Friday, November 2, 2012

Everyday Mysteries

I have often wondered how a dog finds that "warm spot", how Marty becomes the small puddle of light, the one that takes up two tile squares in the laundry room in the winter only. Do they look for the light or do they feel the resonant warmth. No human or canine for that matter would find any joy spending an hour in the laundry room, yet that small shaft of light is where the pet squirrel can be found in the winter months with the washer dryer couple for company. This time of year as the first morning sun enters the room, Mart has to climb the chair mountain in which to partake. There are so many mysteries in every day life.......

Two Creatures

The last time I looked, the dog was lying
on the freshly cut grass
but now she has moved under the picnic table.

I wonder what causes her shift
from one place to another,
to get up for no apparent reason from her spot

by the stove, scratch one ear,
then relocate, slumping down
on the other side of the room by the big window,

or I will see her hop on the couch to nap
then later find her down
on the Turkish carpet, her nose on the fringe.

The moon rolls across the night sky
and stops to peer down at the earth,
and the dog rolls through these rooms

and onto the lawn, pausing here and there
to sleep or to stare up at me, head in her paws,
to consider the scentless pen in my hand

or the open book on my lap.
And because her eyes always follow me,
she must wonder, too, why

I shift from place to place, 
from the couch to the sink
or the pencil sharpener on the wall-

two creatures bound by wonderment
though unlike her, I have never once worried
after letting her out the back door

that she would take off in the car
and leave me to die
behind the solid locked doors of the house.

Billy Collins

Have a terrific weekend all! xoxo Ro


  1. This is so TRUE--dogs become puddles of light, soak up those rays. Maybe we can learn from them. :-)

    And Billy Collins--he always makes me smile! Thank you for this sunshine on a dreary November day in our corner of the prairie....

    And, Marty--bask and snooze a little for me, will ya??

  2. Love today's post & poem! Made me smile too!! xoxo

  3. Ah, those sun lovers. I might not understand it, but they always look so content! =)

    Great poem, too. Brought to mind my favorite six year old and his philosophizing fur ball:

    Sending rain clouds! =)


  4. Ro,
    Your jewels, from Wednesday's post, are beautiful.

    And, today's post really made me smile. As I read how Mart moves through the house with the sun as his guide, I pictured my Goldie, also a yorkie. If she's not at my side, I know it's because there is "good" sun streaming into the house somewhere. It's so funny, even on a cloudy day, she will check every one of her sun spots. They do know how live :)
    Have a relaxing weekend.

  5. Hi Ro,

    It is a two dogs do love the sun so, and they know how/when to find it. They also have GREAT inner clocks...though they do try to move up the times for treats/meals sometimes! (Time changes like this weekend are always interesting.)

    Love the pic with Mart. Love that chair too! Makes me want that same puddle of light :D.

    Have a great rest of your weekend!

  6. P.S. Mr. Collins is always a pleasure! Thank you.

  7. Love your musings , Rochelle. my dog Milli does the same things. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thank you for your comments, I'm always wondering about things like that or where that bird is going, the determined one flying at break neck speed, does it have an intended destination?

    Where is that flock of crows going, this way in the morning the other way in the evening? Where do the end up.