Monday, October 22, 2012

Good Monday

A good monday to you all, I spent some time with my new friends deciding on just what to do with the slabs bestowed on me from another friend, it was fun and interesting, I'm excited to see how things will turn out. I wish I had enough room to take on this hobby too but frankly I just don't, so for now I'm happy to know someone close by that is willing to help.

While I was there I did a little shopping, oh la laa!!

Did anyone see the meteor shower? The skies were cloudy here with a bit of drizzle so I set my alarm for 3 am Sunday morning and headed up the mountain with one of my bff's. We ended up at the ski lift parking lot, the highest point and the only spot with an opening in the sky. We tucked ourselves in a pile of quilts in the truck bed and enjoyed the show.

I started some rings and burnt the poo poo out of two very valuable fingers but I'm back to work today.

Here's to a good week, xo Ro


  1. Oh Ro--those stones are meltingly beautiful. I can't wait to see what you do with them. I was thinking your photos do look like some of the landscapes in Southern Europe. It would be so cool to huddle in the bed of a pick-up truck, at the highest possible point, watching the stars fall.

    1. I appreciate it Dawn.
      I know I feel like I've been there!

      It was delightful watching the stars fall that way.

  2. Ooh, ouch. Hope you have some aloe around for your fingerlings!

    Those stones are gorgeous. The soft green on the right...chrysoprase?? stunning. How exciting for you to see those slabs transformed!

    Rained all weekend so no meteor shower (even if I had known to look for one). Glad you got to see one this time!

    A bit of cartography and architecture on my plate this week, which should be interesting: the messages from my brain to my hands to move from 2-d to 3-d rarely compute. I think hubs is going to have to rescue me.

    Have a fantastic week, Ro!


    1. You get so comfortable sometimes Ash especially with lack of sleep you forget the metal is molten :)

      The rain is an excellent excuse to stay nestled in bed even though I try not to miss those showers.

      Sounds interesting!! Something new?

      I hope you have fun, xoxo

    2. Oh, sorry. No, just maps and plans for my stories. Times like this I really regret never having the discipline to develop my drawing skills. Stick figures can only take you so far, trust me!

      Hope your fingers are healing well!!


    3. Interesting, the way you work, it must be hard to warp back and forth to reality, my mind is on design a lot of the time, when I'm staring into space. I jot them down on tiny papers that I lose.

      When you drop something molten on the floor, get the tweezers! Felling better each day, thank you Ash.

      Happy mapping!!


  3. That looks so neat! Those stones are going to turn out so cool.
    Oooh! And your shopping looks awesome! Love that 5 sided stripey one!
    I didn't even know there was a meteor shower, I bet that was fun :)
    Hope your fingers are recovering!

  4. I'm very excited to see how they'll turn out, I wish I could watch them evolve from my own hands.

    I worked all day barely remembering my fingers, set some of those beauties!!

    Thank you!!

  5. Happy Monday :)

    Sorry about your fingers, Ro.... I hope they feel better very soon.

    Sounds like you had an interesting time. Would love to have been a fly on the wall!

    I love the stones you chose. Oooooh la la is right. Stunning - will be eager to see them again after you do your magic!


    1. You never knew what fingers you liked the most until they hurt :) all the more reason to appreciate them!

      Interesting it was, I wish you were there! bzzzzz

      I had a good day yesterday, made a nice setting for big green ;)


  6. Oh my GOODNESS!!!!!!
    How can you stand the wait??????

    Have to run...but I hope your hands and fingers are WELL--and itching to work with these new cabs.

    Thanks for sharing these photos--I never even thought about templates/stencils and drawing, of all things, on rocks. :-)

  7. I wish she would have started them while I was there but she's recovering from knee surgery so this is her first come back project, I must be patient.

    I am not so much for the "free form", we squirted them with water to get a better look-see then went to tracing the "good' areas. FUN!

  8. Sorry to hear about your fingers :( I hope your a quick healer.
    I'm getting very excited over those soon-to-be cabs!!!

  9. It's exciting isn't it Rae, I'm jealous that you can do it all right there! :)