Monday, December 10, 2012

I Saw Them!

I've been getting up early which is no surprise but I'm also finding myself reading in bed by about 8:30 p., I've decided not to fight it. I used to try and stay up but I don't know why. My new rising hour is about 4 which is lovely and quiet, it seems rather unconventional I guess but it feels right.

I saw them this morning.....Prancer or Dancer or Comet or Blitzen

Cupid or Vixen (Vixen really?) none with a red nose however.

I'm busy making gifts and I wish I had found some elves to help out but it's just little ol me in the workshop these days.

Have a good week all, Santa's deer are getting ready!

xo Ro doulph :)


  1. You are a lucky girl Ro!
    Santa's deer look fit and ready for the big day!

    4am really?
    I'm a night owl myself.

    I'm always looking for a little help from an elf too....they must be busy up north.
    : )

  2. Don't they look fit.....too fat to fly!

    I know, my husband is a night owl too, it's quiet at night too but it's not my time of day. would be so nice : ) :)


  3. Holy Toledo, Ro. Just look at that gorgeous silvered trail!

    I can't remember the last time I was awake at 4:00, on purpose, anyway. Still, you get to see the loveliest things at that time of day.

    Haha...Vixen. Maybe we should rename her!

    Best of luck with all your silvering and smithing. Maybe you'll have some night elves come visit, like the shoemaker..


    1. Oh, night elves. That's a good idea, Ash!! Belle could show them the layout of the studio, boss them around....

    2. Hahaha! She SO would do that, wouldn't she. I had this image immediately pop in my head: Belle galavanting around in her burro-drawn sleigh, cracking the whip! =)

    3. I'm feeling pretty ready but a little monkey and elf fun sounds terrific, poor Churro how did he ever get caught up with this bunch, I need to find his tiny red Christmas blanket!

  4. You are so lucky to have Santa's deer around your home xx

    1. I do feel lucky Mona, I don't remember seeing such a large pack of bucks like that before, a nice December gift!

      Big blue, cool December sky was not too shabby either.

  5. Hahaa!!!! They're out frolicking before the Big Night, hanging out in the famed California sunshine! What a herd!!!! Get ready, boys!! AND Vixen, who was probably taking a break from all the antlers like any sane female would do, don't you think??

    I'm guessing Vixen gets to be in harness to ask directions in case Santa takes a wrong turn. :-) Could happen, you know!!!

    Thanks for the smile, Ro--and the glimpse of your silver trail. Oh my...glimmering like stars and meteors in our prairie sky....

    1. The BOYS, and I think Vixen has implants since they all had antlers, they were telling jokes and I got pictures of the three pointer scratching his rear with his rack, they were headed off for gambling and cigars.

      Oh you are so right without gps they would need a girl to break down and ask for directions! Still an odd name for a deer :)

      Silver trails to you until we meet again ♫♬♩la laaaa, I'm going to sing it when I hike......think about the meteors and dream about that aurora in your sky............and Roy Rogers :)

    2. Antler implants..."scratching his rear with his rack..."!
      Bahahaha! TOO funny!!! =)

  6. So that is what all that shouting was last night, I heard 'em (lol, pun intended) go by! Glad Santas deer landed for a beautiful rest this morning out by Ro's trail.
    those dry runs are necessary, when there is such a big responsibility round the rooftops in just 15 days!
    silver trails, silver Christmas the mountains.
    * ok
    so a little liberty with the song, ok?
    heh heh

    1. thenk yew Ash, join in anytime!

    2. Gahhhhhh 15 days,,,,but who's counting....that would mean, December needs more days! Well the boys look good and ready anyway and Vixen!

      Oh, another version of silver trails, la laaa la laa!

      Ash in pink, I hardly recognize you, lookin' like a hip kitty!

    3. I know, right. It's weird. I'm still trying to find my old picture. (The skiing thing is a little tongue in cheek. The first--and only--time I went skiing I got knocked out...and that happened when we weren't even skiing!)

  7. I love your new banner, Ro! What beautiful deer in your corner of the world!! Have a beautiful relaxing season.

    1. Congrats on your snow Dawn, I'd like to boast a white Christmas too, some hot mulled cider, mmmm!

      Thank you the banner is my surprise visitor :)

  8. 4am?? Wow, you are an early riser!
    I'm up at about 6, very reluctantly hehe :)
    Love your deer pictures! And I really love that last picture, wowee! all those rings! :)

  9. I can't help it but it's a good time to catch up on email and the like then head out at first light. The only problem is that I crumble in the evening.

    I bet Bingo won't let you oversleep just like Banjo promps a walk, she's hard to refuse, with all that enthusiasm written on her face. It's interesting watching the deer patterns, now the girls and the young keep separate from the boys with antlers.

    I made a lot, a lot of everything even without elves, I'm hoping to get some on etsy after the show since my shop went so dead.

  10. Fa la la la la, la la la laaaaaa.....! HOLY smokes.

    Cool stuff, Ro-dolph!! :o) I love♥ the sighting of all of those males. Awwwwww. And the thought of implants makes me laugh! Ho ho ho!! When the kids were little and we lived in Rochester, NY, I used to take them to the zoo this time of year. The zoo was open year-round, and they had reindeer in the back. A LOT of entertainment for minimal $. We always looked for Rudolph, but would realize he must be at the North Pole! I have memories of pushing a stroller through snow and slush.

    I love to picture little Belle doing her thing this time of year -- being bossy and controlling -- ha! I picture your compound being a veritable hive of activity. At this point you must all be in overdrive. Have fun doing all of the last minute things. I know it will look and be amazing.

    That is an *astounding* line up of silver and gems. I hope some DO make it to etsy. {I know ... that's selfish of me. Maybe someone else here can relate? lol }

    Happy 12-12-12 everyone! It's a once in a lifetime phenomenon :).


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  12. Orion would make a wonderful elf :) I wish we lived close enough to go on a hike with you!! xoxo

  13. Beautiful beings around you, Rochelle. And what a talent with gift-making! Happy times for you.