Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Flight Amulet

 I created a piece yesterday for your consideration, a piece with a little story running through it.

The weather has been rather wonderful, we've been wrapped in clouds for several days with drizzle and steady rain, it feels like a great big hug, the scents are beautiful, raw earth, plant oils.

 Yesterday on my morning commute I was thrilled to see this small hawk sitting on my roof, I thought it was a little kestrel but I couldn't believe it was allowing me to snap its picture at such close range, especially since it was completely exposed. Some birds are extra nervous and flitty, the kestrel would fall into that category (birdagory). As you may know I enjoy the company of birds especially with my camera in hand, you learn that they have distinctive behavioral traits and any kestrel that was not sick or harmed would allow this.

(note the large deodar cedar in the background, it will come in handy later)

I proceeded to see just how close I could get and realized this bird was not a kestrel but a coopers hawk a fledgling about half the size of a fully mature coop so I began to worry. I worried that he had been poisoned buy perhaps a drowsy mouse in the throws of death an easy catch for a young bird and a reason I will never, ever put down rodent poison. I have battery operated rodent traps, to me they seem like the most humane way to take care of the problem, one kibble of dog food and zappo, the light flashes when it's full, no blood no muss, my dogs and your cat are safe. stepping off the soap box but think about it.

(note the porcelain wings above my door, of course he would come here)

 I wondered just what to do and I remembered the first thing to do with a bird rescue is, nothing, leave it alone. If you find a bird that has fallen from a nest, stick it back in. Naturally if you find an injured bird you would try and get it to a rescue group or a vet that handles birds especially if it had a broken wing or another serious problem, like one foot. I have taken pictures of coopers hawks before, them seem to like to retract their unusually long legs beneath their feathers, I assume for warmth.

 He looked fine, maybe a little droopy, but he was not shivering and he sat out there nearly all day as I tapped and slammed, sawed and filed. At one point a tool flew out of nowhere into a small plastic container of evil eyes I had made and sent the flying all over my studio, I didn't bother to try and find them, every once in a while I would discover one here or there, I was thinking these were good omens. You can't have too many silver, evil eyes as protection now can you, they're now peppered all over my studio. I turned on the radio and proceeded to work with my bird hat on. At one point the jays came and caused such a ruckus I chased them away. You can always tell when the jays feel threatened, they scream and carry on in a way that would be impossible to ignore. My friend had an outdoor school with a bird blind and told me the jays would tell her when a rattlesnake was present, I believe it. I began to actually hope the sun would come out and warm him up.

I was also hoping the crows would not discover this little stowaway. I decided I needed to stay home and make sure they didn't. The clouds did finally break and the small bird started to look better and better. I checked on him periodically and at one point he had flown or jumped to the main roof. I knew he could fly, otherwise he would not be up there in the first place. My husband and I did note that twice during the day we did see an adult coop flying overhead. This young coop had such a sweet look and he was not afraid of me at all, it made me think of the book I used to read to Bryce.........."Are You My Mother".......but the human woman said no, you should fly away.

This is one of the last shots I took benath the blue sky, I went out to look on the roof and he was gone, yayy. A little while later I heard the jays again, this time in the hummingbird hive so went to see what all the screaming was about and guess what, I saw this litlle guy tooteling in a circle overhead then fly off and land in a tall deodar. Just a day in the life as they say, full of small wonders.

I wanted to help him out so I created this flight piece, a Hawks Amulet for good luck and safe travels. The stone is a marvelous Yellow Feather Jasper from Utah I purchased over the weekend. I constructed a perfect little primary feather from silver a necessary component for lift and I made a silver leaf for perching and added it to the clasp, (shown in the first picture). The composition rests on a bed of oak leaves, a small acorn for the jays.

Oh boy, it's coming on Christmas and I feel like the kid that can't come out to play til all chores are done. I'll be adding this piece to etsy at some point today.

( I heard on NPR that marvelous is an outdated word so I'm going to use it as often as I can, won't you join me, resurrecting it would be just *marvelous. They also said that M&M's are an outdated candy, "hey now!" Nobody's gonna dis my M's!

The pendant has landed here.

Thank you for your friendship, wishing you a good day, a good week.
xoxo Ro


  1. I would say this all about grace, and I love your story here, told in eloquent words and marvelous pictures!!!!!!!!! (Outdated word? Outdated candy? Fie!!!!!!!)

    This coop recognized a sanctuary when he saw it--may we all be so wise--and he took the time he needed to rest and strengthen his wings--may we all be so thoughtful of ourselves when necessary. Personally, I love the ruckus this guy caused--upset the local residents, who were a little TOO busy. I also love the fact you stayed there for him--kept watch, a guardian of sorts.

    Blessings all around, I'd say, and a story and pendant to show for it, complete with an important tree. :-) What a gift!!

    1. Fie indeed........"everything old is new again!"

      Truly, poor little guy just needed a little rest, you would have done the same, so funny how protective you feel, so quickly. You should have heard those jays screaming, "A COOPERS HAWK" squawk, SUAaAWK, they were sounding the alarm.

      Blessings to you sweet lady!


  2. I just love your morning stories Ro. Sitting at my computer with a blistering cup of pretend coffee, your stories always put me in a storytelling mood. (Thank God. This fake stuff certainly isn't cutting it!)

    Darling wee hawk. Glad he's safe and flying your skies. Sweetest expression, ever.

    Your homage to him is just gorgeous, marvelously so. =)

    Hope you get all your chores done! (Hehe. I'm feeling a bit way that myself. Last Thursday I thought it was Friday--changed all the calendars in the house and everything. I was so bummed when I realized I'd skipped a day...because it meant one more extra sleep until Christmas, darn it!)


    1. Obviously this would have made more sense if I had said I thought FRIDAY was the 1st! No idea where Thursday came from. This is what happens when one is not duly caffeinated. (It also means one cannot spell cafienated...caffienated...caffenated--stuff it: nectar of the gods flowing through my veins--without a dictionary!)

    2. Oh, never heard of it, Lisa. (Just looked it up.) I'll have to keep an eye out for it. I adore coffee. It just doesn't love me back. =(

    3. Just slang for coffee! lol =)

    4. HAHA!!

      I did find this, though: http://www.javajuiceextract.com/


    5. Hey are you two having cowfee without me, I'm having my java juice right now getting ready for a new day.

      I lost track of days last week too Ash but I was kinda glad cuz I felt like I got an extra day right when I could use one :)

  3. He's such a beautiful little bird who will be *marvelous* one day. Ha!

    The necklace is a great tribute to him. He was sent there to inspire you :)

    *I think phat, bling, frenemy, etc. are the outdated "words"...

    1. So MARVELOUS to have you visit.

      He was such a lovely little fellow, chick....not really sure of the gender, I think the males have red eyes but maybe only the mature ones, gotta look that up.

      Though the word "cool" stays in vogue, unfriend, the new frenemy.

  4. What a great story! I'm glad the little guy wasn't injured. You got some marvelous pictures too! Outdated?! Sheesh. You and your blog readers will bring it back :)
    I love your tribute to him, it's gorgeous! That stone is very different, lovely colors.

    1. As you know it was a bit of a nail biter, I was relieved when it all turned out so well, it turned out to be a MARVELOUS photo opportunity as well :)

      Oh my goodness DJ I picked up some mighty fine rocks!

      The stone in this piece looks like fossilized bone, I love it!

  5. Well, my goodness! I can't think of a better story to go with such a marvelous piece of jewelry. I love how INSTANTLY committed you were....Eric too! Now that's a gal after my own heart ♥.

    (I shall try to bring that word back into popularity around here! Fie, indeed, Caroline and Ro!) :) And while we're at it -- let's all use "birdagory" and get it into Webster's!!

    The photos are fantastic...almost as lovely as that gorgeous necklace. WOWZA!!! Certainly a classy, superb tribute. And I love how it can be worn different lengths...perfect.

    Oh.......Santa?? Could I add this to my list? There's still time, right? ;-)

    1. You know how it is momma bluebird, it was put THERE for a reason me thinks.

      I really didn't think that little bird needed *category, it sounds a little too dangerous :)

      I hope there's still time since I NEED to still do my Christmas shopping, yikes!

      I hope you has FAB day, a few M's perhaps :P

  6. birdagory
    I am laughing, smiling, and LOVING this today!!
    Mesmerized by the description and the pictures of this MARVELOUS cooper hawk! Just look at his face...he knew comfort near the angel wings.
    THANK you dear friend for this today!

    1. Awwwww......of course :). Comfort near the angel wings! xo

    2. He was a small marvel Deb, sweetest darn hawk ever!

      Thank YOU dear friend for visiting!

      Nice to enter the space beneath the angels :)


  7. What cuddly gorgeous company you had for the day! Wish I had such an encounter ♥

    1. He did look extra cuddly too cute for words.

      There are always blessings out there but sometimes you have to go looking for them and sometimes they look for you.


  8. Simply marvelous. The story, the hawk, and your flight piece! I'll raise my bag of M&M's to you for being such a thoughtful, caring person.

  9. Twas Marvelous, such a satisfying turn of events.

    My favorite are the plain, toasting you back, you would have done the same thing, I just know it!

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