Friday, November 16, 2012

It's Important!

It's important to dress for success !

Have a loverly weekend, xoxo Ro


  1. Great artistic statement here--you look like you're ready to GO!!!

    Enjoy your weekend, too, lovely lady!!

  2. Hehee, as you can tell this is no Arctic storm, we'll take it though!

    You 2, enjoy!

  3. Best. Ever. And standing on a heart stone, too! =)

    Brightening my uniform black today, I'm wearing pink stripey mittens to warm my fingerlings as they tap and scribble away...and red Santa socks (counting down until I can watch The Santa Clause and leave out some cake for the fat guy)! =)

    Have a fab weekend!


    1. I like the way you spruced up your uniform, raven needs a little red berry, via santa socks. HA, the fat guy I hope he comes slower this year. People shopping ON Thanksgiving!

      You too, have a superduper weekend Ash!

  4. Look at those "piggies" in their funky socks (batiked by Katherine?) and rad, comfy shoes! lol Awww........ :)

    LOVE that ROCK too! Very cool. (Is that part of a walkway to your door? Where you sprinkle gems perhaps during your shows?)

    I want to click my ruby red shoes and be there on one of those dates you mentioned. I'm just wanting ONE date....doesn't have to be all of them!!!! Is that asking so much? Hahaah!


    1. I like me some funky footwear, my caterpillar socks, yes Kathryn made them, soft and cozy too, bamboo.

      Oh yes, when I went to the rock yard while building the garden I FOUND that big heart rock, it was a must have, it is the step just outside of my tiny studio, yes I pitch the wonky or dead cabs and beads that have too small a hole, are chipped or have an off center hole, they look pretty sprinkled in.

      I found some ruby slippers, what size are you? I wish I could have seen your bluebirds too. Nope, wanting one date should not be so much, how come you have to live way over there? :)

      Have a good weekend Ms Bird xoxoxo

  5. I really love this picture! LOL...just funky enough to make us all smile.
    I want ALL the gals on the trail to be at your show, wish I could snap ruby red shoes too, Ash...make it all complete.

  6. HAAA ha you saw them first hand!!

    Wouldn't THAT be fun, I know we would laugh a lot!!

    You're lookin' good, glad you're feeling better!!!!! xoxo