, we walk in step.

I admire the pretty tatting hung in full view, a little gallery, for those that can bend or take a moment to marvel at small and precious gifts.........

and I slow down for coyote weed and admire the color that reminds me of those long john popsicles the color of a cartoon sunset.

I am a great aunt and I met my great nephew, age 3 for the fist time this week, Oh, WHAT a joy. I adore kids and he is one special pal o mine. If he didn't live in Georgia I would hope to see him every day. Bryce showed me <<this>> earlier this week and we laughed til we cried, so I showed it to my new young pal who said..... again, again and naturally I was laughing too only I realized his mother wasn't, "Don't you think this is funny" I asked? "I think you're funny" she said. HA!

Life is the present, open and enjoy!!!

Have a wonderfilled weekend, xoxo Ro

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's New

I must say, I feel like I've fallen and I'm having a hard time getting up. The way I work is with self imposed deadlines and I have to tell you, I'm pretty hard on myself. At the beginning of each day I give myself a list of tasks to accomplish and I'm disappointed in myself if I don't reach my goals. I usually make my list when I'm out hiking, this week I'm failing miserably and the week just keeps strutting by......I want to tell it, wait for me but I know it won't.

I made a few pretty things to show you, this piece is a little ode to the blossoming fruit trees and redbuds occurring this time of year. The stone is ocean jasper.......

with pretty peach colored hues on a bit of twiggy chain made by me, fastened to commercial chain, soft on your neckie poo.

I made a pretty tangerine piece with a mouth watering faceted carnelian droplet.....

rather elegant and complicated, something new and different.......for......


I've been thinking about Mountain Mahogany, yes I really have, why, I can't say, It's not even blooming here yet. I have an image stuck in my brain in of that plant with the sun setting behind it, back lit and the entire plant glowing like the burning bush. It was funny when I visited the nursery, one of the plants Susan suggested was Mountain Mahogany, "well yes, I said, I would love to plant one and *she gushed about the same image, that burning bush image and she brought it up first, wow, serendipity. I spent too much time mocking up earrings until I was pleased with the end result of fabricating my own MM's

Lastly I want to all to meet Petunia and Violet (Violet is the baby), I found them on etsy and I must report they're getting along with Jasper that will forever suffer with low self esteem and that silly monkey and burro team.

These pieces are coming to etsy when I catch up,
xoxo The ever hopeful Ro

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break

I hope you had a good weekend, mine was jam packed as weekends go. We had a wonderful few days of rain and wind which I enjoyed immensely, weather always makes me feel alive. I readied the garden with the help of husband and son, which was no easy task. If you've read my blog for a while you will know what a strong advocate I am for native plants. Natives are beneficial in so many ways, for attracting birds and pollinators, amphibians and reptiles and also mammals, including humans :) We have a wonderful resource in our area and if you aren't familiar with RSABG you might want to take a visit, and I guarantee you will be inspired. They also have a nursery now and I had a good time making plant selections with one of my former instructors.

*It doesn't matter where you live, there are native plant societies everywhere with good people making an effort to educate on the preservation of native species or plants that want to live where you live, with little care and requirements but big benefits.

I went out bird hunting with my camera under slated skies and it seemed that they were all home and busy. I have yet to get a tremendous shot of the flitty American Kestrel this one launching cut a nice silhouette in the gray.

Dichleostemma, or wild hyacinth, one of my favorites, easy to grow, this one is *in the wild but I do have them in my garden.

I watched the ravens and hawks, hard at work building their nests, readying for the upcoming seasonal events.

I feathered my nest too and enjoyed my home...........

and garden.

On St Patrick's day the corniest of events took place, right on schedule, leprechauns were involved.

It snowed again, so beautiful.......

..and I hiked with friend in a gorgeous canyon and enjoyed the crunch of fresh snow underfoot as we made our way up.

*big leaf maple

We celebrated birthdays with good food.........

some dancing....

a little singing....

I wanted to show you my friend Annie's ahhhhmazing cake, delicious too.

Family and friends are here visiting, I started some rainy day projects and fulfilled a few jewelry commitments now it's time to dig in and start a work week.

Happy day all, thanks for visiting, xoxo Ro