Sunday, October 28, 2012

Studio and Garden

It's been a quiet weekend at studio robegone, I'm starting to look forward to the Christmas season, not that I'm truthfully looking forward to it, I'm just thinking about how I'm going to get more work done in preparation for our show but somehow it always seems to get done.  Eric is in full production now taking the evening shift, we are those ships passing in the night but there's always those romantic moments at the coffee pot, hey goodlookin' can I pour you a cup :) I spent the last two days working, I always feel safe knowing I'm being watched over by my bud burr goddess.

The "feel good board", most of you are in my studio somewhere, I like to keep my friends close, you ladies inspire me :)

 somethin purdy I bought on etsy

 sill stuff

 morning light

 persimmon contest here

 sun day

 feather shadow on the window blind, garden reveal

 Sunday is for prayers

 and praying

and preying :(

LovE ya, Ro


  1. Beautiful photos Ro.

    I have never tasted a Persimmon, they look delicious. Lovely color!

    It looks so peaceful in your part of the world.

    (We are being told to batten down the hatches for Sandy...High winds and rain are on the way.)

    Have a great week.

  2. GREAT photos! I like your purdy purchase, bulletin board, and sunny photos with your blue sky.

    I tried a persimmon once, but it did not look like that one. It was an entirely different kind. Yours is MUCH more attractive!

    Cinder, my thoughts exactly :). It does look peaceful!

    We are hunkering down too preparing for great winds and rain from Sandy. Stay safe the next couple of days and nights! (Will keep our fingers crossed that neither of us lose power.)

    Happy start to all for a good beginning to the new week.

  3. It sounds pretty touch and go for both of you, I hope you don't lose your power. Let's just pray it's not as strong as predicted. It sounds scary, high tide full moon.

    There are several types of persimmons, these are the good ones to eat fresh.

    Big hugs to both of you, xoxo

  4. The light where you are is so beautiful right now, Ro. (I love how you can see your lovely blooms through the shadows from the feathers!)

    A very quiet weekend here, too. Lots of rain = lots of couch time and reading! =)

    Nothing compared to what's happening on the east coast, however. Stay safe, ladies!! You're in my thoughts.


    1. Hey ya cutie, I received your pretty card and it makes me smile big smiles, sending one back.

      Oh YEAH couch and reading, that sounds like a perfect way to enjoy the rain!

      Oh I know, the news is scary.


  5. Ro, thanks for the invitation into your space--I love to see the way you work--it looks like a sanctuary there!! :-) And, oh!! that mantis!!!!

    Songbird and Cinder, hope all goes well for you--you both sound much calmer than some of the weather forecasters on TV. :-) Be safe and dry--with fresh brownies, if possible. And lots of good books....

    Happy Monday on this trail!

    1. Mmmmmm......fresh brownies. ♥


      I love the way you think. ;)

    2. I cleaned my studio and warshed the floor, it feels good to be organized but I lost a gorgeous piece of metal I was working on, it's no where to be found, I thought the monkeys were locked up!

      Caroline really knows how to prepare doesn't she.

      MMMM, with coffee, or FINE wine :D

  6. Ro, better check Churro's pockets....he may be up to some tricks!

    I think brownies are a great idea.....with tea!

    I never watched so much of the weather channel before...not too worried about things at home, we are so far inland. We are prepared....tea, wine and soups. Looking out for our elderly neighbors. Also keeping in touch with two of our girls who are in the path of Sandy's wrath.

    Stay safe kids!