Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A New Day

 I'ts a brand spanking new day full of opportunities and I'm ready to see how it's all going to turn out, the only way from down is UP!

 The weather is cool and beautiful and the mockingbird in the first picture is sharing persimmons, I don't mind since he starts and finishes the same one, we can share.

 I'm going to spend the day in the studio with my sill pals and their little universe.

These are the pieces going to etsy.....many, many hours were spent creating this pendant and I am so pleased with the result, a garden sanctuary if you will. My garden is filled with birds, they bathe in the water elements kick up mulch and look for insects, steal a little fruit and the hummingbirds are here in droves sipping on the bright red blooms of the giant honeysuckle. I stood beneath the bush taking pictures of them the other day and I have to say, they were so frantic and erratic, zooming, buzzing and fighting, it made me feel nervous, I left them to their tom foolery and went back to work :)

This is a hefty and substantial piece, the turquoise is from the Royston mine.

size 71/2
 I was inspired by the turquoise used in this piece, it has a beautiful bright color with a mossy section. The turquoise is from the Nacozari mine in Mexico. The Nacozari mine is in the same mountain range as the Bisbee turquoise that is no longer mined they just both happen to be on opposite sides of the border.
Late season asters grasses and rich seed heads along with a small bird are here in this little marshy composition, the small turquoise is from New Mexico.

on a thinnish band

Moving these to etsy is on my to do list today.

Here's to a good and more satisfying and productive day for me and for you too!

xoxox Ro


  1. Oh, Ro, look at that sky you saw!!!! Unobstructed view, all right!!

    I hope you're doing a happy dance about these latest pieces--each element, each detail, resonates pure joy and elegance and LIFE!!!

    AND the lucky ladies who choose these will NOT have to water these gardens.

    Thanks for sharing....

    1. Birds and flowers look just right with a turquoise sky.

      I'm busy with the biannual earring dance but I am so happy with the way these pieces came out, it's hard to move away from these designs AND I want to plant some flowers, it's time for the winter garden. The best part about gardening this time of year is the water is subsidized by nature :)


  2. Your new pieces are *amazing*! All of those hours of hard work surely have paid off ....I love the birds, blooms and overall designs. My goodness. Photos are perfect:).
    Lucky ladies, indeed!!


  3. Thank you Lisa, they look so pretty "on" and yes indeeie they do take a lot of time but once they are oxidized it's exciting!


  4. P.S. I like your little songbird by your marbles :) XO

  5. Me too!!! My new pal! xoxo smile :)

  6. Yay! Onward and upward Ro!
    I love your new pieces. What beautiful turquoise you have!
    Your birds, grasses and flowers make them more beautiful.
    Have fun while you are busy preparing for you upcoming show.
    : ) xo