Thursday, November 15, 2012

Buenos Dias

Chester the resident Jay

Preparing for Thanksgiving, can you believe it's nearly here?

Speaking of blue, my girlfriend  Jm came by to pick up her trophy this week, naturally we had to play dress up. Wow weee look at her Taxco bracelets! I love Mexican silver and I think these rings fit right in. I'm busy getting ready for La Fiesta Darrow which will be held here December 15th & 16th, the studios are a hive of activity.

Besos y abrazos xo, Ro sa


  1. WEEEE HOWDY! I don't know which to compliment first.
    ok, starting at the TOP
    CHESTER, Oh CHESTER!! I LOVE this picture of you!!
    nuts and all.
    heh heh.
    OMG...would you look at your model with all that amazing deliciousness of sky blue and silver.
    LOVE it!
    Of course I will be helping you at La Fiesta Darrow, I'm already counting the days!
    hugs, and love

    1. WEEE HOWDY girl, I'm over here making some earrings, then making some more!

      rick` rick `rica``` (chester says high)

      xoxox see you soon!

  2. Someone say "Fiesta Darrow"
    Details to come...or...
    Family affair?
    Love Chester
    Dig that Taxco
    ......and I AM.....A VERY LUCKY LADY

    1. Si Hemana our yearly Christmas show here at la casita.

      Come if you can.

      Oh man she has some fine pieces of Taxco.

      Love that tree of life!!


  3. MJ rocks those rings and that silver for SURE--awesome!!!!

    CHESTER!!!!! Good to see you, buddy--it's been too long!!!!!!!!!!! You're so dapper.

    La Fiesta Darrow--ahhh, a dream destination for someday. Debbie, have fun helping our Ro-sa deer!!

    xo back at you

    1. I think you should get on a plane, I'll buy you an in and out burger you can share some fries with Chester, you may have to work like Deb though :)

      OLE !


    2. sounds like a plan to me!!!!! I would love it!!!!
      Ole!! Viva La Chester, Viva Le Caroline, Viva La Fiestas, let it begin!

    3. Hey, I'm all about public relations here at The Kenmare News. I can work your show, run around with food and beverages, or clean up behind the guests. :-) AND I speak Spanish--not that I understand it especially well, however. :-)

      Viva Debbie!! Viva Chester!! and Viva In and Out Burger!!! (I'll share fries with Chester if he agrees.)

      Of course, Debbie and I together might transform your show into a Ro-Ro-Rodeo!!!! I'll bet Churro and Belle would be on board with that, and Petunia looks agreeable to anything, if we share treats with her....


    4. LOL, you two have me giggling !! :P

  4. Hullo gorgeous! (You too, Chester!) =)

    Been loving your turquoise (you made me a convert, after all)...and shots of the outside world. (Your shot of the billowing clouds and you persimmon tree looks like a painting!)

    With a veg-head in the house, we don't do the whole turkey thing. And then I asked hubs if he would mind if we skipped it altogether this year...(is that allowed??). He didn't seem to mind at all as soon after he went and made himself a pumpkin pie, which disappeared by the end of the day! =)

    Hope all your planning and preparations are going well, Ro. And good luck with your fiesta!!


  5. Howdy Sweetie,

    More storms! Hurrah !!!!! so pretty today, loving the clouds a regular renaissance painting out there.

    Oh I say NO you don't have to do it, skip it, I dod one year, spent the day doing just what I wanted to do, be selfish especially since you really are a NZ girl but always say yes to roasted vegetables and pumpkin pie, with whipping cream of as my German friend says "Vipping Cream".

    Work, work, work, you can find me in the studio all these days..

    xoxoxooo happy pumpkin pie day!

  6. Haha! Yes to the "vipping cream" and roasted veggies. Pumpkin is my all-time favorite vegetable but every Thanksgiving I find myself stoically eating a sliver of pumpkin pie to be polite (Ma would be proud) while grimacing on the inside, wishing we had a dog! I don't know what it is. Perhaps because I wan't raised on the stuff. (BIt like Vegemite for those not a Downunderian, I s'pose.) Or perhaps it's the texture...squelch squelch...gak. =)

    Work, work...working in the silver mine. Things are humming well in the cave right now, too. Love these moments. Makes the rest of the crapola fade into insignificance!


  7. Aw Chester is simply gorgeous! Love your latest rings too. They are beautiful!