Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cute and Such

 I mentioned this hummingbird hive before, the monolith of honeysuckle, I didn't plant it but inherited it with the house, it's a monster to try and maintain, it needs it's own little acre, I really don't like trying to control it but when it blooms it really is rather wonderful.

 I don't think a moment passes that a hummingbird is not sipping or fighting or sometimes relaxing somewhere inside the tangle of branches, hummingbird morris code squeaks, emitting from within.

 Some of them can't take all the frantic activity and choose another spot in the garden to perch and watch, this one on the sidelines ready to go back in.

They take turns since they have no tolerance to share.

 They epitomize *cute but they are also fierce.

See that little fire burning from within.

There is no way to tie these two subjects together other than to just do it. I just wanted to share more cute.... I was hiking a couple of days ago on a trail that begins and ends and a pretty historic theater, mostly used for weddings and events so it sits empty most of the time. A herd of deer were devouring the precious plantings, this one looked like part of the ornamentation.

This is who I wanted to show you, AWWWW so cute and furry.

It was chilly and drizzly yesterday when I saw this little one, it had such a cute expression I wanted to give it a kiss right on top of its head, you do too, I know you do :)

Marty turned 7 so I started teaching him to read.

I also wanted to wish you a happy full moon Peter Max style.

I'm as busy as all get out, some days I feel like I'm in good shape as I slowly grow a body of work and other days, I feel like I'm not prepared at all, so I'm just going to keep at it.

I hope all of you are well, I know you're busy too, I just wanted to say hello and share some little snaps.

Love Ro


  1. Ooops, comments still here--I just happened to tune in and I'm smiling all over from this post!!!

    Marty--happy birthday!!! I recommend "Walter the Farting Dog" picture book when you're ready, and a new favorite chapter book "Lulu Walks the Dogs."


    You're right--I do want to pat those fawns--and feed them carrots, NOT my lilies.

    And those hummers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good grief, Ro, forget the silver this week. Print and frame some 8x10s or 11x14s of those hummer photos, and I'll buy every one of them. Oh my gosh!!!!!!! I would be distracted all day long with hummingbird battles over the honeysuckle!!

    Okay, get back to work. Me, too. :-)

  2. Oh well SHOOT I FORGOT and now I can't figure it out.

    I always feel bad if I don't have time to respond, blogger guilt....

    HAAAAA Marty can read them to Banjo! I'm feeling sorry for Walter's family :)

    gotta getta going too! xoxo

  3. I was gonna say, wait a minute, there are comments here! hehe:)
    No guilt, just wanted to say your pictures are fantastic, I want to cuddle with that fuzzy little deer and congrats to Marty! Bingo is still illiterate, I'm afraid :)
    Have a productive day!

  4. Oh boy DJ that would be the state of my brain! he heeee

    Isn't that fuzzy little deer adorable, so sweet.

    Oh well when Bingo will catch on, I know he understands human. I just realized my dogs understand when we ask each other, "Have you fed them yet?" They do a little jig :)

    You too, hope you get it all done today! xo

  5. Aww, *muah* "...come home with me, sweetie pie..." Cutest Bambina ever, too.

    Love the little flames coming from the hummingbird's breast...kinda goes with the whole fierce thing rather beautifully.

    Hahaha...Walter the Farting Dog! Yes, well. Of course, if Marty has more, shall we say, 'refined' tastes (ha!), he might enjoy Call of the Wild or White Fang. (I'd stay away from Old Yeller, though *waaah*)

    Well, those squabbling siblings ended up in a trough, so should probably go fish them out.

    Good luck with all the silvering and preparations, Ro! Hopefully the cooler weather is helping keep you sane! =)


    1. It's hard to not melt at cute, don't you think?

      The other night I was standing in the dark admiring the moon when a big fat possum walked up and looked at me from the top of the fence wall, I actually said out loud "ooh ick get out of here" and it did. :) In hindsight it wasn't very nice but their babies aren't even cute, too ratlike for me.

      Oh well I'm not sure about his refined tastes he has a great liking for used tissue so Walter would be right in his wheel house! Dogs will always be dogs :)

      I hope you had another good day, I sure did, I got well into a big batch of rings.

      Oh my, the weather is GORGEOUS! Rain, sun, clouds, drizzle, perfecto!


  6. Incredible pictures as always...hummingbirds are my absolute favorite birds...and I am happy to hear that you are going to teach Marty to read.... Happy Thursday Ro! xx

    1. Aren't they though Mona and the fact that we have three types, I love them too. The other day I went to mail at the postal center and a young girl was fishing one off a card display wearing an "I voted" sticker. I told her her karma was off the charts that day! She may have lost a few points when she held it too long to take a picture with her phone to paste on facebook, but it zoomed away once she let go zzzzzzzzzzz

      Happy T h u r ss d a Y to you, LLoove MartY

  7. Ro, I simply adore your posts and sense of humor - I check in every few days, laugh out loud then read them to my husband who must know the source of my laughter. Please keep up your walks filling us with tales and lovely photos and when Marty reads that poster, film it and post it.
    Happy Holidays to you and yours. . . . .

    1. Hi Kathryn, You are very sweet, thank you so much for visiting. I know what you mean I sit in front of this Mac book and laugh too :)

      I shall, I'm often seeing things I wish I had my camera but I always take it hiking, the other day I saw a fancy water bottle in a business next to someone's lunch or snack, the container read "thrive" and it was sitting next to an open bag of cheesy poofs and another bag of doritos. Oh how I wished I had my camera!

      Happy holidays to you too!

  8. I'm so glad you took a moment to share! I love the pictures of the very wonderful to catch them like you do!
    Yes, your right, I wanted to kiss the deer on his cute head!
    When Mart starts reading out loud, can I come over and listen? hee hee!!

    hugs and lots of love!!

    Cant wait to see you in a couple of weeks!!

    1. Oh well thank you Deb, I know how much you enjoy them too and I also knew you would want to kiss that sweet deer, Oh that expression! (melt).

      Love you back sweetie, looking forward to the big event, and thanking you in advance for your help!!


  9. Hummingbird hive & sweet deer faces!!! Wonderful photos!! I bet Marty can read already, he's just pretending he can't so that he can get away with stuff like trespassing :) xoxo

    1. Priscilla!! My CA friend!! big fat smile

      I told Mart it was French for "tiny dogs only" he gets askared, he's a frady dog.......well not really, he's a terrier, we like to break the rules together!


  10. I love your goings on, the nature snapshots, and the news...

    1. Aw well thank you Dawn, I love your blog too, you are one funny lady, talented artist, picture taker and quite a good cook I might add.

  11. Thank you! Love the full moon...

    1. Hi Magda!

      Thanks for visiting, I liked playing around with that big beautiful moon!!


  12. That AWWWW so cute and furry one is just the best! Love your blog. Dare I say one of the best blogs out there. Always look forward to what's next "along the trail". Beautiful moon! Happy almost weekend!

  13. Aww now look at that cute dog on your lap, fits right in to todays theme.

    Thank you, much appreciated!

    I'm only going to admit this to you but I thought it was Friday til about 10 a.m., THEN I was extremely happy, I felt rich gaining a free day :)

  14. Dear Ro,

    Please wish Marty a happy birthday. Charlie and Sully send tail wags and wet kisses! Thanks for the sweet photos. And Aprilgirl, you are right.....this blog is awesome.

    Haven't been able to write in for a bit, but you know I've been reading :-).

    And yup, I wanna kiss that top of that little furry head too! lol

    (Happy rest of your weekend, you busy little elves!)

    1. I did I wished him a happy birthday from the dynamic duo.

      Aren't those little deer dear, precious, I'd have to say.

      busy, yes we certainly are that.....


  15. I love the little fawn and I do just want to kiss her on her cute little head!!! You are just so lucky to have deer in your back yard! Xo's

  16. Yes I feel lucky about the sweet deer, good to have you here, I know you came to give it a little hug too :)