Thursday, December 6, 2012

Small Marvels




Suddenly, from the tip of a tall yucca,
a hummingbird rises then flies to me,
it's beak parted it's wings flapping my face.

It orbits my head once, twice, then pauses
as we drink each other in, the bird's body
barely aquiver, its wings beating the air.

I hold my breath, it holds its eye on mine, 
then dips its head to look over my green dress,
the web of my hair, my smooth bare feet.

It's plain that one of us is a mirage
the other has imagined into being.
Or that we're both having the same dream.

I'm caught up by the metallic sheen and whirl:
pose and purpose sculpted into sheer joy.
A cheep, and the hummingbird disappears.

Encounter by my friend Maurya Simon
from Days of Awe

The pictures were taken yesterday in the screaming sun, today a nice drippy, mist as we trod along under gray skies.

So many birthdays this month, happy birthday dear December babies, Maurya is one of them.

Have a marvelous day all, xoxo Ro


  1. Small marvel for sure!! Love your friend's poem, evoking a magical experience.

    Your recent pendants including that amazing horse canyon agate are quite "marvelous" as well :))

    1. Oh my the hummingbirds are thick, it's really fantastic!

      I'm in love with that horse canyon, I bought quite a few nice stones, like small moss paintings lovely......... marvelous! :P

  2. Oh!!! Your new banner photo is fantastic!!! Years ago an adult coopers hawk came to perch next to the main doors of the office building where I worked. Our office had a window with a perfect closeup view. Thinking it must be injured to perch at eye level in a busy space, we located wildlife rescue people who came to rescue him/her. It was there for hours & was so exciting & wonderful to watch. This was before camera phones (actually pre internet) so no candid snapshot except the one in my memory. xoxoxo

    1. Don't you just love those moments that live on in memory I'm sure they take on better properties that way anyway, I have them too, filed away.

      pre-internet, I have to say....glad I was there :)

  3. oh! I just gasped when I saw your Cooper Hawk banner picture...OH WOWOWWWWWEEEEEEEE!!!!
    the hummingbird!!!!
    I can't believe you had your camera ready.
    ♥♥♥ priceless ♥♥♥!!
    and if that wasn't enough, the poem was just perfect. do you ever do it my friend.
    I am SO blessed!!!!!!!
    love you!

    1. I had to do it, I thought the blue sky would be appreciated by all.

      Oh well I was thinking about you since you love them so. I was trying to get a picture of the ones that POP, did you ever hear it? It's so loud you can't believe that small bird could muster it. They were everywhere yesterday on my sunny hike but the ones making that sound were extra skittish and way up in the sycamores.

      I love you back Dovley!! OOO

  4. This post and the poem are lovely gifts--thank you so much for sharing! LOVE these photos--they tell a story!!

    And I'm with Deb and Priscilla on your new banner--WOWWOWWOWWOW!!!!!! Fierce and honest. Marvel-ous.

    That's something--we all could do with a bit more "marveling". :-)

    Happy birthday to your poet friend this month--I think I need to look for more of her work!!

    1. Oh, now here's one of the birthday girls! Happy birthday, I bet marvels await you on this special day, something chocolaty too!!

      Yes, I do hope you check out her work, her birthday is tomorrow btw.


    2. OH Caroline!! IS it your birthday??
      I wish you tons of happiness and lots of warm hugs today!!!
      (and well, really....ALWAYS!!)

    3. Thanks, Deb! :-) Part of the December rush, but that means I'm a turquoise baby. Thanks for the happy wishes and hugs--I appreciate that VERY much!! Hope you're doing well, too, sweet lady--you're our eyes and ears at the Darrow show, you know!!!


      I just looked up some of Maurya's work--wow!! I definitely have to read more--and send birthday wishes to HER!!

      P.S. Doug is baking the cake later, I hope--ALL chocolate, all the time--not my grandma's recipe, Ro, but still pretty good--he likes butter. Of course, he couldn't see the three cartons holding eggs in the refrigerator last night, so there's no cake YET...but it's the intent that counts in this case. We'll see if cake appears....

    4. Happy birthday, Caroline! Hope you're having a wonderful day. And here's to your birthday cake: may it arrive on time! =)

    5. Thanks for your kind wishes, Ash...arrived home to a dark house and no electricity--drove back to where I work for supper (16 miles one way)--just got home--no cake tonight--so I get to keep celebrating tomorrow, I guess, with fresh cake! It's birthday improv....

    6. Aww, fiddlesticks. I hope you got a second shot at a cake, Caroline! (Two days means two big slices, right??)

  5. Ahh, your blog really is better than a cup of Joe, Ro!

    Beautiful new banner. Lovely poem. And that last photo--what a pose! =)

    (I've always enjoyed getting older, but I must admit, it's so weird to nearly be at the same age I most clearly remember my parents being when I was still at home, and how old I thought they were, how adult they seemed. I look in the mirror and I just don't see it--ha! Then again, I don't have a bunch of kids telling me otherwise!!!)

    Have a terrific rest of the week, Ro, and good luck with all the final preparations for next week!


  6. Thank you Ash.

    Yes, I know just what you mean, our parents seemed like they were from some foreign world I have never have been too, they were sort of above us, I don't remember them sitting on the floor all the time playing or ever being silly, that was left for my grandfather ......... I believe we are once removed from our past and why we identify with our grandparents so much or maybe it's because we experienced them when they headed back to youth. OR it could just be we had four to choose from.

    all is well .....continuing forward..


    1. Totally!

      Men = Martians
      Women = Venusians
      Parentals - Plutonians

  7. I love hummingbird sounds--they can be SO aggressive and vocal, commanding respect at top volume. :-)

  8. They make a POP like someone smacking their tongue in a microphone, weird!

  9. Good morning, Ro! Happy weekend :o). I have my dear friend Muriel back in the hospital. She had emergency surgery but is doing very well. ♥ I have been missing out on so much!!

    Dear Caroline...belated birthday wishes to such a sweet turquoise baby :) :)!!! I hope you had a wonderful celebration, and a looooong one by the sound of it! ;o)

    Another birthday wish going out to Maurya too. I love the poem, and count me in among the ranks of those that will be learning about her. {{Marvelous!}}

    Speaking of precious things.....Ro! Your banner is *amazing*!! Mr. Cooper is SO handsome!!! And your festive flourishes (red and green) were not lost on me!! I'm always impressed at such a busy time as this for you -- that you are so organized and still sharing cool stuff on your blog. If you look up "wonder woman" in the dictionary...there is a picture of YOU!

    Have a great rest of your weekend, all. xxxooo
    P.S. And Ash - loved your planetary analysis! HA!! :)

    1. (I'm sure there's more to add, especially since Pluto got 'demoted' and all...not that I'd say it in earshot of my mum, though.) =D

    2. Oh dear Muriel, she has been though the ringer lately, I hope she is back in the saddle soon. I know she's happy to have you for a friend, she's a lucky lady.

      Oh thank you for noticing my tiny Christmas hint. Oh yes he/she was a most precious thing, it was hard to resist a little snuggle :) Oh, well I'm not sure about WW status but I do appreciate it, I'm starting to get excited, I have a lot of nice things to show now...yayeeee

      I hope you're having good weekend Lisa!

      xxxOOO xoxoo000

  10. I KNOW and I had grown so fond of Pluto!

    I like the thought of moms or mums speaking Plutonin (not to be confused with the element used in bomb making)

    I like your new look!