Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Here Comes Sandy Claws

It felt like it took forever, I tried to enlist the potter but it's his turn to be sick, even though he told me he would, I couldn't wait all day so I did it myself. I put your names down on bits of paper........

I went out to the pottery barn and selected a nice tall vessel, I left the lid out there :), (I'm giving you the blow by exciting blow:) :) Oh and I was wrapping stuff and I thought the wrapping stuff was pretty so I kept it in the picture.

I jostled and stirred the tiny papers (I'm calling my memoir "Tiny Papers" btw, I've had the title for years, I write everything down on tiny papers right before I lose them all, sometimes I find them scrunched and washed clean in the dryer.)  back to the winner...............

and the winner is Dedri!

Dedri, you won, fair and square and you didn't have to make the trip from NM. For Christmas you will have warm and colorful toes, hands warmed by hot tea and TURQUOISE cuz NO woman can ever have enough. Dedri please let me know where to send these treats.

I added some pretty things to my etsy store yesterday right now the shipping to everywhere is free. My store will be open til Friday evening then closed for a week. I want to wish all of you the most delightful Christmas and especially a nice breather from your work schedule because that's what a girl really wants.

Congrats Dedri, xoxox Ro


  1. Congrats to Dedri!! Your gonna LOVE these!!

  2. Congratulations, Dedri!

    Happy Holidays everyone :)

  3. Big congrats, Dedri! How awesome =)

    Thanks again for such a wonderful giveaway, Ro. Always so much fun traveling along your trails.

    Hope you're all shipshape and feeling better soon. Nasty one this bug. (Hubs was tempted to put me out of my misery last night, but only so he doesn't catch it!)

    Glorious new pretties. That chrysoprase is just gorgeous!

    Have a gorgeous holiday season, Ro...and all the wonderful women here!

    Achoo! xxx

  4. Hooray, Dedri--enjoy the treats!!!!

    And thanks, Ro, for the generous giveaway and front row seats to the suspenseful drawing!!! :-) Great still life photos here of your jewels and Christmas trimmings--you make me smile with all this festive-ness!!!!!

    Merry Christmas along this trail!!!

  5. Congratulations to Dedri and Merry Christmas to ALL!

  6. I'm smiling right along with Caroline! Festive-ness indeed!!

    Dedri, you are so lucky! Congratulations!! I'm sure you will love all of your new treats. How lovely :-).

    Speaking of additions to your shop are beautiful!

    Ro, I hope today finds you feeling much better. I'm sorry your talented potter is not feeling 100%.

    Merry "last days leading up to Christmas"!


  7. Congrats to Dedri:)
    Merry Christmas for all!!!

  8. Congratulations Dedri!

    Dear Ro, I hope you & family have a wonderful, fun, relaxing holiday time!! And free from miserable viruses. Enjoy your breather from store keeping!!

    Happy Holidays to all followers of along the trail !!!

  9. Congrats to Dedri, you lucky girl you!

    Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year too!


  10. I guess it's not about me O.O
    My friend was looking for me on google images and he found this blog
    So congratulations for that other Dedri! :)

    ps. excuse me for my knowledge of English, I'm using translator