Friday, October 12, 2012

Shootout at Sunset Hill

It happened this morning at sunset hill. As I crested the first one I saw him..... Buck

He was holding his ground aiming for a fight, I heard this playing in my head.

I wanted up that hill and he wasn't going to budge so I drew my weapon and shot........... bang, bang bang, three picture before I got outa there like a weenie, you can have it Clint Eastbuck!

These guys can be a little ornery this time of year.

Have a good weekend all xo Roe deer


  1. Haahahaaahaaaaaaaa SNORRRRT!!!!!!

    Clint Eastbuck*******************LOVE IT***********
    Oh, dear Roe-deer. This buck's a rock star and he's totally oblivious!!!

    Thanks for the best laugh of the day...and have a great weekend!!!!

  2. Hehehe!!! That's a riot!

    Enjoy your weekend :)

  3. You got the photos and away safely--that's what counts! I got chased by a tom turkey one autumn back when I lived in NC. Several of us kids were walking a trail and almost out of nowhere, there he stood. We started backing up and he started running after us with feathers fluffed out and tail spread. *That* was a walk in the woods that I'll never forget!

  4. Yup, a buck in rut!
    hee hee
    good thang y'all were cocked and loaded! picked off three purty picts before they can say, last one to the fare pit, has ta lick the salt...

    1. Haahahaaaahaaaa, Deb!! You're Roe-deer's sidekick, Deb-doe.


    2. We might need you to go to Roe-deer's aid...this buck looks Serious.


  5. Ha-hah! At first I thought you had a real rifle in your hands, but then I realized you were holding your camera. Great shots!

  6. And OF COURSE that would be the soundtrack....

  7. OMG....this is TOO funny....almost fell off my chair.

    But of course! That soundtrack is perfect. Hahahaaaaaa!

    Miss Ckdowns and Deb-doe, you guys are hilarious!!!

    P.S. Love the background colors in the photos:-).

  8. HaHAAA you all make me smile but I really was a bit, well thinking, sheesh maybe I better get outa hewer :)

    It was pretty Lisa, fall color in the BUCKwheat!

    Deb you are in rare form, HAAAA HAAA

    Libeliuia, holy smokes, I might be traumatized for life, fearful of foul but I know those Toms can do that, you need to google the This American Life stories about them WOW!

  9. Oh and if you have a chance click the last picture and check out his toupee, a spaghetti western!

  10. Bahahaha! The showdown at sundown...the soundtrack--perfecto! (My kind of 'shooting'!)

    (You so often have me sitting here at my computer, by myself, giggling like a loon. No wonder hubs gives me strange looks if just happens to wander on by!)

    Have a terrific weekend Ro...ladies!


    *snort* Spaghetti western!!