Thursday, November 8, 2012

Guess What?

Guess what, it's raining! I'm working in my garden with flip flops on wrenching out the withered and spent, last years models, chopping and slicing, scaring the worms up. How come worms are so plump and clean, they look like they've been pruning in a slipper tub when we know they live in dirt. Hey what's going on down there anyway? I'm thinking of a children's book with a view below, sliced like an ant farm, worms in tiny apartments watching tv.

Banjo is dreaming out loud as I pause here, now back outside, when I get the barrels full it will be studio time.

xoxo Rainbow Ro


  1. Hooray for RAIN! I know how you adore it! You go, girl!!

    1. It's refreshing, out of dormancy :)

      garden barrels full!

  2. Those worms were parched, too--coming up for a shower and to cheer you on--they like a good garden-cleaning every now and then.


    Enjoy the rain. We were just informed TWC named our impending snowstorm "Brutus". Good grief. Can't we have a private blizzard?? Heeheeheeee!!!

    Dance in the rain, lady!!!!

    1. I know it, the worms are living beneath the irrigation, smart!

      "Brutus" eee gads our storms are wimps, should be named Brittany :)

      dirty toes, happy hands....

  3. Those rain clouds look lovely. And those two love hearts amongst the branches--precious.

    Hope this marks the 'official' start of autumn for you. Looks like we're definitely get our first snowfall overnight. The first is always the best...there's magic in it.

    Happy day, Ro! *splish splosh splash*


  4. Isn't that the sweetest tree? I raked all the leaves to another bed so the worms could chomp the hearts like popcorn while they watch Judge Judy :P

    The fist snow is delightful, everything so clean and still the world goes quiet when it snows, well maybe not the Brutus snow. Magic, agreed.

    I heard a kid scream, "I'm getting wet" I think he was

    You enjoy too, xoxo

  5. ..."chomp the hearts like popcorn..." hehe. (Is this before or after they watch some soaps?)

    "I'm getting wet"...hahaha...this made me laugh out loud. Definite sign you've been too long without rain!

    The quiet...that's it exactly. My first experience of this was driving on a freeway in Seattle after an unexpected snow storm. Having never grown up with snow, it was quite astonishing for me to experience an entire city go virtually silent. Very surreal.

    Hope you've been stirring up some magic in your studio, today. (My ladies are very happy with their new surroundings and have been Chatty Cathys all day. I think I need to sedate them with some chocolate buttons.)